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Justin Koellner Feb 2016
"Put the thorn in my side, the coins on my eyes
I'm not awake, I'm leaving Eden
And all her frozen charms lie cold in my arms
Panic went away and left me reeling
It's warm outside but the weather fails to hide
the stinging loss inside
For in the back of my mind I always thought I'd find my way to paradise
On I'd walk to paradise ...

But grace and lies locked the door from the other side
And now there's not much else there
Grace and lies
In all how long can you hide, how long?
The cost of innocence is the loss of innocence
Some may pass away, but some die screaming
When it came to my time, oh it took me by surprise
Was it my mistake, or am I born for giving in?"
Written by bucz
  Jan 2016 Justin Koellner
Long and bold
The winter soul
Blistering winds
Of bitter cold

A poetic flight
These winter blues
The hibernation
Of our muse

Frozen thoughts
That freeze the page
  Incomplete sentences
Of frostbitten rage

I pull on my boots
Head out the gate
Smile as I cringe
Snow in my face

To weather this land
At this frigid hemisphere
Takes far more perseverance
Than special foul weather gear...
Little black bird,
I was once you
I died inside myself and hung in the shadows
There was nothing on this earth lonelier than I was
Just as you write

I was once you
I saw a slight glimmer on earth and that was only a puddle beneath my feet from my tears falling off my face
I saw humanity but nothing worth saving
I felt nothing and screamed inside all day long until it was time to finally rest for a few hours
I answered questions doubtfully and walked alone

I was once you
Silence understood me better than anyone could ever begin to
Darkness was my best friend
Love was my enemy
Family was a foreign concept
The sidewalk knew me better than I wanted to admit
My diary stared me back in the face and mocked me
The mirror couldn't stand me
My eyes were always hazy
And music was my savior

The realm in which I lived was heavy
Every day was an ongoing battle of depression and it was never ending
Life was a sick joke and happiness did not exist. Ever.

Because I was once you,
I know that you are great.
I know how beautiful you really are inside
Beneath the destruction,
In the place where nobody else knows where to find
Someplace you have not yet discovered

Trust me little black bird,
You may be small but you are not overlooked.
You may feel weak
But you are stronger than you realize.
Share love with others around you. Sometimes all we need is someone who understands us. Show compassion.
  Jan 2016 Justin Koellner
There exists a place on earth
Where one can find true peace
A place away from stress and pain
A place where all of it will cease

For some, it's near the ocean
That a calm can always be found
The waves carry all the stress away
With that familiar relaxing sound

The coolness of the water,
And the warmth of sunny rays,
It doesn't take very long at all
Before the world melts away

For others it's the forest
That sets their mind at ease
The world feels completely still
When you're surrounded by tall trees

The air somehow feels calmer
It smells remarkably fresh
Some birds tweet in the distance
And your thoughts again can mesh

So often we get caught up
In the worries of the day
We forget to worry about ourselves
And take some time away

So whether you go alone
Or with someone you hold dear
Make sure to find the time you need
To make your head feel clear
I have had such horrible writers block for a few months now. Every time I tried to sit down to write a poem, I couldn't come up with any inspiration. Then when I finally did, I couldn't put them into the right words. The result was confusing poems that I didn't really feel that proud of.
Happy to say that after some much needed time away, the poem came to me and I am proud of it. Starting the new year back on track with some relaxation and some poetry. Hope you all enjoyed it, and can find time to relax and clear your heads in the near future :) <3
Everyone knows that convalescence turns to evanescence when heated bubbles rise with effervescence. It turns from shame with ease to blame and wraps back around conflicting and constricting your vein. About to burst and your worst thoughts inside will ride by the side taking every abide on their path to divide. This little lesson on entropy is no radical notion. But rather a fanatical description of raw emotion. Take a prescription and close the gate when you don't want to feel. Or be prepared for a lesson to kneel before genuine powers innate You can only reveal. The most important connections we make in this life will be tested over and again with an abundance of strife. Perfection is impossible, we can only try to flow. Our reflection is the garden that we will try to grow. It can only begin at a moment by planting a single seed. Reach out to someone feeling alone because truly we are all in need. Or try again with heart in hand and if you fear for wasted time...

I love you.
I forgive you.

These few words don't need to rhyme.
Pay it forward and don't let humility or your position be the only thing holding you back from resolving a tough situation with someone. You never know how something will play out until you try! Attitude is everything. Inspired by the inner peace mantra granted to me by Lunar Luvnotes
Surrounded by the drone
The constant hum
Electricity vibrating
Making lines of noise

It defines civilization
The ultimate expression
Of fire shackled
Controlled lightening

The dark is held back
Opening the day
Bringing hours of life
Keeping monsters at bay

It's price, like everything else
Weakens and fences
Creating conveniences
The weak, unwilling cry

No longer enabling
It's demanded, a right
An illusion of creature
Comforts the unalive

Forgotten the trials
Broken bones, blood spilled
Fighting the elephant
Circling of the wolves

That first raised stone
Spark of flint, spark of life
Against nature, man
To ****, and live

It surrounds us
Blanketing us, warm
False, from too long
Safe from fire

Lost the deepest fear
Of being burned alive
Caged the cruelest animal
It's lost, roaring, white noise
I remember fairy tales
The dramatic intonation of the story teller The books with gilded pictures Pages sometimes glossy, Sometimes thin and worn.

Stories of enchanted woods and jungles
Of hope and disaster
The most unlikely circumstance
But almost always a miracle

The good dragon, the fairy godmother
Talking animals and secret doors

Rabbits, toads, princes and queens,
Treasure, flying carpets, evil lurking like dark clouds, a sinister gift clad in unsuspecting beauty to the innocent. There is a path through the wood.

Vines and ancient trees, willow and yew; Roses with thorns and wild berries Songbirds and moss and stones of all colors; In fairy tales there are always twists.
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