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I wish that we could talk longer,
but I know you need your sleep.
I know you think you're boring
but I think your words are deep.

I love reading your stories
and often anticipate the next,
I fear mine aren't as entertaining
but you listen, nevertheless.

I think of you a lot
especially after our good nights,
My devilishly handsome husband,
you're the best part of my life.
I love being your wife.
Whenever I feel sad, I blow things up in video game land.
Because everything and anything that I built there, can be rebuilt.
I can fix everything in the screen that I hurt or broke.
But I can't fix how you probably think what we had was just a joke.
I wonder how you'll react when you find out what I've done
you won't be able to hit me or scold me because, I'll be gone.
But will you cry? Will you feel ashamed? Will you wonder why?
I don't think that you should, because now I'll no longer cry.

So don't ask why,
don't you dare cry...
Please, don't be too upset
I'm getting away from here
and with no regrets.
I wonder,
have you forgotten about me yet?
I'm not sure that I'll ever forget you
even though I'm wanting to, so badly
It seems my mind isn't ready to let me.
But I have to keep trying.
And it'll take a while for me to stop crying
but at least I won't be denying,
my longing for you
to still be in my life.
Yeah, we had strife
but somehow we managed and
right now I'm tired of standing
here without you beside me.
Please just pull the knife out of me
set me free from this agony, maybe
give me an anaesthetic to numb all
of this pain.
I'm waiting for Felicia Amnesia to
sink into my brain.
It hurts to miss you.
When you're laying in bed
feeling basically half dead,
eden's playing through your
             h e a d s e t
and everything else is quiet.

Last night was terrible. My eyes are sore from crying so much. On top of everything that was happening, I strained my ankle which made it worse. I slept for about 3, maybe 4 hours. I'm not sure if I'll nap later or not. I'm not sure what I'd do without Hello Poetry. I literally dump everything here, whether I'm ecstatic, utterly depressed, or even furious. I'm glad to be able to write somewhere so accepting.
In a dream I was walking, all alone.
A flower; I saw-

                             off in the distance..

it was all alone, like me.
The screen in my window is partially torn
one half is fully attatched while the other..
is caught in the wind that is slowly pulling
it along, waiting for it to let go and flow as
gracefully as the newly falling snow

But I am the other half, holding on for my
life because I'm afraid of heights that the
wind will lift me up to..

The glass that I am protecting is already
broken, so why shouldn't I let go?




          ­      i
This is very different, from what I usually write. At least what I have currently been writing. I hope someone liked it.
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