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N Jun 2020
In the midst of her loneliness,
she sings a song of agony,
but no one is around to hear it

Her voice fades away in the cold air;
as she sinks slowly into the darkness
that surrounds her anguished heart
Rylie Lucas Jun 2020
I don't know what I did
The past is so blurry
I can't remember
What I did to deserve this
My mind won't leave me alone
But you will
My hands move on their own
Texting you again
I know you'll never love me too
I understand you're using me
But red flags through rose-tinted glasses
Just look like flags
Armed with my heart on my sleeve
And rose-tinted glasses
Ready for you to use me
Because pain is the only thing that's real
Man throwing stones
The solid man
Cold as can be
as I Watch from the air
Just before I reach the deeps
I land in the soft waters
I wonder just who is the cold hard one
As I look at you.
I feel like this may be a copy so... sorry if it is.
Floor Nov 2019
o talkative listener
what do you do
always rephrasing sins on your skin
you are a devil in disguise
and I love you for that
you are ragged edged with a hint of silver
wanting to make gold with stones
you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders
and walk like it's your last time to shine
o talkative listener
what do you do
always marking your words with a metal edge
you are a devil in disguise
and I love you for that
Floor Nov 2019
I want to feel the poetry in my blood
I want to feel the words form a structure around my bones
Kindly reminding me of you in a way only words can do
I want to feel the explanation mark in my heart grow bigger as our lips converge
I want the commas to never end, and the periods to never emerge from the depths of my mind
We make poetry babe, you and I will forever remain alive in the words I have written
Because I love you as much as the words in my poems
And I will never let go of that feeling
Floor Oct 2019
Help, I've done it again
I've been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
Seeing the blood made me feel okay
I've been here many times before
This pitch black hole they call depression
It's a beast feasting on my innards
There's nothing left but pain
I can't breathe. The weight of being alive is pulling me under
I can't function without feeling the wall between me and my emotions
I just want to close my eyes to never wake up again
I'm done giving to a world so ****** up as this one
I'm done living in a society that tells me how to behave
I am so ******* tired
I want to die
No. I need to die
I don't have any purpose
I'm drowning, can't you see?
It's inhumane to keep me here
In a life that isn't made for me
Spike Harper Oct 2019
These lungs have known.
A floating feeling that gives pause to struggles.
Experienced wind leave so quickly.
That space seemed to reject life itself.
Even when retracting the icy stalagtites back into a living cadaver.
Did it seem less horrific when under a microscope.
Focusing on a single point makes the big picture invisible.
Hiding behind layers of memories.
Doesn't ensure the years they promised.
Just more things to add to a collage that.
No one.
Will see.
How does one plead with inevitability.
Fate is supposed to come knocking.
But when home is no longer standing.
It looks more like a wave goodbye.
And so these feet come to the next precipice in which was foretold so many pages ago.
How strangely comforting that knowing a pain lessens it's return.
So now it matters very little because it's not an if anymore.
The sign says stop.
But the road is long.
With room for only one.
At least no one will see the tears.
Poetic T Sep 2019
They think, that I'm like
   a disowned  feline...

Throwing me out first floor

Do I land on my feet...…
               No I land on my ribs,

on my head, only scrapes..

But my ribs are broken like
             a chess board... one wrong move
and its check mate..

I'm dying where I lie...
             choking on the blood of my
             ******* world moves...

But I landed on my wrist...

They'll never catch my broken *******,

   broken slang.

But they knew what a hand held with another
a mangled ******* as I survived another day.

I came back like a bee looking to sting,
                     but the ones who fell out there nest

were stung by another not me..

I'll walk another day.. been stung a few times..
             but I learnt my lesson...

Don't mess with the nest unless you

                want to be in anaphylactic shock of

some random fools words

trying to prove,
                               some insecurity for an abandoned

father figure, that's compensated
by a bullet,
                          and a promise of we got your back.
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
I don't hate you
That's not possible
You opened my eyes
It's only plausible
That i still idol you

I make people mad enough to hurt me
To throw me
To choke me
To scare me
To push me away

I learned lessons from you
Patience is key
I hope one day you'll see
I am trying
To be what you wanted me to be
I am so sorry i am venting where you can see
Zoie Marie Sep 2019
Did you love me?

Your hand was once around my throat
Now around my mind

Did you care?

The fear was once in my eyes
Now around my heart

What was I to you?

The confusion was once in your heart
Now in my eyes

Did you love me?

These questions once held hidden
Now find Their way out

I need answers
Any i can get
I know you regret it
I know you're growing

How do you haunt me?
Even without contact
You stay in my soul
Your words wrapped around it.
will i ever find closure even in your answers? or will i be permanently haunted by thoughts of me taking a wrong step?
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