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Jul 2020 · 284
Alternate universes
sarah crouse Jul 2020
sometimes I wonder
who I would be
if my life was different
if I was born by the sea

alternate universes
the possibilities are endless
I could be rich and famous
or die broke and friendless

It could be small differences
like coffee or tea
or it could be big
like living in a different country

I could be born in the '50s
or far into the future
a universe where there's magic
that be way cooler

sometimes I daydream
of what it would be like to
live in a world where
the skies not blue

I wonder where I am
in these fantastical places
but I hope I'm ok
where ever my birthplace is
Jul 2020 · 192
Your kiss
sarah crouse Jul 2020
shyly you glance off to the side
embarrassed, trying to hide
I brush your hair out of your eyes
and feel the butterflies start to rise
Your dark eyes stare into mine
and I search your face for a sign
you smile at me, that's all I need
I take your chin and start to lead
your lips to mine for a searing kiss
and we both get lost in the bliss
Jul 2020 · 728
Locks and Keys
sarah crouse Jul 2020
the princess locked herself away
behind tall walls of grey
so no one could see her die inside
and she can hide behind her pride

the dashing rogue saw these walls
she wanted to explore its halls
she wanted to see every inch
and find out why she's so quick to flinch

the rogue found an ornate gate
but saw the lock and had to wait
but she's impatient to see her free
so she set out to find the key

she travelled far and wide
to where the dragon resides
at the top of the highest mountains
surrounded by deadly lava fountains

the golden key dangled from its neck
beneath wicked teeth that kept you in check
but the rogue devised a cunning plan
to get the key as quick as she can

with clever words, she tricked the dragon
to give the key without any nagging
so back down the mountain, she walked
to match the key with the lock.
Jul 2020 · 664
Redosier dogwood
sarah crouse Jul 2020
The blinding white shine
of the snow is divine
as I rush through the woods
to meet you by the dogwood

my heart is thundering
my thoughts are stuttering
our time is running out fast
we can't always escape our past

but faster and faster my feet run
as my hands fail to block the sun
in this sea of white, there's a splash of red
"Meet me by the dogwood," you had said

my speed picks up at the sign
as I try to escape my bloodline
then a blow of a horn, I hear them coming
they're here for me, they're going hunting

the biting cold stings my face
I try to keep a steady pace
as I try to reach the red dogwood
the place I spent my childhood

the sound of hooves reach my ears
the sound of shouts bring me to tears
I hear the barks of dogs and hounds
as I run across the snowy grounds

at last, I see you up ahead
surrounded by a sea of red
I jump across over a fallen log
I see that you have heard the dogs

you grab my hands as I arrive
a quick hard kiss cause I'm alive
but as we start to run away
the guards surround us, there to slay

I hold you close, tightly in my arms
as they load up their firearms
with a loud bang, they shot us dead
and the dogwood sees more bloodshed.
Jul 2020 · 591
sarah crouse Jul 2020
I feel you with me, I feel your grace,
as your sunbeams hit my face.
You warm me up with a cup of hot tea
and relax with me beneath a bay tree.
I see you in every stranger's smile
you make my day all the worthwhile.
As we watch the sun go down
you help me make some flower crowns
to give to my dejected sibling
who I love despite our quibbling.
As I turn my playlist up
I feel the heat leave my teacup.
'cause now we have to say goodnight
as Artemis comes to take the night.
Jul 2020 · 166
sarah crouse Jul 2020
soaring high up in the sky
he lets out a joyful cry
he has his wings spread out wide
and has his heart filled up with pride

The sunbeams down at him
while he dives on a whim.
As a smile plays upon its lips,
The sun tightens its scalding grip

'Icarus is flying too high' they sigh
as he lets another joyful cry
'but I won't make the same mistakes' he thinks
as he flies closer to the brink.
Jul 2020 · 380
wrist kisses
sarah crouse Jul 2020
Soft and intimate
your lips brush the inside of my wrist.
The jump of my pulse
shows you've been missed.
Its moments like this
relaxing in the afternoon sun
with your sweet lips
I come undone.
Jul 2020 · 179
sarah crouse Jul 2020
I look to you once again
to see if you notice my pain.
You look at me completely baffled
unaware of what I've battled.

Is it too much to ask for validation
for you to share in my frustration
I'm not asking you to understand
acknowledgement is all I demand

I want you to see that it happened
not live in ignorance and think I imagined.
They say 'It is what it is,' and that is true
I just want you to say that you knew.

I want to know that I'm valid
no need to sing me a ballad
Just tell me what I already know
no need to wrap it in a bow
Just be very avid
about the fact that I am valid.
Jul 2020 · 105
Whispers in the dark
sarah crouse Jul 2020
Quiet voices fill the night
you have to run before they bite
The shadows try to grab at you
from dark corners, they grab your shoe.

You know you should have listened
they told you ignorance is bliss and
to not go into the woods alone
but you were like a dog with a bone

You dodge the shadows
as they tear at your clothes
the menacing whispers grow louder still,
they leave you with an awful chill

a tree root catches you off guard
you fall and hit the ground hard
the fear rises up within you
as you watch the shadows form anew

the whispers are unbearable
they make you feel terrible
frozen in place, you can only stare
as they jump at you through the air
thought I'd try something new
Jul 2020 · 458
The floating house
sarah crouse Jul 2020
There once was a witch
who lived in the woods.
She went to the towns
and sold all her goods.

She had her own garden
and animals to spare.
She showed off her crystals
and never hid her prayers.

The townsfolk looked on
with growing distaste
as she sold her goods,
they want her erased.

So they gather their torches
with pitchforks and hounds.
They march to her house
and defile her grounds.

The crows all fly fast
to warn her they yell.
They give her the time
to cast her big spell.

When the townsfolk arrive,
they can't believe their eyes.
As the house started to rise,
they let out startled cries.

Now, she lives among the clouds.
Where she alone was always roused
by the chirping birds and crows
high up in her floating house.
Jul 2020 · 564
The sparrow
sarah crouse Jul 2020
they look at you with cold eyes
hard-set mouth and eyebrows rise
venom drips from their tongue
very coarse for one so young

so much anger within their soul
the glowing red embers of burning coal
they won't show weakness they won't show pain
they won't stop till their enemy's slain

that is what they show the world
fists clenched and eyebrows furled
they hide behind a tough guy charade
so no one can see them afraid

but ones you see past the mask
you'll be shocked and left to ask
why they are so nice and kind
but keep it all close, confined

An old man smiles and points the arrow
"you don't know they're just a sparrow."
a girl who seems tough, angry and mean, but after you get to know her you realize she is the exact opposite. Often young-looking.
Yeah, she seems coarse, but that's just because she doesn't know you. She's really just a sparrow.
by chattertonbeats April 03, 2015

Also kinda thinking of changing my name to sparrow
Jul 2020 · 102
these four walls
sarah crouse Jul 2020
Breathing deeply, I close the door.
Back to the wall, I sink to the floor.

Heart beating fast as tears burn my eyes.
I hug my knees tightly, I'm half my size.

It's all too much, I've had enough.
I run to my room when life gets rough.

Outside they yell and cry and strafe
but here these four walls keep me safe.

They hide me from the outside world
so I can lay in blankets, curled.

I run and hide and find my escapes
and try to forget my cuts and scrapes.
Jul 2020 · 1.4k
trees aren't flexible
sarah crouse Jul 2020
Standing tall on the highest mountain
surrounded by clouds and the most beautiful fountains.
Against all odds, the tree grew on the toughest rock
up in the sky with the highest-flying hawk.

The cherry blossom reached for the sky.
The cherry blossom wanted to fly
to see the world from up high
to see that last as it dies.

The cherry blossom reached its goal
but all too soon it lost control.
it wanted to see it all
even if it meant it'll fall

The cherry blossom reached and reached
while its trunk screeched and people preached
"trees aren't flexible," they cried
yet still, the cherry blossom tried

the cherry blossom soon adapted
for it never ever got distracted
its trunk had bent and curled
and soon it could see the world.
Jul 2020 · 68
hot air balloon
sarah crouse Jul 2020
high above the clouds, we rise
as the world shrinks in size
I look to you smiling wide
we're here together side by side

we float past the green hillside
and I'm glad for this balloon ride
cause it's giving me more time with you
to see you in this golden hue

to see the wind dance and play
and lead your red curls astray
I love to see your excited smile
as we float across the isle

your dark brown eyes shine so brightly
I have to pull you close and hold you tightly
to run my hands down your soft, mocha arms
as you break down my walls with your charms

but this was a long, long time ago
and now I'm alone writing these poems
I miss our time together
flying in the fair weather
but now I must swallow my pride
and know we'll never go for another balloon ride
Jul 2020 · 253
the boy who liked to read
sarah crouse Jul 2020
There once was a boy who feared himself.
So he went and hid in a big bookshelf.
He picked up a book and started to read
he saw the hero and followed his lead.
He read, he lived within these books
saw himself, the hero with the striking good looks.
He wanted to see it all he said
as the wonder and joy-filled up his head.
From world to world he travelled far
he sailed the seas and explored the stars.
He laughed, he cried and lived many lives
in his desperate quest to help him survive.
But everything has to come to an end
the books were done and all were read.
Just like that, he was alone again
alone with his thoughts, away from his men.
with no more books to save the knight,
he picked up a pen and started to write.
Jul 2020 · 5.6k
I’m fluid
sarah crouse Jul 2020
My gender can change at the flip of a switch
They say it's impossible They say it's just a glitch
They ask if I'm male, female or non-binary
I'm all three I'll tell them finally

that's when They start to frown
and look at me like I'm a clown
"you can't have all three you must choose one!"
"the science doesn't support it, ***."

how do you explain it then
when my gender decides to flip again
when I go from someone who loves herself
to someone who can't look at himself
when I can't stand to be either gender
I refuse to stand by and be a pretender

Is it too much to ask for you to respect me?
To let me be myself, to let me be free?
To ask me what my pronouns are
when you see me at a bar?

my gender is mine you will not correct it
you will not make me feel like a misfit
because I know who I am, what I am
there is no right answer to this exam

my gender is fluid
don't act like you're clueless
because I don't fit in a neat little box
I don't care if you think its a paradox
because you don't get a say
in who I am today

I'm not nonbinary
I'm not trans
I'm fluid

— The End —