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muteD 3d
Roses are red,
violets are blue.
If you truly love me as much as you say you do,
then how come you no longer treat me like you used to?
A short poem just to get your mind thinking..
They said its the hugs you get when you're sad
or the perfect coffee you drink on a rainy day
and the tears you get when your love is away.

Its the book you got that is bought completely new.
You ask what love is?
Love is you.

Love is.
Love is always.

Love lasts.
Love is always.

Love lives.
Love is always.
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“Broken” is an understatement.
“Broken” is like a pencil’s tip.
“Broken” is just an annoyance.
“Broken” is something fixable.

Love heals what is beyond broken.
Love repairs total destruction.
Love rebuilds a thousand pieces.
Love reforms embers and ashes.

“Broken” is too facile a term.
“Broken” heals if just left alone.
“Broken” is the every day.
“Broken” is not in need of love.

Love is wasted on the broken.
Love puts soul in a crumbled self.
Love takes on what no longer is.
Love can make people out of dust.
Love does so much more than repair.
Love is the act of creation.
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When you dream
A tree

And find
Him/Her watering
It's love

That simple
Genre: Observational
Theme: Be Responsible ||  Reciprocation
Joanne Russell Dec 2018
When I'm anywhere close to you,
I can't seem to figure out what to do
Cuz after years of keeping my emotions sealed
I dont know how to feel

So as you reach out your hand and arm,
One that's been abused and brought to harm,
I'm lost in what I want to do
Cuz I feel something so strongly for you

But I don't know what I'm feeling,
I don't know what emotion you've been unsealing
And I want to get close to you, but I'm lost,
I want to understand, but I fear the cost

I dont think I could live without you,
But I dont know if my emotions are true.
Why am I so mentally ******, that I can't just see
That I think I do want you to be with me
theres a guy I care for so much but idk wut I'm feeling and I dont want to hurt him in any way so I just hide from myself
Elena Dec 2018
To love is to embrace the simplicity of a bond.
Crystal Sep 2018
What is love?
Accepting a rose but ignoring all the thorns
The thorns that cut deep inside you
That hurt you
But doesnt seem to care

What is love?
Shouting so loud your voice breaks
With tears streaming down your face
Where it feels like your heart is shattering
That if it has a slight tap it'll break

What is love?
Smiling so wide you fear your cheeks will rip
Looking at them with love oozing out your eyes
Wanting to be with them every second
Not wanting them to let them go

What is love?
Appreciating everything they do
Accepting their flaws
Loving them through the **** times
Sticking to the them like glue

What is love?
Without a little hate
Without fighting
Without happiness
Without love.
WHAT IS LOVE? Tell me what love is with the # #whatislove
Mae Sep 2018
playing with words
is so much better than
playing with feelings
be a poet
instead of
a heartbreaker
makes you cooler
or stay
looking like a
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