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bk Aug 2019
My heart is moving faster than my head,
It's craziness, but it is so beautiful.
My heart has planned out everything I want to do in my life,
while my head is still trying to figure out how.
But honestly, who cares about the "how"?
As long I know what I want to do in my life
I have 99% of my future planned.

bk Aug 2019
You make me the best me, bring out my joy.
I don't need to try to impress you, I am who I should be.
Was that really the last time I would see you for a year?
****, well I guess I should have hugged you harder.
See you soon...
hopefully, nothing will change.
bk Aug 2019
This morning
I woke up,
looked down at my pillow,
and hoped that my dreams would drip out.

They didn't
and now you are stuck in my dream
that I will never see again.

bk Jul 2019
A good friend is made by getting along with someone.
A best friend is made by finding a part of yourself in someone.
bk Jul 2019
She is a beautiful successful model.
I am just a struggling artist.
She is a work of art.
I make works of art.
How come all she has to do is stand there an look pretty?
How come I have to give all of my effort to make something pretty?

bk Jul 2019
The answer is quite simple really:
You can only love others to the extent
of how much you love yourself.

A little tip: Love yourself first, then
go and love others wildly!
bk Jul 2019
It is the truth, my darling,
that whoever who think of
when you look at the ocean
is who you love.
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