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Caloris Dec 2018
Dignity is my blinding shield,
Biting cold my breast plate,
Melancholy my urge,
Yet loyalty my oath.
- I guard this world.

Mortality shrouds my vulnerable skin,
Warm is my greeting heart
And shining hope my star,
Yet humbleness my bread.
- I welcome you in my world.
Mind the cherub.
K Balachandran Sep 2014
A jolt too, once in a while I like,
to **** me back to the center of my being,
she said, not always a flower I seek
though I appreciate a fragrant bloom
on a plant, no doubt about it.
Give me a pleasant surprise,
show me what I miss without fail,
let us be alert, to complete each other
push me out of complacency,
thus help me see more clearly.
Water my thirsty inner plants copiously
and see how happily they greet you
with flowers, buzz of bees and fragrance,
enjoy the dance with life even if
our steps falter a bit in the beginning
let the dogs bark, night be dark
winds blow heavy and strong,
let the change of weather never bother us,
moving forward is the order of nature.
Softly kiss my soul with  noble acts
it's not for here and now, but for
eternity to keep as a treasure incandescent.

— The End —