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Sep 2017 · 2.0k
Sensual Sensations
Remember the indescribable insanity of our fiery love.

Remember the sensation of lips as I caressed your soft skin;

Remember how you melted in my arms as my breath warmed your ears in whisper.

Remember the goosebumps as my hands ran across your sweet delicate skin.

Remember the sweltering heat that rose as I opened your dress,

Remember the cool air stroking your smooth silk skin as it fell to the floor,

Remember the warmth of our bodies as I pressed you tightly flesh to flesh,

Remember that tingle as you clenched your legs while I nibbled your ear,

Remember the feeling of eternity as you slowly straddled me to the floor,

Remember the scent of our passion as we tantalized,

Remember the piercing trance of desire,

Remember the penetrating ecstasy of release as you reach your peak,

Remember the night you and I became a man and woman.
Inspired from a song "Tonight is the Night by Betty Wright"
Sep 2017 · 317
For Her
Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I would have said that I was pleased,
But I had not branded the splendid serenity,
Yawning contentment,
And purest of nirvana
She gave to me
As she wandered into my life.
Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I have caressed many passions,
Worthy passions,
But not once did I affair
The deeply passionate
Desire I have for this woman.
Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I would have supposed I knew who I was,
But she gazed into the nature of my soul
And found treasures unknown
For us to share.
Now that my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty,
I would have said I saw love,
But I saw not,
But now my eyes lay upon such heavenly beauty
For her!
There came a love of truest and fair,
In a town I came to know,
A girl my heart she did bear
With a love that filled my soul;
To her, I would give my life
Without a single doubt be told.

She sat gracefully upon a lonely bench
In this town I came to know,
I adored her more than life itself
As her beauty lit a-glow;
And her essence came from a heavenly place
As she laced her grace of snow.

Her beauty spreads across the skies,
In this town I came to know,
Spreading love about her goes,
To nurture my love and grow;
So that the abundance of my burning passion
Can murmur and run, just as the rivers flow;
And to an end my dream will come
In this town I’ve come to know.

Her raging light, blazing bright,
Lit my heart a-glow,
For its power completes the monarchy
In this town I came to know,
And binges across the galaxies, spreading love,
To and fro.

I call to her spirit beckoning songs,
For my love to her I must show,
And my passion I must show,
Before my dream is just a dream
And my soul sinks below;
She is the dream of love I dream
In this town I came to know.

She too knows of me and the love inside that grows,
In this town I’ve come to know,
The sun never settles caressing the red rose peddles,
In this town I’ve come to know,
The birds will chirp a sounding song of mirth,
To the heavens above till love gives birth
To a love packed passion as all men know
The love that was found
In the town I came to know.
Feb 2017 · 529
Mysterious Miss
To hand is a Miss, who finds solace in me,

Then yet, why can I not stand of condolence to thee;

She whispers in my ears, fragrant airs of symphony,

Drawing nigh, the passion of my soul to the lure of dearest’s epitome.

My heart nurtures the budding warmth of the Miss’s beckoning hymn,

As the sunlit passion of our enkindled love grows dim;

You rouse the sheer nature of my once disguised dismay,

Before sorrow seals my soul and life drifts absent as it lay.

Laced gracefully upon her I see an Angel come utterly unto heaven,

And the beauty of her mind whelms the flames of my desire,

As I dream of her silk skin upon mine, unveiled of attire;

Still my eyes are yet to see the Miss’s truest form given.

I patiently wait in the deep of my blistering parched passions,

The day she will reveal herself to consume me in everlasting compassion.
Dreams of a woman who I await to meet and embrace forever.
Jul 2016 · 916
Love's Last: Remember Me
You will never understand,

The meaning has gone from a specific three words,

You can't hear me anymore, no matter how loud I say it.

I don't feel your touch anymore or hear my name from your lips.

I don't remember your sweet, sweet scent because it's been just that long,

But sometimes I lie awake at night and I can hear you singing,

I smell that once delicate scent,

I feel the touch of your skin, and hope that I'll dream of you again;

Because you don't love me

Yet, still, I love you.

I remember 'the good old days' when our love has its way,

But things are different now

The poems I made are gone, you threw them absent from times grasp ,

Our time of love is done,

I suppose you have commanded it so and all I can do is sit in my strain filled sorrow.

The sorrow gets stronger because you're gone, forever.

I write this poem to you

This is what I want you to hear,

When I die, this has my last words for you that may ever mean anything.

You are my first love the only and truest one,

The only thing is that same is not reciprocated,

But I don't care about that, for I love you keen;

I'm just a man who's always here for you,

But if I die I leave these words from me, remember me.

For when I'm absent I'll be gone unaided and I can't go back and see  in what manner you are.

So in these words from me, remember me.
A poem from inspiration
Jul 2016 · 595
Transition To Growing Up
If I had a word to express how sorry I am.
I don't mean apologies because to filth like me that's an area of apathy.
I am no man, to be so, I'd have to give my self-esteem;
so better yet, here, take me hands,
Because all they do is take and suffocate the ones who give me life through mistake after mistake.
I'd dig a grave so deep, not even the **** in the pit could see me.
Believe me I look at myself and say wow how ******.
I don't even deserve to walk the ground beneath that’s me.
You gave a roof and I tore every shingle,
while you looked at me with weeping eyes as if it were inconceivable.
You gave food to nourish me and I throw in trash where I should be.
You gave me money and I burned it to crisp,
And blew the ashes in your face and lashed you with a whip.
I am not human I am lower than that.
I'm more useless than anything, what is anyone going to do with that?!
I need saving from this damnation!
The same one that's destroying and crippling hundreds of nations.
Someone give me the key and I'll fight the dragon even if I lose I'd be used at least a fraction.
It’s about time to transition and make a life worth living,
instead of just walking flesh of useless breathing.
Take up from my bedside and walk a journey of a thousand miles!
I'll walk to no end over mountains conquering every obstacle!
And when I'm done I'll look back to at your face and tell you all about the amazing race!
But I'll still be just as useless as a broken vintage tape.
There's nothing in this world that will ever be good enough,
And I'll just have to accept the fact that I am nothing more than a thief who's all used up.
A poem I wrote whilst in conflicting matters with family. Realizing it is time to put away childish things.
Apr 2016 · 547
My Dear
My dear, I look to eternity and wonder if this hellish burden will ever pass from the eyes of our spirit.

As I am hopeful I am doubtful.

Will God reveal himself to me or shall I look upon the backs of my enemies as they drag me along misery’s path.

If I shall not make such immortality remember the value of your name on the fruit of my lips.

Remember the beauty that the world can reveal underneath the abyss of treacherous nightmares.

O’ how I wish to wake from this allusively blinding reality that was unexpectedly bestowed upon my soul.

My dear, look only at those things which bring light to the never piercing veil of darkness.

Open the chambers of our kindled love and let it burn a light to the black of our eyes, so that we may escape together through the sun of our solar scorching desire.

If we shall part before we light the eternal cinder, may God bring strength to carry out our burdened destiny.

Listen closely to me my dear.

Giving this life to love is an honor and let the fates bring upon us eternal life so that my love and your sweltering heart will never be thrown to lions and locked away in the forgotten dungeon of our sins.
Jul 2015 · 433
Votre Amour a Été Fait
How can you do this to me?
I open myself and...
I can't stand you!
I shut you out for a reason,
Like a fool I let you crawl in,
Like a despicable deplorable snake.
You pierced me with horrid venom.
You call it love, but we both know,
You are only killing me.
I hate your very being,
but you are so alluring.
Why is your evil so appetizing?!
We had a past, that was before
You had grown into an evil filth of a
Humanly fleshy beast you are now.
Our love was real yes, but real love...
Isn't true love it's just a runner up at best.
I nurtured you in our time of love.
I gave you every ounce of my life until I nearly died of none.
When you left me I shut you out.
I kept you away from poisoning me.
Like a fool I let you in this time,
You made me feel so good,
So happy, and then you killed me.
You murdered me and all you say is That I didn't deserve it, sorry.
You are a pitiful piece of work,
I am ashamed that I thought you were anything more than a hypocritical  snake, and murderer.
A succubus of the worst caliber.
And I was the fool.
But in all this I still wish you well.
I guess I'll always be that fool.
May 2015 · 9.5k
Self Worth and Women
Self worth. The sense of ones own value or worth as  a person. So how much do you have? Shes thinks if I fit in and change the agenda then I'll be much happier then, than with what I already have. If they don't say I'm pretty or the crowds aren't pleased then do I have value? Like I can't be happy with myself but I need to hear it too. My life is more than what I can just make do. They have to tell my worth then it'll be true. If he doesn't tell me my value then is my self worth through. If I'm not cool today, famous tomorrow, then all my efforts right now have been in vein. I had a girl once who told me that she was happier being in a relationship, but every one ended up with no real valuing shift. She said if I just have a guy then I'll be more than just a petty thrift. If I have ***, and get wasted, ill be more than a girl in her parents basement. Not realizing her logic to that situation was misled and outdated. There is no question that your uniqueness is the greatest. Don't let the world make your self esteem so prostrated. Because I'll tell you that your worth more than the world and it should bask in your greatness. It was about that time she butted back in and said but I'm wretched and filthy a guy won't love me, will he? And I said that's what's amazing about self worth. As long you keep your head up then it doesn't matter what he thinks your worth. You were intricately made, a masterpiece of work. God made you perfect and righteous so how dare you say your worthless when he says you're priceless. Women are degraded but yet they are the very essence of our being. They are the seed of the earth that holds all its meaning. So don't be demeaning of how valued you are no matter if crowd doesn't find you worth seeing. You know that saying about giving credit, where credit is due? Well if that's true then I think it's about time to give women their rightful credit too. Because your the worlds greatest and wonderful masterpiece made in you.
Jun 2014 · 416
Pittoresque Beauté
Afore colliery doth the world be so suggestive of sublimity,
Upon me lay no residence that I may well take leave,
Barring, encompassed beneath the celestial witching hour,
Amassed unruffled, myself and thee.

A moment at time doth chattels be made the scene unmarred,
And thy look as if existed hence silver-tongued,
A haste of blustery weather hail from over me,
As I winched up from my pier and meandered absent.

Unknown to me could some unique facet be more veracious,
Nowhere be present at hand, a berth I be further elicit to,
O' be at disposal with me that we may saunter self-possessed, my unrivaled ecstasy,
Amassed unruffled, myself and thee.
Dec 2013 · 1.1k
Escaping Expression
Heinous, immoral, sinful swine!
To what I am demanded to oblige,
This unravelled given flesh, falsely acclaimed.

By who, are we to bestow such honorarium upon specimens?
We, this, it... YES it! For no other alias be deft to pure ****!

If it be for me, I'd not be so haste to shift to utter, cosmic vile!
And alas tis that which I am, and as all my fellow ethological, fleshy hominids.
I do not care for it.
And seek the purity of it, but such use may be eternally latent.

— The End —