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A double-edged sword,
so pure,
and evil,
meant to comfort all that wield it,
All bow to it,
all long for it,
all perish in its wake.
Love is a weapon
To the one that disturbs my peace,
the angel of my thoughts,
your smile a constant reminder,
of our brief infidelity,
it was enough to fall in love,
it pulled me back,
after I hurt you,
I came back,
After he killed you,
I'll save you,
if you let me,
I warn you,
of nothing at all,
I hope,
you are ok,
I'll wait,
I know you love me too,
I wonder what you see,
I am not him,
or them,
or us,
or me,
I will show you my truths,
that's what my love is.
I came back to you like I always do, my love.
When I'm alone, the rain is wet.
Nothing more nothing less.
But when I'm with you the rain is small drops of life that rejuvenate the earth.
Little sparkles that make pitter patter sounds, which unite in a perfect symphony with my fast heart beat.
Just as the beating slows
One glance from you sets my heart ablaze again continuing the sonata.
Only when you kiss me does the beating stop for a moment,
In shock that my greatest hope has finally became true.
Sugar and spice Sep 2020
A Red Rose that smells of the infatuation and curiosity.  
It's innocent purpose to lure and beguile the eyes That fall onto its silhouette.  

It's gorgeous.  
The way the crimson petals dance in the wind.

Is that fair?
A token of curiosity for the passage to a broken , lifeless heart?
A stone now more than flesh?

Not so long ago, another was presented.  
But it grew thorns on my side.
What is one more ?

And so now this remains admired from afar
Its beauty quickly fading.

Is it fair that it be judged as a poison?
And not as a white flag waived from that distance?
An apology not from the abuser.  
But a gesture intended to make up for that lost dream?

It is tempting i must admit.
To indulge in that sweet fragrance that lingers  .
But a poison never tastes bitter.
What to do?
What to say?
What to do?
It's hard trusting myself more these days.  I know I'm not perfect. But that fear...
Jazlyn Jordan Sep 2020
Love is a ****** up thing
Love is that feeling you get
When you know you’re with
The person that’s meant to be

Love is a beautiful thing
Love is full of ups and downs
Twists and turns yet,
Love is so much more than what you’d expect
Ikurah Aug 2020
she said "me and moon are twins
we look so beautiful from distance
but we have our own scars",
the rainboy cried everynight to
hide the moon behind the clouds
it rains whenever moon boy teardown !
it's an open ending & fill the rest !
Ananya Jul 2020
The absolutely radical,
Mind boggling idea of being accepted.
-A fantasy served with insecurity
On the side, stained
With the lipstick you only wear
On third dates, the idea of
what love "should feel like"
Bubbling below the skin
Until you get blisters and boils,
sick and heady but starry eyed.
Ignoring the naysayers,
Oh so what if sleeping beauty
Gets roofied here.
The potential to get shattered,
Identity mutilated beyond recognition
Is, after all, a small price to pay
If you finally get to.. Belong.
Lotus May May 2020
to know love,
we forsake our sanity,
the control over
our own minds
we take the risk of
losing more than just
parts of our hearts
to know love,
we break ourselves
over and over
only to chase after it
blindly again
despite knowing that
no one will ever
come close to truly
knowing love
Geary evans May 2020
How long must I perstist
How long must I wait
How long until I have to wait
Those lips those eyes those hands
Are you sent from heaven or just a fallen angel
Years I wait for you and yet I am still not worthy to be your
I. Wait for you
Pamela Apr 2020
What happens to love unrequited?
Does it go back to the lover?
Or does it find another target?
Does it dissolve in the pool of tears shed?
Or does it stay in the heart and weigh it down?

What happens to love untold?
Does it stay in the silence of its own being?
Or in the many little gestures?
Does it find peace in the saddest of melodies..

What happens to love denied?
What happens to love destroyed?
Does it stay in the injustice of it?

Is love all-knowing?
Or is it an ignorant fool?
Is it a product of vulnerability, or maybe the cause itself?
Is it the stairwell to heaven or hell?
Is love overdosed, like *******?
Does it overshadow real pain?
Does love even exist?
Or is it a phantom of your dreams?
Is falling in love the vertigo 'dizzy' ?
Or the comfort 'fuzzy'?
Is the promise of love an eternal lie?
Maybe love is just that - a million unanswered questions, a thousand gazes unmet....
This poem is a result of my musings and curiosity about what love is, when it is one-sided. This poem is a conclusion.
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