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Iggy Chuck Feb 1
We were two distinct lands divided by light
in my forests slept a cold penumbra
in your savannahs shone the blazing sun.
Iggy Chuck Jan 31
If you ever ask me
how I really feel about you,
I’ll say that 

even though we’re hundreds miles apart
I can still feel your fingertips
wander through the lining of my skin
and the warmth of your lips follow in cadence

I’ll say that 
I fall asleep thinking about you
and wake with you being my first thought

That’s how I feel,
I feel you all the time,
all over.
Iggy Chuck Jan 30
Despite the infinity of stars
in these nights skies,
the ones that I want to see 
are those of your eyes

And even though you're not here,
every beat of my heart bears your name,
every wish whispered to the moon involves you

I want to shout to the world 
how much I love you
until I lose my breath, 
until my sanity is questioned

And if that's madness,
I’m not afraid to say
I’m madly in love with you.
Iggy Chuck Jan 30
I said goodbye 
but keep looking for your soul
in other bodies.

I said “never again”
and here I am
still writing about you.
unsent love letter to a reckless lover
Iggy Chuck Jan 29
Kiss me softly 
right where my wings unfold,
hold me like your tears carry promises
deeper than the wounds
your fingernails have dug in my spine

but please, darling,
don't hand me flowers
your fingertips can't bend to the will of,
and don't you dare point at stars
your arms will never reach

because this doorway is used to seeing
your shadow go and come around
and these walls have seen you
take much and give little 

your ego is used to feeding off
of this my will to stay,
a will that’s slowly eating me away

and though my lips stay craving
the lining of your body,
my heart is starving
for something real.
unsent love letter to a reckless lover
Iggy Chuck Jan 29
You are my best mistake
and if I could go back in time
I’d still choose you.

All was wrong
but felt so right,

following you down,
struggling to lift you up.

I’d make the same mistake
all over again

over anything,
over anyone,

I'd always choose you.
unsent love letter to a reckless lover
Iggy Chuck Jan 29
They say good boys never win, 
I thought it might be right. 
I’d always been good to people 
who'd only made me lose. 
Losers that made lose. 
And there was I,
the good boy gone bad, 
being good at being bad, 
being bad 
for the sake of not being good, 
because I wanted to win. 

I’d been craving  
to know what it was
not to lose myself 
trying to find purpose in someone else.

Until I found my one 
and got lost in those eyes. 
Now we're on each other's team 
and together we’re invincible.
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