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Dess Ander Dec 2018
Invisible bullets
Gaping wounds, tears reach the ground before the blood
Invisible demons
Uncontrollable laughter, eyes brighter than the sun engulfing the planet
A heavenly entity is seen yet ignored
Ignorance as safe as a gated prison
Freedom is never chosen
The masses chose to be slaves.
Dess Ander Dec 2018
Illusions are the new reality
Victimhood the chosen mentality
Opinions lead to fatality
Common sense is the new insanity
Dess Ander Nov 2018
Commiting unknown errors and unknown sins
Reasoning that I could have handled situations better
Yesterday never seems to disappear.
Dess Ander Oct 2018
Trying to define a concept
Imagining whether there’s an end to this nothingness
Maybe it’s man made?
Existential questions, and every answer is both wrong and right.
Dess Ander Aug 2018
Flowers fade
infatuation dies.
When tribulations come,
will you stand by my side?
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