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april w Apr 2018
What is considered real in our world?
People have so many different beliefs
Some things are real to some people
And merely a myth to others
So what is real?
Is god real?
Is science real?
Are you real?
Am I real?

The truth is
Is only what we believe to be real
What we feel
What we see
What we hear
And most importantly
What we think

Is “real”
april w Apr 2018
Yes, you

I see you've stumbled upon my poem

This is just a reminder
That you're beautiful
And amazing
And if you ever need someone to talk to
I'm here for you

Your friend
Feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to! I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

april w Apr 2018
It’s not easy to be strong
It’s easy to be weak
But we all want to be strong
And we all want easy

So which do we choose?

To work hard
Train hard
Choose hard


To be easy
Do easy
Choose easy

There’s no in between
april w Apr 2018
“If I didn’t force you to do it you wouldn’t have gotten these medals”
If you didn’t force me to do it I wouldn’t have gotten these medals

“These aren’t accomplishments”
These aren’t accomplishments

“You don’t have any accomplishments”
I don’t have any accomplishments

“If it weren’t for me, you would have nothing”
If it weren’t for you, I would have nothing

“You should thank me”
I should thank you


If you didn’t force me to do it, I wouldn’t have done it
But I did do it
And those medals are mine
My accomplishments
I don’t care if 4th place isn’t good enough for you
I don’t care if you don’t think they’re accomplishments
Because I know they are
They are mine
Not yours

And maybe I should thank you
For making me realize
I don’t need your approval

Maybe I should thank you
For making me realize
I was being brainwashed
To think I’m worthless

Because now I know
april w Apr 2018
She wakes up each morning
Looks in the mirror

She puts an oversized hoodie over

Straightens her hair
Like every other girl in her school
Oh no
She burns her finger

Covers her imperfections
With powders
That suffocate her skin

Coats her eyelashes
With sticky black goop
That crusts when it dries

Her mother calls her down for breakfast
“I’m not hungry”
She says
She hasn’t been hungry for two weeks

You know what they say
Beauty is pain

She goes to school
Why is everyone else so skinny?
And beautiful?
And perfect?
She wishes she were them

But what she doesn’t know
Is that
Those skinny, beautiful, perfect girls
Wishes they were her
This poem isn't about me, it's just something I've noticed about teenagers. Remember, you're beautiful and perfect the way you are <3
april w Apr 2018
What do I have to do
For you
To feel like
I’m good enough?

Do I have to
To you
My worth?

Who are you to judge?
Why am I still striving for your approval?

When I know
The truth is
I will never be good enough
In your eyes

But in mine
I am good enough

The kind of good enough
That can be better

The kind of good enough
That isn’t
As good as other people

The kind of good enough
That isn’t

Good enough
april w Apr 2018
is the glass half empty or full
i guess we'll never know
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