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Kenshō Nov 2019
im sinking down
To a place where i hang out
when no ones around
where the birds fly, maybe soar
a memoir of yore
when i used to lay on the floor
and imagine an upside down world.
Where people jump in and out of doors
and balance on beams nd round the bend they twirl
Overdone masculinity rules this world but in mine it twas a girl
No sides were taken, no war, no fight. and she was black
History moves forward and you cannot take anything back
when i look back to back i tend to think we have two faces
the breath is being lost and we've all gone missing in our paces
I want to evolve my system but there is no racing
I want to speak and there is only facing
No missing, just placing
until our spirits are interlacing
towards one envisioned nation
happy 11/11 humans
Kenshō Nov 2019
because everyone thinks its in stone
and aint no body carving
im moving and leaving tracks
and i must be a martian
I'm tuffed with a bag of bluff
and im on my last rice pack
i had followed a beating sound
and now i cannot find my way back
I hope you send a call for me to miss her
But when that bend turns im alone at a vista
and i can see so clearly
infact i can see so much more
and im growing yearly
It's just you all tend
to get stuck ina trend
An echo of an imprint that years ago you sent
And never heard back from that now so
And by the way i can read your brow like braille
all the beautiful ways youve been sent and from where you hale
All the ignorant discrimination is getting stale
And one of us is on the brink and the other looking up from the sink
Wondering when will be the time
And time only moves in one direction, right?
Day shines after the chill of night
And earths cycles seem to be wound so tight
Yet i seem a loose end
I've already wondered when will be the end?
But i heard a whisper to grow a garden and to start to tend
and now its in bloom
and all the bees are in full zoom
and i can see the cycle of life clearly
we invest everything just to lose dearly
so that another may have
like the relationship between a son and dad
The sound of the chimes
as the wind passes by
And all the bird is teaching us lessons
but what if the wind blows and no one is around
does the tear ever touch the ground?
and if my heart stops does it matter why it pounds?
and if i was lost would it matter that im found?
Hi my name goes here
Wishing you were awake and here
but life goes on
After all shoes are tied with stories
and where ever you left them, is where they led you
I think everything has a sound when no ones around
and that everything goes husshh here they come when we come stomping around
Like all the flowers giggling that the seed has foundd groundd
No judging your petal little guy
We love you and know you are shy
My story is ending this is your sky
But only within my coordinance can you fly
Like a limb retarding it's direction
As if you have any detection
you read machines and are practically becoming one
you should go outside more and practice being one
Oh here you come uup that hill
I've been here for years.
Feels like lifetimes when you are light years away
Nature blooms all sorts of ways.
don't judge the petal
all alchemy comes from the ketil
and lets admit thats pretty ******* metal
yes ive been through some ****
when i preach i might spit
but brush me off and let me shine
super natural in the son, align.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019

I hope to write

Genre: Almost Romantic || Micro Verse
Theme: You are my only 11:11 wish
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
I hope for
No more
I ask for
No less

Beside you
Genre:Almost Romantic
Theme:All about today
Author's Note: The beauty of words reside somewhere between our state of mind. And even when we don't have literary greatness, we have something to say.
Marina Oct 2019
'They said you were the man they were looking for' I heard.
Turning the opposite direction 
I face him, touching his spine
As of how doubtful I am

'Let go of the man. He is 
Known to ****** you.' Elle spoke.
I know it's clear.
I cannot believe to imagine 
The love
The pain
The blessings I've encountered,

The soft spoken words shivered through my mouth 'I let you go.'
alaska jade Sep 2019
it may be silly but every night that the clock hits 11:11 I wish for you.
I wish for us.
I wish for the laughs and the memories
sometimes I even wish for the tears
just anything with you in it, is better than now
just a snippet of a poem that I wrote. I feel like  these lines explain the meaning of the poem better than the full poem .
Marina Aug 2019
For every word I read
makes up this happier memory,
for every kiss I feel
makes up my long absence is love.
i never felt so alive
saige Aug 2019
Ok, hear me out
I know this is going to sound very silly,
and I'm aware that I'm too old for believing in such childish things.
But what happens if I close my eyes, and
keep them closed in hopes for everything to disappear.
No more stress and anxiety.
No more broken hearts and shattered smiles.
Only icy tears hitting the floor
Just silence.
No more preppy teen ******* or highschool jocks to tell you your ugly
Its just me, in my room
counting my wishes until its 11:12
Kurtlopez Jan 2019
Under the light of the moon.
You’re still a mystery to me.

And every night in my dreams I wonder
if you hear the soundtrack of my soul.
Like I hear yours.
Mystic Ink Plus Jun 2019
If it's real

At one point
They may break
Your soul

Genre: Dark Experimental
Theme: 11:11 || Reflections
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