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May 2015 · 554
full of flowers
Adam Struble May 2015
pretty lady so full of life look at all your flowers and all your flutterbyes
life is a river and you’ve got to keep changing
you’ve got to keep swimming or you’ll sink like a stone
always dreaming and when we parted we started building but when you were done and you looked around yourself you saw that you had worked so hard to build a cage and didn’t even realize it was complete until you were trapped in it
magic words and wizardry can release us from ourselves
listen to your underwater intuition
there’s a new hope on the horizon and her name is life
the sky speaks well where i struggle with words
your eyes like the stones in the river
never quite any one color they captivate me
set my soul ablaze with smile so honest etched on your cheeks
healing peace bursting forth with light and energy
my love what would i have done had you not arrived
give me space and proximity and infinite possibility
the universe just kissed me sweetly on the mouth
and now i am looking on the bright side of defeat
Mar 2015 · 833
Polish Driver
Adam Struble Mar 2015
polish driver
wants to drink the beer
in the brown paper bag
in the park

he is not hurting anyone
he does his good deed sometimes
he picks up hitchhikers
he just wants to eat the *****
but his timing is wrong
he is going home alone
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
Adam Struble Mar 2015
rain beats dynamic rhythm
ever changing syncopations
speaking to underwater sensibilities
feeding dreams of nymphs and pots and pans,
mushroom damp truants

records and players
lent out to the Master Librarian
hermit in her books and closets
dust on her shelves
thick as thieves
sticky as raindrops
Mar 2015 · 850
Story Tree
Adam Struble Mar 2015
roses are sharp and they smell oh so pretty
in the spring you think you've got all the time in the world
only getting more imperfect with age
time is speeding up more and more now the end is near

winter she lifts her skirt in the wind
broken pieces of people's lives coalesce together
broken bones heal stronger than they started

a child once asked me, "What's next?  What's next?"
she said, "Everything I see is me,
and you're just another dead leaf on the story tree."
without life there is no death
the only thing that matters
what's next
what's next
reach your hand into the nexus of Lady Chaos
Feb 2015 · 611
Adam Struble Feb 2015
your body is a temple and i offer life and movement, light and laughter
with a song in my heart i invoke your sudden smile
turn your ear to listen now
i have words and sounds
i surrender to your desire
i have been running too long

open field under the night sky we sing to the stars
we are opened up and looking out
my gift to you is temporary but perfect

your body is a temple
and i want to worship at the alter of your pleasure
your voice is the sermon and your skin is the sacrament
i will drink you like wine and savor the taste
inside the divine cup
right down to the bottom

gush your inner heart out in breathless gasps
you have to testify to me
and i will testify to you
Feb 2015 · 3.3k
Caves of Tomorrow
Adam Struble Feb 2015
how we dress up the imperfect parts of ourselves
presentable flowered smile.  lies
cracked porcelain good morning
in a broken jaw breakfast line
barefoot pipeline running the secret underfoot
the railroad's coming and ain't nobody talking
no, ain't nobody telling a soul

sell off the parts of you that you have no use for
but where does it stop sticking to you?
memories, residual dew of choices and transitions
clarity of the third person, but who is that?
wandering the sleeping shores of Sunday
on cracked feet and torn sails flowing strong
in the strange wind blowing through the trees.
sail my ship to shore by candlelight
reflected endlessly across the water
cavernous echoes echoes in the depth
don't lose your heart in the caves of tomorrow
searching for sunshine again
with a lingering song in my heart
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
Adam Struble Feb 2015
we are conduits for pure electric
listening with our fingers
ears against the rail of time
hearing past and future echoes
ringing out past time the word once spoken is immortal
whisper secrets to the fountain of her sublimnity
listen with your eyes, drink in my body
whisper with your hands
guide me on the gentle path of the glowing garden of your sunrise
sparkles fleck the dew of delight
sweat washes clean the hesitation to love
drinking deep from the fountain of her unfolding
Feb 2015 · 825
Girl or Goddess
Adam Struble Feb 2015
Tendrils from the depth of impossibly dark blue
Seaweed tickles the feet of the turbulent curves and how the world turns so slowly that we never notice
When she walks into the room she eclipses the light of the sun
When she speaks she drives the hearts of men mad with delight
And her hands weave quantum ripples through the fabric of life itself
We pull dreams from the ether and breathe life into new worlds
Ancient sea beast reaches up from forgotten depths- whose tentacles encompass the foundation of man
Tickles me toes and waters my garden with deep shadow certainty
To choose truth over shallow now
Love or lust, girl or Goddess?
Kissing the lady of the stars!
Dec 2014 · 1.5k
speak in silence
Adam Struble Dec 2014
i can sing my song so loud and clear
but whenever you are near
i can only speak in silence

we've both seen the other side of life
peeked behind the veil
put your hand into the dark just to see
how deep the rabbit hole goes
casualties of the struggle of life
dreamers lost in the twilight
we still believe in the light
and we still want to do what is right
the time is long gone for being polite
there is nothing left to sacrifice
but i will give you cascading earthly delight
and where you go i will find you tonight
i can be so full of myself
i can speak my mind so loud and clear
but whenever you are near
i can only speak in silence

its on the tip of my tongue and i could write
such pretty sounding *******
when it doesn't matter i can baffle her with brilliance
but it never gets me anywhere i want to be
maybe i forget about myself
and maybe i should say what's eating away at me
and maybe i should shout it out speak from the heart
or keep it to myself and fall apart
i can sing my song so loud and clear
but whenever you are near
i can only speak in silence
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Adam Struble Nov 2014
time glances into mystery
symbol in clear glass
eyes invite from behind
the harlequin mask
silver haired angels at sunset
my cup is a green galaxy
electric creation -  waves
garden party imaginations
ground control crawling away
proximity and true beauty in the moment
appetite in blonde boundless freedom
mad laughter and echoes echoes echoes
when the goddess gives you her cup to drink
you drink full and deep
these are the moments we live for
and they pass so quickly
ephemeral fleeting perfections
last only moments
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Adam Struble Nov 2014
cast your stones into the river
chant your stories into the fire
many faced lady of light
looking through eyes all around
eyes form in waterfalls
falling mist- olaphim
blue eyed mystery of night
gravity flow of chance
borders and transfer of water
invisible lines in time and space
cycle of life within water
time grows life to perpetuate and regenerate
life kills parts of itself to grow
the pace of the flow- tunnel of hollow mystery
reflections of infinity upon the water
i am dancing with the sweeping current
i am one with the flow of the river
i am the strong arms that carry the goddess through the current
and her face emerges from the surface of the river
eyes closed and smiling
Nov 2014 · 889
free will
Adam Struble Nov 2014
free will is the sovereign and divine right of the individual
our prayers are the roar of celebration
the thunderstorm of ******
blustery creations made of words and sound
stories falling like leaves off of the story tree
straw shelter attic cloud-hood
burst forth into the choice of pack your bags or reshuffle
recreating self again in the likeness of our new cosmic idealism
subtle sensual realities
short term echoes echoes
echoes the waterfall of imagination
Nov 2014 · 1.3k
Adam Struble Nov 2014
there is a strange vacuum where she goes
a black hole in the fabric of night
the costumes and characters bright and brilliant
strange familiar faces in the parade of light
scarlet woman pulls my heart toward center
she is the gravity i am caught in orbit
elleptical but steadily inward
against good sense the rain
thunders against my ears
i fall in love again with the force of nature
the movement of pure luminosity
the strobe of tribal rhythm
shatters the illusion of seperation from the all
reason does not listen to emotion
sweat streaks the trance of unity
and i am apparently good at chasing forbidden fruit
the unchained melody of life falling down
in beautiful collage around you
and we fall back into place
unrested eyes and shadows at night
the scarlet runs off into the darkness
and i could catch up but i don't
wandering in the dark
looking for the part of myself that hasn't forgotten how to love
Nov 2014 · 675
closets without doors
Adam Struble Nov 2014
open the hand that wants to grasp
and reel in the heart that has grown roots in her garden
the tearing away of flesh from soluble bliss
in red liquid heartbeat
shipwrecked and home at last
covered in the colors of her royalty
we are already at the top
hillside mansion chasing her through endless changes-  doorways
shed rooms aside
cast clothes into closets without doors
wild wreckless abandon on black rooftops
an hour before sunrise we were tripping blindness bound
encumbered in each others flood
the bubble burst and the casualties of love lick their wounds
in the cold light of morning
Oct 2014 · 3.4k
journey to the source pt. 10
Adam Struble Oct 2014
O formless one
naked are we and outstretched, unobstructed
we have smashed the dead symbols together
to try to make a few useful pieces of flighted existence
walking through charcoal ashes
Oct 2014 · 660
journey to the source pt. 9
Adam Struble Oct 2014
I've been a man about town
took the cruise and scenery
took the broken friends and childhood memories
take in the scenery and the spiderwebs
and the mexican weirdness cactus
peeling off my orange-ness
peeling back my onion, layers spiralling out from center
back to source
suddenly in control of the future
the feast is life feeding on death
decay feeds the cycle, wild blackberries
we were scared children
we were our own fathers
we became our own people
we will build what our fathers never could

the great white emerald
ephemeral cobwebs that got caught up in the whole clockwork
and the pendulum, and the compound miter radar angle
through grammatical atrocity
the sound of it is so strange and sweet
i p[refer the elaborate abstract form
chaos in rules and object(ion)
the ashes have no regrets
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
journey to the source pt.8
Adam Struble Oct 2014
the soul of bees
proximity to the hive mind
recurring swarming.  accumulation
cloudy cobwebs,  the insects that were caught in your corrosion
your corridor zone
glide up her back alley grey train on the wish biscuit
the rochochet eagle
the prizm mandala, triangle
and the tree prizms, how is your teleScope working?
how is your VibroScope?
who is your ally through the great dark
the cavernous mystery
Oct 2014 · 1.0k
journey to the source pt. 7
Adam Struble Oct 2014
full moon cactus juice
waving in the changes, the transitions
change with the sky
changes through childhood
cry over the echoes of the All-Mother
the mistaking of us all in the fit of mother's fate
changing gems into child
do not think it is strange
that i am looking up
Oct 2014 · 794
journey to the source pt.6
Adam Struble Oct 2014
all electric light and LED
but i cant find what i need
which is a candle
not a candle in the coup
full cold moonlight oracle
full eclipse crush coming on
oil seeps out of the pores
memories of excorcising the demon from last night
expelling the old self
the devoured and eaten sun god
has been digested and transmuted
into right now juice

falsified statues of US
invoking the founding fathers in Pennsylvania wilderness with a pen and paper and where the hell is the candle?
we have not walked down these roads before.
parents are not pieces of furniture
and after all the fear we found that we have been behaving ourselves after all
the call of surrender
the cough in the morning
the call of the animal
Oct 2014 · 994
journey to the source pt. 5
Adam Struble Oct 2014
laying on the thickness
and the off angled rake
bury music, insect languages in the wilderness
insect symbols
the singing song of notes, dead matter feeding life
red mushroom glow in the under muffin
dig into the eye of the
lift the broken pieces of a past life on a rock in the woods
turning over leaf for fruit for root for SYMBOL

primal to cosmic
we have slowed down the whole show
so that we can find god in the particle
so that the particle could find itself in another particle
winking flint in a boneyard
insect hollow
discoveries of self and identity,
testing tradition, traveling to the wild forest
untracing time unravelling the sentence
symbolic imposition
Oct 2014 · 874
journey to the source pt. 4
Adam Struble Oct 2014
deck is shuffled
inflating the thought of the idea
into another reality of the likeness
the inevitibility of life sneaking up on you
i don't feel lost anymore
talking me about the cactus juice and the strange fruit form the wilderness
stretched down over membrane thin
even keel sailings
exploring the electric land of repeated wanderings
and forgotten mysteries

i am all the evidence that remains
where is the record of the experience of the journey
the next thing to do is push
out into the ocean
waving bliss
eyes wide drinking in the ocean
eyes wide drinking in the ocean
Oct 2014 · 2.3k
journey to the source pt.3
Adam Struble Oct 2014
shaken down to the deck
together on the program
the sky is still looming overhead
bright disconnect coldness
in star blue brilliance
drink the source
these are our symbols
blossoming beautiful orb set aflame in the sky
and Luna his reflection
through the trees
i can kiss her residual starshine
keeping it together while falling apart at the seams
Oct 2014 · 1.8k
journey to the source pt. 2
Adam Struble Oct 2014
we've got to do a better job of getting lost in the relativity
**** your tooth fairy
...and suddenly i know things again
anthropologists taking notes
guttural longings
catharsis trailing down
but its delusion, soft swirls to the all

the source
we have now settled into the fortress
never seems like there was time

you are the clockwork
i am the pendulum
sycophant strange
the drywall notes
return to the what was that?
Oct 2014 · 632
journey to the source pt. 1
Adam Struble Oct 2014
the earth is the first veil
the sky is the second veil
when i was a child and i heard China was on the other side of the world
i dug a hole to get to it
i was quite young and tired out after digging 2 feet down into the hard ground.  it was a test of reality
at that age i pictured the world as small, perhaps even thin
test the depth of your world
test the confines of waking life and dive the caves of dreams
and in between

the crossroads, plunging into the milky vein in the sky
from the ******* of the goddess
the eternally blossoming
soft and hollow
plunging darkness
and sounds of the night
Oct 2014 · 6.2k
lion moon
Adam Struble Oct 2014
the moon through the tree
peeking through like a ******
shining full on naked bodies
staring back at her
the illusion of division
everywhere the center of her
smoke and bare dimness
where did the moon go
time doesn't quite stop here
but don't look past your self too far
it is here and now

the balance of fools
the boldness of orange stripes
the old lion moon rises
the flight of hawks
above clouds and thought and fear
outside the game
writing the subscript
taking the leap
the lion's head opens
sand and soul
warm smiles and beauty
i can see where the moon is going now
Oct 2014 · 746
beauty on all sides
Adam Struble Oct 2014
look around-  there's beauty on all sides
deep inside this wilderness
with savages by fireside
nocturnal mystery and the aftermath of carnal eyes
whispers and your hands in the night
these are dreams we make
this is the life we share

we are only vessels for the light
we are life celebrating life
walking in the garden of delight
we are life celebrating life

dream penetrations and ephemeral fluids
streak and stain your face and heart and mind
i can see the fantasy still lingering around
but who can say if i was really there?
Oct 2014 · 1.7k
Adam Struble Oct 2014
shuddering luminosity in dark forest
naked pale skin moves close in the moonlight
smells of springtime and pollen
the forest isn't gone yet
we are crusaders though we are young still
we are the dreamers and the lovers
we can change the way we think,
but the rest is up to you
lost moments and hollow memories
night vision surprise and pop culture cliche bubbles up
mud stains and sky gazing
the stars are jewels upon your naked breast
I am the hidden sunshine
we are a confluence of time and pressure
we are the ghost in the clockwork
I am lightning striking the Earth
you are the clouds enveloping me
you create the change
I ****** the change into your center
for you are also the earth,
stardust rains down upon your nakedness
and you are washed clean as a ******
yo are the sky
but i behold the hidden
the rising red horizon
the turbulence is my rising star
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
Adam Struble Jul 2014
looking off into the free blue horizon
heat sticks to my chest
the insect chatter is subdued
quieted by daydream
after work fantasy in heat wave paradise
knee ****- naked skin
i wasn't even undressed yet
no patience in the animal kingdom
bright eyes in candlelight
bridging the divide between time and space
swimming the sea of summertime
flow toward the heat and travel
free flow motion toward sunset
the desert south- red rock
echoes of death and mirage
enchanted falling thirst
sirens on the rocks
the cliffs of decision
jump toward temptation
or dream on forever
it is your own ship to sink
your own life to decide
you are at the wheel, you steer the decision,
the dive into yes.
Jul 2014 · 1.8k
Beautiful Dancing Girl
Adam Struble Jul 2014
i step into the circle
the stars are all surrounding
the night is pure electric
and lovers all around me
moving in the heartbeat
of nature's cosmic children
eyes to the sky and earthward
the movement of the heavens
rain she falls so sweetly
eyes in the firelight-   the Beautiful Dancing Girl

and i can see her eyes in the moonlight
i can open up to
she speaks of the mystery of mystery

i can feel the cold of the night on my face
i feel the struggle of life
we are the universe discovering itself
we are all learning                   we are all dancing
we are all loving                       we are all one
i fell into the arms of the night sky
i fell into the arms of the muse
and i feel the energy rising
i feel the energy rising up

she opened up and healed me
she wrapped herself around me
her electric skin against me
we are the light
we are mystery
we are delight
we are mystery of mystery
inspired by the first festival i attended, and she who shall be named only as Beautiful Dancing Girl.
and dedicated to every beautiful dancing girl
keep spreading the light and the love
you are the ever changing form of the Goddess
you are poetry in motion
Jun 2014 · 1.5k
Come sit by the Fire
Adam Struble Jun 2014
wonderful wall of sound
poly rhythms weave and dance
moves the trajectory of motion
vibrations of the earth
water meets the sky
don't listen, just hear
what business of celebration
sacramental liquid sunshine
and the kiss of the Goddess
how many forms can you take?
a whisper into infinity
and the void whispered back
calling me forth and changing, healing
growing and building new paths
rebuilding the constructs of self
collective visions of love
give up on belief itself
all is relative
beware of absolutes
belief restricts us from accepting all things as they are
the black hole mirror-  the moon of narcissus
pointing toward another centre

come sit by the fire instead
Jun 2014 · 798
Adam Struble Jun 2014
the fish in the flow
the impure vessel
baptism of love in the darkness
the moon and the ego
orbit in illusion- are worshipped ill
stripped and displayed on the pedestal of self
bound and loathing in the shadow
and who tied the knots?
the architect of your indolence
now put the little minnow back in the water
and see if he swims or sinks
and the splash- a whale
right out of the blue-  a merman
emerged from underneath the illusion of separation
look into your own mysteries and your own demons
self awareness is fearless flow
i am clothed in the love of brothers
my placenta is wet and red on the floor
the question is simple
the answer is in your heart
the answer you give is boldly wrong
right in your very make up
instinct gives us sense and direction
trust the path of your heart
listen to the light inside and you will always be on the path
Jun 2014 · 1.5k
Sky People
Adam Struble Jun 2014
castles made out or dreams
caves & spines & sky people
places of purity and rites of passage
smiles, circles, and the inner clockwork
of nature revealed-  size disappears
the sky opens up and swallows us whole

the dead subsist on memory
what is death to eternity and eventuality
dust and train tracks
leaping down mountains, young and brave
fearless poetry in motion at the crossroads of the soul
the womb of our collective vision
you changed as we changed
i am what remains of the sky
a lone gatekeeper
to the window to heaven
Jun 2014 · 1.8k
life celebrating life
Adam Struble Jun 2014
further into the wilderness
power at the spine base
low vibrations of water over stone
aqua skin-green singing opening
pink flowers dance in the garden
opening and breathing-  undulating
the slow breathing of the earth Mother
rush of waterfall and river
over stars and lovers
pink eyes open all around us
we walk forward and gently **** the future
kiss the goddess and she turns severe
in the river she sweeps you
the unmoving pillar is quickly toppled
into the cold embrace of the rush
lessons from the water goddess- levels and cycles
undivided soul reaching up for connection
we are flowers in the garden of delight
we are children of the fire and of the light
the sun kisses the water-  lovers embrace in the open air
we are the sun and the water
we are balanced in the womb of mother nature
we are order and chaos
we are life celebrating life
we are the universe making love to itself
Jun 2014 · 3.8k
Adam Struble Jun 2014
you've got to find that groovy soft spot
with the space between
and listen and feel
the rhythm is in the spine
it moves ever outward, ebb and flow
now you have the spot.
now you slowly **** the groovy soft spot in the sound
take care to take your time
all in rhythm, with a slow crescendo
the flare will happen by itself.  properly invoked
let the river and sound
overtake and ground you
delivering the messenger
diving into the deep water
and breathing delight
sharing the light
Adam Struble Jun 2014
in the garden of earthly delights
green and delicious- fleeting
the pull of the heart and the hand
her voice through the cacophony
the oasis of overflowing eyes
your cup is never empty here
with the soluble fish and the dreamers and the dreaming
delight in the great mystery- surrender
delight in friends and words with heart behind them
eyes and potential lovers
shared dreams and solubility
sacrament in the oasis
the perpetual cycle closes in
take the breathe in and release
let it go-  everything's eventual
the clockwork of the heart
eyes meet in the dark ocean of the undiscovered self
skin is blissful unfolding
breathe into the experience of right now
let go of any idea of what should be and accept what is
say yes to the moment and speaking from the heart
speaking full bodied delight
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
Adam Struble Jun 2014
i throw myself into the waves of life's experiences, and the ocean she does not crash me into the rocks.
she washes me clean and changes me.
the deep deep water of dreams
the ancient currents lead me to strange new islands
exotic and curious rabbit holes
random mad tea parties
celebrations of life
and embracing the wonder of the light pouring through the morning window
smoke in sunlight
incense and candlelight
smoke dancing in the waves of music
the ocean of air we swim in
we are at the bottom of this ocean
the deep deep water of air.
Apr 2014 · 1.7k
? (2)
Adam Struble Apr 2014
professional thieves and lunatic royalty
rule the alleys and burned out geniuses collecting cans
to earn the morning's medicine
fighting off last night's tremors
vampyre women that eat men alive
and live in darkness and
nobody's ever seen the forest
central park predators
Mad Hatter transplants
and eternal sages who stay drunk by being interesting
and getting good at giving tourists a smooth line of *******
(you can always spot the tourists in new york.  they are the only ones wearing bright colors.  in portland, they can be spotted by similar means, but the eye must be trained.  the city abounds with sprouts)
always looking up

eternal chatter of madness from corners,
doorways, windows, liquor stores
*** barrels floating on tears
with a police state terror squad
2 floors above
killing justice and truth
black ties jumping out windows of Wall St.
cracked by pressure and greed and ego
street hustlers retiring at 35- or dead at 13
the street musician dying from apathy
he is a withering poppy flower
cut and bleeding
Apr 2014 · 835
Adam Struble Apr 2014
we yearn for the country but we stay in the city
too wound up
not ready yet for the great country slow down
waiting behind- 2 cars stopped beside each other
bullshitting in the middle of the road
nobody in any kind of hurry
going out of your way to let someone in
even this city has some residual slow down-  echoes
after the great iron jungle-
dc city tenements
New York
Babylon in neon
soul dancing soul
vertacle spectacle -  never sleeping
never slowing
blood splattered on the sidewalks
dried ***** on park benches
rats drenched in oil and filth
feeding on the bloated underbelly of the machine
Moonlight reflected off of the bright red smile
of murderers enveloped in the womb
of anonymity.
the faceless rooftop ******
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Adam Struble Apr 2014
the crimson arc
follows gravity
always seeking centre
splattering messages that
speak to self indulgence
pulsing with deviance

carnal crimson fountain
feeding the death in me
i'm all out of credit, you see
its blood or tears or atrophy

carnal crystal fountain
tastes like a memory
caught in the act
Apr 2014 · 4.4k
Adam Struble Apr 2014
city in the shadow of a mountain
like denver on vacation
shady and deep
flowing down like the river
seeking centre
houses cling to the crags like barnacles
inverted ship cavity
jutting out of the rainforest

paradise of truants and travellers
eternally in transit to islands and misfit fringes, cold floors and warm couches
and displaced ***** enthusiasts
sailors without floatation
treading land and bills and PTA meetings
cast off travellers on their way to golden gates or northern lights
rivers under troubled bridges
fish suffocating underwater
living on the refuse of the nuclear generation
transmuting the lead into sustainable energy
recycling the atmosphere into breathable air
apathetic anarchists return from extremity
living on the dole
or working for the man
we are building something greater than this
Apr 2014 · 726
Adam Struble Apr 2014
Through the haze of memory

circular analog- closing in to center
cardboard jacket sound of childhood
visceral fun- flashbacks- trials at night
campfires- flashes from a country concert i am told i never attended
blue grass in the mountains. in utero
second sight memories- past flutterbyes
another pair of shoes for the spirit
birth the vessel of a star

fighting survive in insect humanity
dance of smile and jazz
i love the daytime
free of the moon's inertia
the tidal grip of weakness
cup of giving in
and a lady with a bow
a staff and a white bear
art is the dance of life
spilling out
truth in matter and motion

— The End —