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Ronjoy Brahma Nov 2018
29 नबेम्बर 2018

आंगोनि गिरि,

      नों आंनि लोगोब्ला, आंजोंनो था। फंसेब्लाबो दिनै नों बुंफै गोसोखौ हमथा बेबादि होननानै। नों आंखौ बुंफै, आं नोंनि लोगो बेबादि होननानै। नोंदि आंखौ सिनायै बादि खालामो मानो? आंदि जोनोम जानायनिफ्राइनो लोगो नोंनि; नों आंखौ एसेबो खौरां लाया मानो?
      आंदि गाबो दुखु-जारलायाव। आंखालादि आंहा जोबनो गैया गाबनाय-मिनिनायाव। गावनि मोदै गावनो बोखारनानै लानो फंसेबो बाथ्रा बुङाखिसै नों! मिथिगौ नोङो, ननि मानसि जानानै  नआवनोदि आं गैया। नों आंखौ नाथाय उदिस लाया। आंनि दावबायनाय आंनि लोहाबनाय बेसेबांबा सान थांबाय.....! आंदि माबोरै दं, आरो मानि आंखालाव फेलें जादों नोंदि आंखौ खौरां लायाखिसै एसेबो!
      नों आंखौ बावबाय! नोंनि सायाव आंहा खुद्रिनाय दं। बोराबनाय दं नोंनि सायाव। नोंखौदि  बेसेबां मोजां मोनो आं......! दावगानायखौनो दोनथनानै आं नोंखौ दानदिसे नायहरो। मा नों आंखौ एसेबो मोजां मोना?
      नोंनि थाखाय आंहा मिजिं दं। थांखि दं। मा नोंहा आंनि सायाव एसेबो फोथायनाय गैया? आं गाज्रि लामाजों थाङोब्ला बेजोंनो थांनो होसिगोन नामा आंखौ? जिउखौ नेहाद साननानै अराव बारसोमनो थाङोब्ला नों आंखौ आखायाव हमथा फैनाय नंलिया नामा?
      आं दाबो गथ', आंनि गोसो आरो गोरबोआ दाबो गुरै। नों आंखौ खौरां लाहर। आंनि जेंना आरो आंखालखौ नोङो होखारनो आखाय दाफोलाव। लोगो आंनो गोहो आरो साहसखौल' होफै नोङो। फंसे बाथ्राखौ नों आंनो बुंहर-- लोगो! गोसोनि दुखु-हांमाखौ होखारहर बेबादि होननानै। फंसे बाथ्राजोंब्लाबो नों आंखौ मदद खालाम, आं नोंखौ मदद खालामफिनगोन।
Cecil Miller Nov 2016
My Dearest; Darkest Devotion,

Ah, but what a long time it's been!

And now, it is with a slender paled sliver of hope this letter finds you before I arrive at your chamber, for I must solicit your heart with the contents of mine.

This night I ponder upward to the twinklings amid the void and my thoughts do turn to that time we first met, before I knew you, and how you let me know you, and eventually I let you

Having learned the truth of my true vampyric nature, your reaction was not as open a reception as I would have it. I concede I have not been the same sense you drove that plank through my chest and deep into my very still heart. There stayed I until, alas...

A hapless young wanderer, a splendid morsel of a group of people on a retreat from the town, rummaging through nature to find kindling for a bonfire, took grasp of the parcel of wood that protruded from the shallow earth where I was left forsaken, and in his misfortune did un-stake me.

I assure you, at this very moment, I feel quite quenched of my thirst.
My hunger for the sweetmeats of revenge have yet to be satiated, however, I will see you very soon, My Pitch Blackness. And you. too, shall see me.

Eternally yours,

Vladimir Tepes.

P.S. Happy Halloween.
effie ebbtide Sep 2016
i'm writing to you because of circumstances beyond our control. the universe just decided to make me scribble down this epistle. my head rains, or perhaps it's hailing. regardless of what it is, it never snows.
i have jumbled, broken, fragmented consciousness, full of drawing advice and some ****** youtube video about a cat playing the keyboard, looped on repeat for eternity.
i was at the arcade the other day when it occurred to me that the world was a blank piece of lined paper and i was the pencil. but have you ever actually had to write from your mind alone? words flee you, coming and going and not sticking to paper.
during that trip i talked to strangers as they crowded around the cabinets, despite my mama's advice to be careful in the world. some looked at me with an awkward smile. maybe there i did write something, the prose of yesterday.
only the rain in my head never becomes a storm, i suppose. just bring an umbrella.
Mia Lee Mar 2016
I drive past a sign every day that reads
And every day I think about how that sign
Is dumb
Because what drug user would stop
Just because that sign told them to
Drugs are illegal anyway isn’t
Every zone supposed to be
What a ****** sign

Every day I pull into your driveway
And I look at that telephone pole that
Everyone backs into and I think about
How you are not dumb
But how so many people treat you like you are
Your brain works like a
Beautiful ball of thought yarn that
spins super cool knitted thought scarves
and you never lost your
child mind

Please remember that they
Are not better than you
That your mind weighs no
Less than anyone else’s
That your nicotine fingers are just
As worthy of a handshake
Please know that you are good enough
Know that you are not a ****** sign and
To be frank,
Sounds like a really bad time.
For Jon O'Boyle
Rah-Rah Dec 2015
You left me here alone and cold.
I miss you like you could never believe.
I doubted my faith every day,
And changed my mind again and again
Because if there was a god in this forsaken world
It wouldn’t want to take you away from me.

He is leaving me here alone and cold
I am missing him like the dead flowers on my windowsill
I doubt my faith every day now
And change my mind over and over
Because the god I chose to believe in,
Took you away from this forsaken world.

She is leaving me here alone and cold.
I miss her already like the grass in the winter.
I still doubt my faith everyday.
I will always change my mind when
Looking for something to truly believe in
Because every god I look to for help in this forsaken world,
Will still take her away from me.

I am leaving you cold and alone.
I hope you miss me like no other.
I hope you doubt your faith every ****** day,
And change your mind again and again
Because if there were a god in this forsaken world
I would have found a better way to save you.
This is apart of a project I wrote for my creative writing class. We were to write a poem in sort of a "letter" to someone. This is what I came up with
Elizabeth Pauzè Apr 2015
You’re snoring lightly, your jaw unhinged slightly, the little dipper of freckles on your shoulder peeking out from behind your sheets.  The constellation I used to connect the dots to before you woke up.  You’d throw the pen at my face, trying to keep your frown firm, but you’d ***** and jump on my back as I ran from you down the hall.  Merlin licking his paws, scrutinizing us from the doorway.  As your legs wrapped themselves comfortably around my waist, twisting to my front I’d kiss your neck and you’d make that sound like warm whiskey.
I wish I could be with you when you wake up tomorrow.  But your mother says its bad luck.
Just promise me you’ll still walk down the aisle if you wake up with my handy work on your shoulder.
                                                       ­                                                               I love you,
                                                            ­                                                                  David
This is an epistle poem written in another characters voice that is not my own.
April Watson Nov 2014
Dear Sweetheart,

There are no words, my love, to describe the longing in my gut.
I’m stuck in this mindless rut,
Without your smile,
Draped over my shoulder,
My mind has simply gone vile.
With vicious thoughts growing colder,
I see you shiver with a bullet in your breast,
Come home and give these demons a rest,
Take my hand and kiss my brow,
Remind me of the times when you were close.
Even though you aren’t with me now,
Remind me of what matters the most.

Sincerely Your Love
Racquel Davis Jul 2014
Supreme Love,

Through a land of barren fields, leads to a nourishing tree, that rhythms in the wind like a heart of bleeding green.

There, you will find me, prostrating in its lingering boughs, gazing into your sky with smiles of Eros.

A nightgown of innocence awaits you in the lotus, falling amongst the constellations of my parallel.*

©Copyright 2007 Written and Edited by Racquel Davis
Edited 11/24/16

— The End —