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Marina Sep 1
just as the stars sank,

he keeps holding me away from harm

when I felt only half of everything

I stood up, with only a hat to cover my heart

he is forever my everything.
Marina Sep 1
the problem with me is that I don't stop thinking
I am always at a loss for words, but when i'm faced with you
it feels like I have been waiting to speak with you my whole life.

the emotion that binds me
to the thoughts of wondering faces and misconceptions
I have stored, I can't face them all alone

But those soft dainty hands he lays on my cheek
like a whispering gust of wind

I feel him everyday

every day is a day I morn for him
but when the mind is filled with nothing but his lips
I feel founded by the memories
Marina Apr 29
Thing about you is
I can’t ******* let go of you.
Even when we are at our worst,
you are always there for me
to make sure I’m okay.
You have been there for me
when I needed you the most when I was down you picked me right back up.
I love you so much for that.
Thank you for making me a better person.
You bring me back to my reality.
I feel so hopeless,
Never let my guard so down, but I did
With you
Everything is where it’s supposed to be
With you, with us.
Still loving you, even on my worst days.
Never been so relaxed with this
But at least it’s with you.
Marina Sep 2020
has never felt so precious to me
until now
Marina Apr 2020
Let yourself go
with all the doubts and losing battles
there is no way we can win them all

the cost of learning
we will learn to fly again
when we fall.

we also cannot lift bodies that
do not want to be rescued;
never settle for less when you can settle for more.

take it slow with process
and process will come to you,
maybe even greater
Marina Feb 2020
The tenderness on your body isn't forever.
But for 16, a curled frown of a fiddled head
fern and forests
just wasted by the sun, your traveled generous thighs
in which we've become to tie boundlessly by.
The innocence and wisdom of the place my tongue has found
there by what all came from;
i'd advise as in the present, I lived in satiation
by the way she lit up candles,
and held my body like warmth
and my heart like glass in this home.

no wonder why our ribs are cages for the heart,
except mines managed to escape and loved so much with the heart
so it consumed me, and she consumed my all I can offer.

"you are way too loving for this world"
soon, your touch on me, firmness, protectiveness, and love
held onto me, searching me out of your tongue, and slender fingers
reaching for mines,
so whatever happens, I pray it will be with you.
Marina Feb 2020
You were created in this world
you ruptured yourself into the world
and caught on fire as you grew older
that crafted you into what you are
and what you will become.
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