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these words my own
I think of as a shattering
conceit of swan-shot verse  
poured into an ancient
arquebus bore its rust-dark
barrel proof-tested once
hundreds of years ago
with a treble charge of
fine undeniable rhetoric

so unburst then
it may be trusted
to contain such
devastation as I today
may load into its menace
and waiting for the sights
to come on the subject and
the light to settle and the
wind throated hum to
fall into murmur and become still

I fire
hoping always to

rattle the parrot’s cage
jar the porcelain
cause a crack across a family photograph
unsettle a few roof shingles

and perhaps this time
its word echoes will rack
and resound
and rebound
in grumbles back

from the living and the long dead hills
i followed you
into the depths of your suspicions
your paranoia
your accusations cut deeper than you know
the night and day
black and white
love and hate dance we shared
brought me to the edge of my own delicate sanity
and to life itself
I loved you like no other
and hated you as I would my worst enemy
you were fire and ice
beauty and cancer
peace and war
I miss you to this day
and curse you for every day I lost
it was the best and worst of relationships
Eloise Mar 1
Running through my mind, is you.
I want to tie you up, and stick duckt tape on your mouth.
Shut you up, stop accusing me.
Stop it, it's not my fault. It's not my fault.
My character is just a result of the circumstances I was in.
My feelings are a result of both our circumstances, and so are yours.
So why do I have to be the victim of all of this pain, this circumstantial pain?
Brandon Conway Sep 2018

The ocean's wave rolls
and beats repeatedly
carving a way into the soul
of this precipice
foaming at the mouth

no, wait....

that's just your tongue
coated in a miasma of
a siren song
you ******* liar  

sunbathing on my pyre
the whole town now congregates around
with devil-red
containers of gasoline
while your devil-red
lips act the fire

Only the clever witches
survived the trials

the whole town now dances around
feasting on the lotus petals
that root in the palm of your hand

look at them move
locked in each others hands
"This will bring peace"
while they nod and agree

"Pour more gasoline"
escapes between those sharp teeth

happiness is a moveable feast
at least your eating
like a queen

go ahead and **** the marrow
out of these innocent bones
tomorrow I will be gone

once I thought of you as Ithaca
now realize that these
are Troy's stones

it's time to sail back home.
They accuse me of being a White Knight
But I'm just trying to do the right
I'm not trying to get every woman I meet under my bed sheets at night
Nothing makes less sense to me
Then the quickness to stating the term
How many times do I have to reaffirm?
Explaining myself is for the birds
I know those mindsets are absurd
I talk about love and *** a lot
Because they're both important
But don't get it curved
Don't gather the nerve
To say I only want the ***
When these kind of things get me in a vex
Love alone is the right
But it's missing the spark
It's such a simple concept but people still confuse it
I'm not going to manipulate or abuse it
White Knights help and expect something in return
I'm here to help and leave quietly
They only respect women cause they're attracted to them
I can't possibly fathom that kind of action
We're supposed to respect all kinds of people
And that's what I strive to do
I'll forever be accused of being a White Knight
Just because I have the right
But that's something I have to brush off
And let the record play out until the hate party is done and they all go home.
This is a terrible thing,
i never expected,
a bad idea got worse and painful.

Think their accusation can tell the truth,
they know your name
but not as a human.

People in black capes
are on battlefield,
with the verdict as their weapon
hear them march
i'll say," it's useless."

We're against battalion,
i wish they can bear the come back
Burn the masquerade
they are dead in our eyes.
They make the darkest sight
but you have the light
they couldn't have
'cause they just want the spotlight.

I'll save you from distress
i'll come as your knight in shinning armor
anytime soon,
we'll be out of the woods.
Thomas Yong Jun 2017
The words stick like a glue
As it sinks into my skin.
The assumption are dire but true,
Ravaging the conscience to begin.

Deranged is what becomes of my piece of mind
As the guilt inexorably attaches.
Bonded to one's pride - my dignity is left behind -
And my self-esteem is left with cuts and scratches.

As the cuts on my wrist turn into scars and dry
My mother stares at me in fear of what else i’ll do.
I don’t know how to fight off the monsters that are locked inside;
They’re right under the surface trying to break through.      

Life seems insignificant, all sense of self-worth has died
And i’m merely hanging on by a thread.
Along with the people I know, my emotions are pushed aside,
To succumb to resentment, i’d rather be dead.

I failed to see it from the start
And it tore me open till the end.
It is time to burn whatever is left of those demons in my heart,
It is now time to make amends.

To discover the real meaning of our lives that is true,
We must persevere through its journey and be formed anew.
This poem was written as my Shared Stories Anthology 2017 entry.
George Krokos Mar 2017
If looks could **** there would be no need to search any further
you would then surely be accused of that first degree ******.
But since you have such a deceptive and changing illusory face
it would be very hard indeed to substantiate and prove the case.

Many would be those who would even defend and plead for you
giving all manner of testimony in saying the evidence isn’t true.
They would also state that in support of their own ignorant belief
nobody could really tell the difference to avail of any other relief.

The allegations against you though would have to be disproved
for all of the suspicions and charges to be thoroughly removed.
There would also need to be absolutely no shadow of a doubt
in respect of your presence which was at the scene thereabout.

It seems that by the evidence available you've had a good run
what some observers would thereby call a ****** lot of fun;
for such a long time now you have been getting away with it all
but you have undermined the circumstances leading to your fall.

Sooner or later it may also happen that the table is turned around
and a suspect is apprehended with the accusations that are found.
The term of 'being innocent until proven guilty' then comes into play
a sure reminder that the system of justice is gradually making its way.
For all those who get apprehended for whatever reason and guilty or not. Written in 2014.
taia Jan 2017
oh liar, liar
accusations shared by ear
finding awful truth
Michaela Siaki Jun 2016
There is violence
In this silence
In the words that you don't speak

In excommunication
That lasts for months and weeks
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