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Iggy Chuck Jan 2020
You are my best mistake
and if I could go back in time
I’d still choose you.

All was wrong
but felt so right,

following you down,
struggling to lift you up.

I’d make the same mistake
all over again

over anything,
over anyone,

I'd always choose you.
unsent love letter to a reckless lover
Eliza Mar 2019
You are my unsent message.
The cursor blinking rhythmically,
With my heartbeat,
For me to hit send.
But I am not ready,
And I’m not sure if I ever will be
So I left it like that.
Unsent. Unseen. Unread.
“I miss you.”
Anakaren Davila Aug 2018
I wrote it all down
What I wanted to tell you
About how sorry I was
And how much I wanted you back

But I left it in my car
As I set it on fire

So now we’re back to step one
And we have a few more to add
To the unsent love letters
Cellinee Feb 2018
Sometimes I want you for me
Sometimes I can’t even imagine what may be
Sometimes I care
And sometimes I don’t want to

Some days I love talking
Some days I don’t even want to be reminded you exist

And although there’s chaos in mind
I want you to know that there’s never a day that gone by where you didn’t cross mine.
To the person who makes me want to be better
Cellinee Feb 2018
When you look for love,
find someone who makes you appreciate the little things in life,
like the shift of the sky from day to night,
the sunsets, the sunrise,
how the stars dance in the night sky
and how the moon brightens the universe in the absence of the sun.
Maria Imran Jul 2017
I need you more than ever today

You have never been this far
Sophia Lynne Mar 2017
It hurts a lot. It hurts so much and I know you're never going to understand why it hurts me but just know it does. It's ****. And I'm crying. And i don't know what else to say besides that I don't want to loose you.. Again. And again. And again. I know I don't act like I love being around you but I do. I'm just ******* stupid. It's been so good just having you back in my life and talking almost how we used to and I thought we might actually get back to the way it was before it all. But no. I'll try to deal for awhile.

Maybe it hurts so much because it makes me realize that I'm not even half of what you are  to me as a person. as a feeling. as an inspiration. I hope I handle it better than I have in the past and I'll be preparing for your absence. Again

m i a Jan 2016
uhm, so hey!
i think i really like you?
I saw you the other day, im pretty sure it was in may-

you gave me this smile, that made all of my terrible thoughts go away.

and i swear you gave me this look, that took me forever to get out of my mind.

you were so kind to me, and enjoyed making me tea.

oh gee,
i hope i dont so cheesy, but gosh i think you're amazing;

remeber when you were gazing at me? and came up to me saying how i was so pretty?

my face became hotter than the sun, on a monday afternoon.

i loved that day,

anyway yeah i really like you. and i don't know if you like me too, but hey that's okay! Maybe i'll find out one day.

Are you sure you want to erase this message?

unsent messages <3
A Watoot Mar 2015
Sometimes, it is so good to write an unsent letter.
I do this all the time just to create a release.  I have lots of unsent letters and I'm glad I never sent those things to people.  I've never been better.
Aria of Midnight Nov 2014
on your birthday
I wrote a letter comprised
of all that I adored;
words articulated in strikethroughs
and barrelled with smiley faces
to disguise my evident
addiction to your smile
--to your happiness.

and although I value your happiness
the letter remains at the bottom
of my computer
untouched, unsent
because my heart is already
shred to pieces, and the thought
of you dismissing
the words I poured myself in
is unbearable.

they never articulated properly
although I pride myself a writer;
I addressed situations I overanalysed
over countless nights of lost sleep,
where your mouth dropped,
your eyes lowered
your breath grew heavier after
another brutal attack from my unaffectionate

I noted little things;
conflicts within yourself
and wrote about them,
my remedy a simple melody
contrasting the bitter tunes
spat at you, through widened eyes
and curled lips.

That letter is unsent
because it exposes too much
about how often I think
about you.

while I say very little
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