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sarah crouse Jul 2020
sometimes I wonder
who I would be
if my life was different
if I was born by the sea

alternate universes
the possibilities are endless
I could be rich and famous
or die broke and friendless

It could be small differences
like coffee or tea
or it could be big
like living in a different country

I could be born in the '50s
or far into the future
a universe where there's magic
that be way cooler

sometimes I daydream
of what it would be like to
live in a world where
the skies not blue

I wonder where I am
in these fantastical places
but I hope I'm ok
where ever my birthplace is
sarah crouse Jul 2020
shyly you glance off to the side
embarrassed, trying to hide
I brush your hair out of your eyes
and feel the butterflies start to rise
Your dark eyes stare into mine
and I search your face for a sign
you smile at me, that's all I need
I take your chin and start to lead
your lips to mine for a searing kiss
and we both get lost in the bliss
sarah crouse Jul 2020
the princess locked herself away
behind tall walls of grey
so no one could see her die inside
and she can hide behind her pride

the dashing rogue saw these walls
she wanted to explore its halls
she wanted to see every inch
and find out why she's so quick to flinch

the rogue found an ornate gate
but saw the lock and had to wait
but she's impatient to see her free
so she set out to find the key

she travelled far and wide
to where the dragon resides
at the top of the highest mountains
surrounded by deadly lava fountains

the golden key dangled from its neck
beneath wicked teeth that kept you in check
but the rogue devised a cunning plan
to get the key as quick as she can

with clever words, she tricked the dragon
to give the key without any nagging
so back down the mountain, she walked
to match the key with the lock.
sarah crouse Jul 2020
The blinding white shine
of the snow is divine
as I rush through the woods
to meet you by the dogwood

my heart is thundering
my thoughts are stuttering
our time is running out fast
we can't always escape our past

but faster and faster my feet run
as my hands fail to block the sun
in this sea of white, there's a splash of red
"Meet me by the dogwood," you had said

my speed picks up at the sign
as I try to escape my bloodline
then a blow of a horn, I hear them coming
they're here for me, they're going hunting

the biting cold stings my face
I try to keep a steady pace
as I try to reach the red dogwood
the place I spent my childhood

the sound of hooves reach my ears
the sound of shouts bring me to tears
I hear the barks of dogs and hounds
as I run across the snowy grounds

at last, I see you up ahead
surrounded by a sea of red
I jump across over a fallen log
I see that you have heard the dogs

you grab my hands as I arrive
a quick hard kiss cause I'm alive
but as we start to run away
the guards surround us, there to slay

I hold you close, tightly in my arms
as they load up their firearms
with a loud bang, they shot us dead
and the dogwood sees more bloodshed.
sarah crouse Jul 2020
I feel you with me, I feel your grace,
as your sunbeams hit my face.
You warm me up with a cup of hot tea
and relax with me beneath a bay tree.
I see you in every stranger's smile
you make my day all the worthwhile.
As we watch the sun go down
you help me make some flower crowns
to give to my dejected sibling
who I love despite our quibbling.
As I turn my playlist up
I feel the heat leave my teacup.
'cause now we have to say goodnight
as Artemis comes to take the night.
sarah crouse Jul 2020
soaring high up in the sky
he lets out a joyful cry
he has his wings spread out wide
and has his heart filled up with pride

The sunbeams down at him
while he dives on a whim.
As a smile plays upon its lips,
The sun tightens its scalding grip

'Icarus is flying too high' they sigh
as he lets another joyful cry
'but I won't make the same mistakes' he thinks
as he flies closer to the brink.
sarah crouse Jul 2020
Soft and intimate
your lips brush the inside of my wrist.
The jump of my pulse
shows you've been missed.
Its moments like this
relaxing in the afternoon sun
with your sweet lips
I come undone.
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