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MysteryBear Jun 2015
The Summer heat burns me,
Scorching this raging river inside me
My love needs to flow
Eventually leading back to its source,
Inspired by Selena Gomez: "A Year Without Rain"
MysteryBear Jun 2015
Someone told me that no one actually loves each other in high school. Then
                                            Between us?
I love you so much and if fate is real then I hope we get married someday, but I know how terrified you are of the possibility of divorce. Trust me, I won't let that happen
MysteryBear Jun 2015
I clipped my wings to stay
MysteryBear May 2015
Her smile is like the moon
Emanating light to those around her,
Bright white
Tonight is the solar eclipse
A shadow overcomes her
She runs behind a curtain smelling of
It hides away her pain
People are wondering where she has gone
The play is about to begin
Charlie isn’t ready
I follow her downtrodden footsteps
The moon is falling
Her tears are sliding past her freckles,
Her figure fades to a blur
I feel her pain but…
The play must go on
MysteryBear May 2015
I woke up one day
The end of my bed,
A jewelry box
Pink as the ribbon they used to represent her;
I traced over her disappearing fingertips
The rim of the box clicked open,
It clicked to life
The music tickling my ears;
A plastic ballerina stands as a guardian
Hands in the air
Waiting for someone to join her,
Twirling around like my eyes that follow her,
To see we are all alone
MysteryBear May 2015
I want to talk about us being married one day, but I do not dare dream about that possibility of us being together forever because you are not of the same faith. And we should have never shared those kisses between the hour hands
Time ticking away
MysteryBear May 2015
How am I genuinely happy in school around the people I "supposedly" love?

But when I go home to the people that "supposedly" love me, all I want to do is cry...
Feeling uncontrollably emotional right now
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