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Felicity Paris Apr 2020
for the girl who spins her words with favour
like cotton candy melting on your tongue
bless your seconds with good memories
and may your peace come quickly and flood

for the girl who spends her aching seconds alone
hold my hand and take my warmth
until we both feel quite alright

my goodnight kisses the wind once again
and may it blow softly onto your beautiful face
for my ex-girlfriend
Sometimes the happy sounds of my life
Start to blend together.
The quiet growl of my dog
When she’s signaling to me
she is all at once
Yet fierce.
The deep rumble of my husband’s snore.
Signaling to me
He is all at once
Happy and
The hum of the microwave
Saving us once again from the pains of cooking
After a long day apart.
Its chime signally to me
All at once
I am comfy
Yet fierce.
I am safe.
And loved.
All I have to do is listen
All at once.
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
Trees are trees
Birds are birds
Bees are bees
Cats are cats
Dogs are Dogs
Flies are flies
Bugs are bugs
Leaves are leaves
Wings are wings
I am me
that isn't changing.
Ma Cherie May 2017
    a moment
to sit
  in quiet

I close my eyes
to hear
what is in the silence.

beautiful summer rain
the trees
an the old metal roof
sings along
with unusual songbirds
this year
creaky aluminum
bends in temperature changes
a door sways
back an forth
gentle rhythms
all together
a benevolent band
wet parachuting droplets
bursting on impact,
a soft howling wind
their tune.

my ears hummmm..

with vibrations,

I only hear
when I listen
so intently to life.

which is something
I need to do more often
to be honest
amongst the utter
chaos an confusion
I am currently in.

contentedness for me
is a destination I seek.

it is then-
it is then when I find my ZEN,
where I can honestly be
I honestly am
for even
the pain
that I have felt.

that I've endured.

that I have persevered over.

you might wonder?

I think it is simple-
cumulus clouds provide rain,
rain provides water,
water is life.

I am water,
an therefore
I wish to be.
Mindfulness and meditation so this is something different for me  this type of poetry. it's so lovely here in Vermont. If anyone has a topic about Vermont they want me to write about I will try. Much thanks poets
Christian Bixler Feb 2017
Spirit, yearning so
waves, the cherry blossom hangs
so high; so my love.
Perfect Love, the highest ideal, hangs above me, forever unattainable; yet I strive, and in doing so I am filled with awareness, and through this, peace. And so I am content in my striving, though it may bring me to tears, at times. For I am doing my best. And that is enough.
Cedric Jan 2017
An addiction to the color named red,
An affinity to feelings of dread,
Like waterfalls and raindrops, I feel drenched,
Clothed in a gown of crimson red is death.

Hemophilia causes excessive blood loss,
Just by being touched, you bloom like a rose!
Like roses with thorns that bleeds it's color.
To me who's bleeding out, "You're just a pose!"
I scream out with anguish, a quiet pause.
I lay in a pool of ****** dolor...

To me, you're lips are just like spikes and thorns,
With flowery words born from blooming roses,
As if an explosion of gray matter,
Were your poems that made me bleed all-out.
A sonnet of bleeding for various reasons. Dedicated to "someone", I poured out what circles around me, as if my own blood.
Xoi Jul 2015
To grasp the space between your fingers
would be much too big a handful
for someone who has only ever held before
explosions from hands
which closed too soon

To understand the breaths between your words
would be a story far too deep for a person who
has only ever heard before the echoes of
shallow water wells
whose drains let out too soon

Though having but a drip of your presence
in my world pool has created a current
where I could happily drown in all of the
future waters but I can't bare
to keep living like that
I'm not ready to drown yet
wes parham Jun 2015
On the night that I dreamed you had died,
I didn't want them to see me crying in the kitchen,
But I did, and spoke only the truth for the day,
In honor of you.  I hope that it wasn't a dumb thing to do.
It probably was.

I didn't want to speak to people you knew,
But I did.  Told them how I knew you and, now,
With you gone...
-**** it, you wouldn't want this,
All this spewing of emotion, this lament of the flesh,
From which you're now gone.
I said I felt bad for loving you so much, but then I remembered your words,
I said I was wrong, I said I was weak, but then I remembered your words,
When you said,
"You are, but that's o.k."
It's the consolation of a friend, now gone, distilled to the essence,
Of what you needed to hear,
Exactly when you needed to hear it.
Imagined emotions in the wake of an imagined death.
It's about the storm that might occur in the wake of a death close to someone.  Not deeply close, but meaningful.  We hide our love for fear and in this situation, the dam breaks and all comes out.  It turns out that being at peace with the way things are is a good place to start.  You'll find that what seemed like a colossal nightmare was, in fact, perfectly o.k. after all.
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