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Feb 2016 · 678
Leaving Eden
Justin Koellner Feb 2016
"Put the thorn in my side, the coins on my eyes
I'm not awake, I'm leaving Eden
And all her frozen charms lie cold in my arms
Panic went away and left me reeling
It's warm outside but the weather fails to hide
the stinging loss inside
For in the back of my mind I always thought I'd find my way to paradise
On I'd walk to paradise ...

But grace and lies locked the door from the other side
And now there's not much else there
Grace and lies
In all how long can you hide, how long?
The cost of innocence is the loss of innocence
Some may pass away, but some die screaming
When it came to my time, oh it took me by surprise
Was it my mistake, or am I born for giving in?"
Written by bucz
Jan 2016 · 378
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
An abundance of time,

At your disposal.

Experiencing creation, witnessing

A festering fiend, fawning

Over your cessation.

Struck by lone rays you

           drifting off into space.
Jan 2016 · 634
Into the Night
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
In the rain, to home I am walking,

I pull my cloak above my head.

The shrouded disguise protecting me,

From more than just strawberry rain.

The blanket of night, trusting

Me to stay hidden in you,

I abstain in the folds of your darkness.
Jan 2016 · 1.6k
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
Impatient fosters stand,

    Awaiting for their boy turned man.
Their face an oasis of emotion,

His the same-
      Simply gilded in rock facade, no notion.

Implanted in societal grasp,
      No care today, could barely rasp.

Thoughtful vernacular struck me quite,
      Made me realize,
What I'm doing is right.
Jan 2016 · 796
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
Reclusive solitude dances
     To thunderous claps;     entrances.
Swept with tears of life, you pause.

                         Receding stasis

Encourages your somber cry-

A timeless echo
                       In other words,
Captured my feelings when I was leaving for bootcamp.
Jan 2016 · 925
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
Everlasting momentum continues,

Spiraling out of control.

No thought for results, it projects.

figure in the distance.


Tender loving figure, teaching

Young to live.

    -  Pause

Heightened senses momentarily detect,

The Impending danger.

Manufactured oculus,

The last to witness.

Jan 2016 · 274
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
Your words, resonating throughout.

Destroying what was left, an aberration.

Thank you.

An ash blooms, resulting

In the most beautiful form, feeding

From your lesson. Surprised, I am not,

For I was safeguarded.

Recalled, that memory is,

A chocolate cosmos ever so bliss.
Jan 2016 · 510
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
You give me power

The illustrious fine powder you are.

You gave me the strength of

a 100 rampaging lions.

Your power fills my lungs...exhale...

My lips and gums tingle on the verge of sweet success--evanescent.

I can’t stop.

It takes more.

I follow your train of crumbs in a line

like a baby following a line of cheerios.

Not knowing where it leads,

But I sense limbo, and oblivion.

For now,

The strength of 50 rampaging lions.

Train ride over--evanescent.

Your syringe of life and death keeps me here.

Not knowing when it will be deadly,

But one last try.

Your power coursing through my veins.

Giving me the strength of a lion.

You consume me with exuberance and lust

Like a little boy seeing **** for the first time.

Too late,

I am dead.

My life--evanescent.
Jan 2016 · 2.7k
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
Forged by Hephaestus himself, tempered in Satan's heart.

It moves too fast for the normal eye to see,

But leaves traces of moon glinted footsteps in the fissure of heaven's breath.

In the harmonic tune of clashing instruments, an orchestrated chaos is present.

The chord from the bowstring beats time on wooden shields.

To this, their blade waltz continues.

Their cadence unmatched by surrounding performers,

The maestros continue their viperous style.

Just as a painter cannot take away a stroke of the brush,

A swordsman cannot take away a stroke of the blade.
Jan 2016 · 682
Justin Koellner Jan 2016
Blown off course, led astray, fathered knowledge instills.

Pandemonium persists, expanding horizons.

Walking on a dream, wings settle, amongst tenacious zephyr.

Snapped memories remain,

A timeless echo.
Ripples of nostalgia in the sea life.

Colorful emotions awake, taking you higher, awoken with the earth.

Shadows of light approaching farewell,
Summer chords dancing to the rhythm, of your peaceful solitude.

Beyond the shadows, an infinite elation festers-
Taking you deeper,
Into Elysium.

All that remains,

Your dark passion,

Waiting for an angel.

— The End —