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Jul 2016
If I had a word to express how sorry I am.
I don't mean apologies because to filth like me that's an area of apathy.
I am no man, to be so, I'd have to give my self-esteem;
so better yet, here, take me hands,
Because all they do is take and suffocate the ones who give me life through mistake after mistake.
I'd dig a grave so deep, not even the **** in the pit could see me.
Believe me I look at myself and say wow how ******.
I don't even deserve to walk the ground beneath that’s me.
You gave a roof and I tore every shingle,
while you looked at me with weeping eyes as if it were inconceivable.
You gave food to nourish me and I throw in trash where I should be.
You gave me money and I burned it to crisp,
And blew the ashes in your face and lashed you with a whip.
I am not human I am lower than that.
I'm more useless than anything, what is anyone going to do with that?!
I need saving from this damnation!
The same one that's destroying and crippling hundreds of nations.
Someone give me the key and I'll fight the dragon even if I lose I'd be used at least a fraction.
It’s about time to transition and make a life worth living,
instead of just walking flesh of useless breathing.
Take up from my bedside and walk a journey of a thousand miles!
I'll walk to no end over mountains conquering every obstacle!
And when I'm done I'll look back to at your face and tell you all about the amazing race!
But I'll still be just as useless as a broken vintage tape.
There's nothing in this world that will ever be good enough,
And I'll just have to accept the fact that I am nothing more than a thief who's all used up.
A poem I wrote whilst in conflicting matters with family. Realizing it is time to put away childish things.
Matthew Washington
Written by
Matthew Washington
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