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Unknown Jun 10
all my life I have had my kindness been taken advantaged of,
through friends,
and strangers.

for the longest time I saw this as a sign of weakness,
that people would forever walk over me because of my kindness,

but it is not a sign of weakness,
it is a sign of loyalty,
and so much more.

kindness is not a weakness,
only those who use you for your kindness are simply too weak to find solace within their own hearts.
to those whose kindness is always taken advantage of, you are not weak - you are very much appreciated.
Unknown May 12
I’m sorry you were taken too early from this world,
safe travels on your journey home,
in peace may you find the next,
I will see you soon.
to those who have lost someone close to them.
Unknown Apr 27
I have been conditioned by toxic people previously in my life,
that I was not good enough because of my quiet nature,
because I would rather keep to myself than be in the limelight,
because I am introverted,
because I am not like other girls who 'crave attention' - but rather the opposite.

They made me believe no one would ever like or even date me,
that no one will ever love me because of my 'different and unusual personality'

They broke me,
ruined me.

But they will never know, as they go on to live their lives and leave me in the mud - as I live on hating myself.
to those who have been in a very toxic friendship / environment that made you question your self worth.
Unknown Apr 27
I have drawn the unlucky card within life of having friends,
I always befriend people who use me,
break me,
manipulate me,
use my kindness against me
and walk all over me.

This card has served me great moments of loneliness, depression and suicidal thoughts and along with this card, it has made me feel worthless, ugly and alienated.

Friends, have never been by my side in life.
Friends, always end up leaving me in my life.
Friends, constantly abuse me emotionally and made me question myself.

Although the question is, who are you without your friends?
ive always found it difficult to find genuine friends within my life and the moment I do find friends that actually do care for me, I push them away bc im scared they'll turn into the people who made me hate myself and my life.
Unknown Apr 27
I'm sorry that I constantly push you away, without an explanation at all,
I'm trying my best, but my trauma convinces me that you may hurt me.

My issues make me feel lonely, even when there are days when I am not.
I secretly crave attention and love, but will never admit to it because of my trust issues.

So instead, I make myself content within my loneliness and
       made the rain beating against my window on a winters night,
                                        my only friend.
to those who push everyone they love away bc they feel as tho they don't deserve to be loved or are worried to be hurt again and are haunted by your past relationships.
Unknown Feb 18
im stuck in a rut of the old person I used to be,
the one who did not want to get out of bed
and face the world,
the one who would rather isolate themselves
rather than be surrounded by my loved ones,
the one who had no energy to do work,
that would just simply lay in bed all day and
stare at the wall.

im stuck in a rut of the old person I used to be,
and im scared.
to those who feel like they're going back to their old depression tendencies
Unknown Jan 4
it is time I try to forgive and forget.

I must forgive that all the pain you caused our family,
and forget all the traumatic events that have forever scarred me.

I must forgive you for the fact that you were battling a mental illness,
and forget the tears I shed at night fearing for your own life and what you may do to yourself.

I must forgive you for the days and nights you left me stranded,
and forget the guilt you caused me to feel when I saw you soon after.

It's become too difficult to forgive and forget all the agony you caused, but for my own wellbeing

I must let you go.
this is to those you have been struggling with moving on from traumatic events in your life caused by your family members, and still having to see them everyday/every so often.
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