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Marina Sep 6
Running from the reflection
While her body weakens slowly
Despite lacking what she needs.
Thoughts I fear
for her before
The angels catch her.

'run and don't stop'
She has ambition and I see her
being caught in the moment
I rather be with your body while I decompress
in your mind still.

Moments of youths like her
I think about the strong minded woman she can become
despite of the struggles.

despite of the hurt we caused;
as to then, the eyes spoke when
mouths couldn't speak.
Marina Sep 1
feels freely
filled with love and youthfulness,
I tend to to get out of hand
with new recipes and crafts,
journals with coffee
fill my mind with inspiration.

Wishing for brown and red leaves
feeling the cool air of fall
wrapped in warm clothing
and scarfs.
the feeling of hot coco
running inside my stomach
as I sit alone
fully overwhelmed with joy.
- This is what fall feels like
Marina Aug 28
Truth be told
They never owned me
Yet, I still feel chained to
The down to the
Cold concrete floor. The servers to the owner
Who created minds for the evil and
One who seeks for the good in
They took a toll on me and blessed
Me with unconditional love
- my weakness and strength
Marina Aug 21
If you've seen me
If you've listened

If you read me,
I am fire.
Filled with ambition, love, an emotion.
I'm my own canvas
I write my story.
If I were a book, would you read through all
The pages from the hurting to success?

What is real to you
Will prosper.
I imagined her into my life
While I was writing blessings to him
For a new chapter; knowing it won't last.
I'm happy with all these pages,
Yet I'm still writing
Marina Aug 21
The eyes speak on what mouths cannot say
Marina Aug 19
It takes alot to say you are my everything
But learning to read your eyes
Says it all back
Through it all you can still make my heart skip
Marina Aug 17
Letting me see
Letting me feel
A thousand things all over again; the emotions overcome to me, I forget how to speak.
Created: August 14, 2019
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