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Adam Struble May 2015
pretty lady so full of life look at all your flowers and all your flutterbyes
life is a river and you’ve got to keep changing
you’ve got to keep swimming or you’ll sink like a stone
always dreaming and when we parted we started building but when you were done and you looked around yourself you saw that you had worked so hard to build a cage and didn’t even realize it was complete until you were trapped in it
magic words and wizardry can release us from ourselves
listen to your underwater intuition
there’s a new hope on the horizon and her name is life
the sky speaks well where i struggle with words
your eyes like the stones in the river
never quite any one color they captivate me
set my soul ablaze with smile so honest etched on your cheeks
healing peace bursting forth with light and energy
my love what would i have done had you not arrived
give me space and proximity and infinite possibility
the universe just kissed me sweetly on the mouth
and now i am looking on the bright side of defeat
Adam Struble Mar 2015
polish driver
wants to drink the beer
in the brown paper bag
in the park

he is not hurting anyone
he does his good deed sometimes
he picks up hitchhikers
he just wants to eat the *****
but his timing is wrong
he is going home alone
Adam Struble Mar 2015
rain beats dynamic rhythm
ever changing syncopations
speaking to underwater sensibilities
feeding dreams of nymphs and pots and pans,
mushroom damp truants

records and players
lent out to the Master Librarian
hermit in her books and closets
dust on her shelves
thick as thieves
sticky as raindrops
Adam Struble Mar 2015
roses are sharp and they smell oh so pretty
in the spring you think you've got all the time in the world
only getting more imperfect with age
time is speeding up more and more now the end is near

winter she lifts her skirt in the wind
broken pieces of people's lives coalesce together
broken bones heal stronger than they started

a child once asked me, "What's next?  What's next?"
she said, "Everything I see is me,
and you're just another dead leaf on the story tree."
without life there is no death
the only thing that matters
what's next
what's next
reach your hand into the nexus of Lady Chaos
Adam Struble Feb 2015
your body is a temple and i offer life and movement, light and laughter
with a song in my heart i invoke your sudden smile
turn your ear to listen now
i have words and sounds
i surrender to your desire
i have been running too long

open field under the night sky we sing to the stars
we are opened up and looking out
my gift to you is temporary but perfect

your body is a temple
and i want to worship at the alter of your pleasure
your voice is the sermon and your skin is the sacrament
i will drink you like wine and savor the taste
inside the divine cup
right down to the bottom

gush your inner heart out in breathless gasps
you have to testify to me
and i will testify to you
Adam Struble Feb 2015
how we dress up the imperfect parts of ourselves
presentable flowered smile.  lies
cracked porcelain good morning
in a broken jaw breakfast line
barefoot pipeline running the secret underfoot
the railroad's coming and ain't nobody talking
no, ain't nobody telling a soul

sell off the parts of you that you have no use for
but where does it stop sticking to you?
memories, residual dew of choices and transitions
clarity of the third person, but who is that?
wandering the sleeping shores of Sunday
on cracked feet and torn sails flowing strong
in the strange wind blowing through the trees.
sail my ship to shore by candlelight
reflected endlessly across the water
cavernous echoes echoes in the depth
don't lose your heart in the caves of tomorrow
searching for sunshine again
with a lingering song in my heart
Adam Struble Feb 2015
we are conduits for pure electric
listening with our fingers
ears against the rail of time
hearing past and future echoes
ringing out past time the word once spoken is immortal
whisper secrets to the fountain of her sublimnity
listen with your eyes, drink in my body
whisper with your hands
guide me on the gentle path of the glowing garden of your sunrise
sparkles fleck the dew of delight
sweat washes clean the hesitation to love
drinking deep from the fountain of her unfolding
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