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Moeshfiekah Nov 2019
Round and round the graveyard.
Like a headless bear.
One slit , two stabs.
Raise him from the dead.

Twist to show a different perspective.
Hope you love
Moeshfiekah Aug 2019
My sun ,
My brightest star.
You're 147 million km to far.
Although I'm out at night ,
And you at day.
Eclipse in my arms you'll lay.
The only time our love doesn't burn the cornea.

Moeshfiekah Aug 2019
I seek what I lack to give myself , and I seek it with my heart , not my head.
And I feel it with my emotions not logic . So I allow another to take my most valuable possession and I allow them to brake it.

So many can relate , but we hide because we are afraid they will think less of us
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
They tell us we discriminate because of the color of their skin.
An unjustly comment and they only see us as whites.
Stuck between a now cold war between colors.
They paint an image of victimization as they feel unfairly treated in ancestry years.
I say , get over it.
Spoken words need not a explanation
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
How many has marked this broken lover between the sheet and on the streets.
How many has gripped her hips and tasted her lips.
How many has , not once , but countless times degraded her in her bliss , shattered her gift , ruined and wrecked her for her next "knight" .
How many of you will come to realize that many of us still hide.
How many of you , will see.
How many will there be.
Some truth in those words in every lover you may come across
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
She wants to gently place me upon the bed and straddle my hips all while her lips attack my skin marking what is hers.
Her fingers will slip in and ****** me hard and I'll feel the full length of it inside. She wants me to feel her. All of her. She wants to feel how she controls me and allows me to come and when she does she will clean up what she has created with her tongue , deep and I'll scream her name.
Her vivid thoughts put into words and no one can put it the way she does.
Moeshfiekah Nov 2018
You tell me not to reminisce
But i have a lover on the line.
What we did was NOT a mess.
It was lust making us blind.
You're eager to open up those doors but they are forbidden for a reason.
Im split between two now you become another all so fast in the summer season.
In fantasy i would love to see what holds.
But my life is already tumbling and i wouldn't want yours to fold.
For we are two broken souls.
And now we have to play our different roles.
my little poet wrote vol 1 and this became a spin off , just a conversation on two people where one is ready to continue and the other has someone already just two broken poets looking for clarity in each others arms but ones heart belongs to another
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