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Caloris Dec 2018
As an angel kissed by fire in hell, she remains within this world, wings glowing:
Where to - when solely your feet carry you?
What to - when only the bare hands to the deed?
Caloris Dec 2018
Some smell or tune, a gaze, a rhyme
can leave me far beyond this space or time.
Caloris Dec 2018
Tears are falling rain and
sorrow blowing faintly.
Enduring roots run deep
within the bitter soil of blackness.
Caloris Dec 2018
Darkness towers to my right.
The arm is weak, the shoulder sore.
It seems so different than as before.
What is there to oppose this side?

The limb's not feeble - not at all:
I rather did myself bereft
Of helping mercy's hand, the left.
United will they never stall.
Caloris Nov 2018
From clearest dark and silent night
A bolt does flash of searing light.
The thunderbolt engraves up high
A newborn star into the sky.

And as the healing rain falls down
To feed the pursuit of the crown,
At once it soothes our eternal grief:
We are to strive but never to achieve.
Caloris Dec 2018
Aus tiefster Schwärze, klarer Nacht,
es schlägt ein Blitz mit wahrer Macht.
Ein Donner zündet in der Fern
Mit neuem Feuer einen Stern.

Und mit dem heil'nden Regen schon,
den Drang erhaltend nach der Kron'
kommt er beschwichtigend für immer:
Das Ziel erreichen? Nimmer!
Caloris Dec 2018
I'm not stupid, the world is hard.
The world is not stupid, people are hard.
People are not stupid, the world is hard.
The world is not stupid, I'm hard.
Inspired by a Freakonomics radio podcast titled "People Aren’t Dumb. The World Is Hard."
Caloris Dec 2018
Dignity is my blinding shield,
Biting cold my breast plate,
Melancholy my urge,
Yet loyalty my oath.
- I guard this world.

Mortality shrouds my vulnerable skin,
Warm is my greeting heart
And shining hope my star,
Yet humbleness my bread.
- I welcome you in my world.
Mind the cherub.
Caloris Dec 2018
Life is a present and as such
It can be given and taken,
Yet never owed.
Analogy of life and a present.
Caloris Nov 2018
Veiling streaks on hill and yard
o shroud the yearn of coldest heart.
Low fog does densely cloud in shame
that you and I could feel the same.

Igniting hope within the grey
shall raise the shooting eye
Onward the light; be bold yet humble!
this might be more than mere a stumble.

New radiant warmth beneath the canopy
gives promise of the sweetest progeny.
Velvet hands to touch and feel,
let this desire be our seal!

Early storm comes as monsoon
as if the branches were to prune.
Ends you and me too soon.
This poem is an analogy of vineyards and love.
Caloris Nov 2018
The darkness shrouds through time and space,
what lurks beyond, which has no face.

Allured by whispers never caught,
The mercy leaves no other thought.

Approaching though with care and ease,
the searing pain seems not to cease.

A drop thereby may well transform,
the deepest sea into a storm.

The sudden change appears as cheat,
but anyhow you must retreat.

What is it that you do not get,
remember it! did you forget?
Caloris Dec 2018
Learn more than you can teach yourself -- teach more than you know yourself!
Similar to:
"When one teaches,
Two learn." - Robert Heinlein
Caloris Nov 2018
I learn, therefore I have been.
I think, therefore I am.
I believe, therefore I will be.
This is a sandwich of René Descartes' "ego cogito, ergo sum".
Caloris Jan 2019
Sadness turns
Depression, when
Madness feeds from
A sorrowful
Reading too many of Vanessa's Poems ;-)
Caloris Feb 2019
What is it that you seek?
It's neither great nor meek.
May lead you out of bounds and measure,
Yet yielding satisfying pleasure.

— The End —