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solus Aug 2019
I am so tired
of only ever feeling half
solus Jul 2018
all i pray
is you to
as i do.
solus Mar 2018
I wish you many things;
  well isn't one of them.
solus Oct 2016
all   we   ever   get
I   want
*o u t .
alli brunell Nov 2015
I am just another doll lost in the marionette holocaust
Joanna Sep 2015
I miss you
but you're not what I want anymore.
Nessa dieR May 2015
Her nearest source of warmth
Was that one of solitude.
Nessa dieR May 2015
What will become of you
Without any dreams to follow?
Nessa dieR Apr 2015
Drawing pictures of any opaque scenery
Instead of your smile.
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