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Manuel John Nov 2019
What is hope?
Hope isn’t much, actually, but it’s a lot.
I like to see hope as a Huge On Positive Enigma…difficult to
explain, maybe just as difficult to have.
I see hope as us…Healing Over Past Experiences.
I see hope as us…Humans, On Persistent Expectations, living
to see tomorrow. Hope isn’t just Her Only Powerful Exertion over these tough
situations. It’s his as well. Hope is Having Our Problems Eventually die out someday. Hope isn’t just a name, How Often Placed Especially on girls.
It’s much more than an identity. Hope is us, Having Our Patient Expectations met…waiting
till then. Hope is Here…Our Present Euphoria, just until we have
what we hope for. Hope is How Our Planet Escapes being swallowed by
negativity…but that’s just my opinion.
HOPE has been defined
The beauty in this is how each definition spells out hope in acronyms...
Tommy Randell Apr 2019
Purpose may be crafted out of nothing
Tools & Skills put to other uses

A Poet can write of Life
While searching for whatever amuses

Comfort in ageing is quietness
Inside where the doubts are clamouring

Peace is a mind filled with ripples
After a lifetime's endless hammering

Yes, the vistas of retirement are daunting
Left behind by a purposeful world

The book of one's life still open
But stuck on a page unturned

Sit back though and watch all the faces
Give labels and names to their expressions

See yourself walking beside them
Was that you? Were those your intentions?

It's the Noise I think is the problem
The white hiss that Time is leaking

But that noise is your system balancing
It is fresh air coming in and spring cleaning

Don't be staring ahead, just find a blank sheet
Put your name at the Bottom...
And fill it

This is not your Winter Of Discontent
But the Glorious Harvest of Autumn...
If you will it!
Thank you Lori Jones McCaffery for setting the seeds for this poem.
arian Apr 2019
the glass is neither half full, nor half empty.
it is rather full and overflowing.
it, then, creates
an ocean of images
of past lovers.
i'm drowning.
BaileyMarie Jul 2018
I never thought I could be this happy and full while being so sad and empty at the same time...
april w Apr 2018
is the glass half empty or full
i guess we'll never know
Half living,
half dead
I hear voices
in my head

Half crazy,
half sane
Cryingly laughing
in vain

Half empty,
half full
Glass is broken
after all

Half super,
half not
Don't know
what I've got

Half glowing,
half dark
Keep on flashing
  that spark

Half satan,
half god
Half good
or half bad

Half yin,
half yang
Half old,
half young

Half nothing.
04 July 2016

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Ashly Kocher Jul 2017
Is the glass half empty?
Is the glass half full?
Different perspectives and opinions may not always be right
To me the glass is full
Even though showing its not
All about looking at things differently
And making room for change and improvement
Even if others don't feel it's right
I always look at things differently and try to improve on everything I Personally do in my life. Even if it's looking at things in a differ t perspective.
Erin May 2016
Rapid heart, beating fast, dips and dives within delight
Post you - sunshine rays, my days overflow with promise and pleasure
A cup half full? Was I a fool, to believe this life would limit what it grants me?
That life would cast me aside, once I find, I desire more?
Now with you, I clearly see, society's aim to tame, their need to divide this rising tide, to give us tunnel vision, to spread belief of this allowance, of only half a cup of happy
With you it's waterfalls of euphoria, society I reject your cup!
Instead I shall bathe within the depths of us and swim within this lagoon of love
To me, this could never be, just a cup half full
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