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Adam Mott Feb 2017
World of worlds, under great impression
Which word of choice would lend the greatest voice?
Could life give such a gift
Or, perhaps, merely bestow further myth?
Under everything that has and will come
In silence of our hearts
Will time mend all such parts
Or simply induce the next to enter
Unto a valley of evolving platitudes
Adam Mott Mar 2015
The cold burden
Large, full of light
Scaly and crawling towards me
It's eyes, fierce and dark

Tail full of spikes
Hair akin to dreams
Claws that rip and rend
Adam Mott Nov 2015
I woke up today
A haze in the air, unsure feelings in my mind
Where have I been, where will I go?
I whispered miles away
Sometimes my heart feels so obscure

For the life of me I don't know why
I think too much, love too hard
I've fixed that somewhat now
But I still missed out

I guess the world is just a ball
Fat and spinning
It's funny how much bigger I made it in my head
All this ****, it's too much to comprehend
I guess I should say the tags are largely unrelated so that some people don't worry
However, some are totally valid
Adam Mott Nov 2014
They came from a place without
Standard of living, high levels of safety
I came from a place without
Knowledge of the expanding world
Weather, Public transit
One better one worse
My ignorance to their story was unrehearsed

Their greatest challenge to date
Was trying to integrate
Mine was getting a date

They always had wanted to explore the New world
I always wanted to see the beyond my small Atlantic town
I was born into great opportunity
Doctor, Engineer, Artist, etc
They had to move land and sea to obtain
Such an opportunity

They miss their family and I miss mine
A travel for me is an hour multiplied by thirteen
For them it requires crossing a sea

Being Canadian is a privilege that requires some pull
Being born one requires little at all
Some things here seem uncannily familiar to London and Capetown
Enough to confuse the heart with familiar summer sounds
Yet not all is as it seems

The world is ever expanding
The globe and it's people so demanding
Like the X-Files we see,
The small oddities becoming regularities

With ever growing eyes
Understand your identity
Shirk preconceived notions and come to see
This world truly is our endless family
Ten of Ten
Long and dense
Not meant to give offense
Adam Mott Nov 2014
Finished product of my poetic series today
I am dead
I think I developed an eye stigma
Brian Altano did the music
You can buy his album or download it for free
Over at
Thanks again to Brain Altano
Adam Mott Apr 2015
Emotional exhaustion running through these very veins
Intense anguish at perceived pain
It is just a few months
Weeks piled on one and other
14 weeks to be exact

Dig in like you can bare it
Something that cannot budge
We could watch the sun come up and down
Keeping the busy summer to a quick murmur

I have to see you right now
You have to see me right now

Turn up the volume
It'll help the pain
Speed it up
Keep you sane

With these words you will promise
Hug and love
Kiss those lips
Praise God above

Soon the summer will be nothing but leaves
Slowly falling to the ground
Before you know it
I will have come back around

105 work days
14 weeks
1 with you
2 times 2 plus two is 6
May I see you more
Endure through fog and wish you closer with each day
Adam Mott Nov 2014
Change, the word which makes us new
Rarely fond of me or you
Of all the variance
Soon to come into view
Some will greatly challenge you
Infinite possibility lies in wait
Never straying
Greatness awaits

Beyond oceans and walls
Obstructing our view
Resides a world
Daring and new
Endless unknowns beckon  
Requesting more than has ever before
Something large and yet untoward

(Precarious(Life(and(Migration in(the(Age(of(Globalization
Crossing Borders

First segment in a political visual film of poetry and sound for my Political Films course
Adam Mott Apr 2015
Cold little darling
Black and swirling in your sweet levity
Will you not lay down with me

Or will you take up arms with the 170
Swinging your violin violently about these halls
Harrowing the innocent
Disregarding phone calls

Round' the seasons you have been
Cold little darling
Summers come and gone
Work in places long overdone

You do not want to go back now
Black and fragile in your brevity
Fighting to stay above the tides

Lay down with me or take up arms
Regardless we shall all find
Something in ourselves to be harmed
Tags are silly nonsense
Like everything I make
Except Cookies
Those are dead serious
Adam Mott Oct 2016
Mechanical cogs that never seem to fit
Single boys and girls that never get over it
Songs and sounds of newlyweds lost
Hosts of parties long now gone
The favourite flavour of those moved on
Food for heart and food for thought
The kind of taste that is bitter and hot
Too much to see and too much to taste
Hopping aboard the next train
Before a mirror can reveal their face
Figured I'd release one from last Fall that has been in the draft box
Adam Mott Nov 2014
Precarious Life
Migration in the Age of Globalization
Various Strife
Cessation in the wage of translation
Starvation in our under age narration
Is opportunity worth the cost
Bifurcation of our to be nations  
Will we make it across

Vicariously rife
Location of our permanent vacation
Hilarious fife
Hesitation in the living wage stagnation
Resignation of our own home nation
Will anything become lost
Frustration in this age of relocation
Will we make it across

Gregarious life
Migration in the age of inflation
Precarious Life
Stagflation been gauged with low expectations
Automation when we enrage damnation
It shall be worth the cost
Fixation on a whole new acclimation
Will we make it across
Part 2 of the project series
Adam Mott Dec 2013
To tell me not, will be enough to move on
For you were the second coming of a dream long heralded in the summers of my youth,
A train rushing through an open country side, beneath endless heavenly bodies
Time has past, the end came fast
So please, tell me why,
At last
For more!
Adam Mott Nov 2014
South Africa
Working abroad sustains
Canadian ideals quell these tears
Part three of the political films project
Adam Mott Nov 2014
What is it that drives us forward
As we settle in our new home
Sea foam
Do you enjoy the vast white snow?
England is your residence now
Take a bow
Culture shock still rocks you now
You miss the warmth that now flows down the drain
Adam Mott Nov 2014
Slowly now,
Rise from your traveling mechanism
With the old world gone
Do you realize you miss where you once began
This new habitat
It will age just like the rest
But your old eyes will seek out the best
Without forgetting you are still young
Young and tethered to reality

From Nigeria you rose,
Met her under the warmth of a Freetown afternoon
With opportunity in your hearts
Fire in your eyes
You both bid your homes goodbye

Family was something to miss
Here in this new house you realize you have been blessed
With children and love you resettle your lives
Never forgetting the love of home
For it shall never die
Part five of the political visual poetry work
Adam Mott Nov 2014
We came
Seeking Exploration
North America Bound
Together, our family sought the new world
Moving, Settling, Adjusting
Hopeful, nostalgic
Part 6 of the political visual anthology
Adam Mott Nov 2014
Economic dangers of home pushed us away
Ripples in time keep us at bay
We live in the new world now
Fighting the bitter cold lovingly

Ripples in time keep us at bay
We miss our homes but here we shall stay
Fighting the bitter cold lovingly
Nostalgia dotes upon our commodities

We miss our homes but here we shall stay
We live in the new world now
Nostalgia dotes upon our commodities
Economic dangers of home pushed us away
Part 7 of ten in the poetic anthology of politics
Adam Mott Dec 2013
An old cassette,
Your name perfectly printed,
Faded now
Old and thin

Still plays the same old sounds,
Only now,
Garbled and strange
Not really the same songs from yesterday
For more!
Adam Mott Jun 2014
When I look to you, I see the vast and pulchritudinous hand of God. How intricate his design must be, for each tiny detail on your body is perfect.

Though words are not built to describe features like yours, you do not care. You know the emotions I hold and how strongly I feel. Your beauty, though endless, is not the reason I love you. It is the expansive truth and kindness with your heart. The flutters of angelic emotion that emanate from you every moment I am in your company.

For all I have done, the mistakes I have made, the places I have been, the things I have learned; they have all been necessary, even the hardest steps because they lead me to you. With our journey just beginning, take my hand, baby girl. I owe you a billion more adventures.
Forever yours,

Adam Mott Mar 2016
Crisp autumn leaves fall on your car
Wine sits undisturbed by the front door
The sun is low and the tide is high
The mat at the entrance,
It reads, "Goodbye"
Far Away, About Today
Adam Mott Jul 2015
To those that have no fear
A wine glass full of tears
Whose shadow songs wail with gold
Aside a heart so dear
Quietly patient
A chase through the night
With heels by the door
Through the hushed dust
Her ashen hair awaits
Adam Mott Nov 2016
Out on the sea, my boat and me
Letting love in through the periphery
Whispering sweet nothings
While silently screaming at insecurities

Jostled and shook by the tranquillity
Silently, the anxiety
All I've become accustomed to
The silence of the Sea
Not sure how to handle
Another's affection for me
The obstacles of an emotional Sisyphus
Adam Mott Mar 2016
Illusion & hope
Drifting in the midst of a vast, open sea
Hearing whispers from shores unseen
Sustaining reality with pints of memory
Illusions which echo dishonesty

Speaking aimlessly
Awash upon currents which pull me around
Waves caress and waves smash
The hope of the hungry

A journey which has taken years out of me
Months of maybes
The flavour of a foreign currency
Audible illusions designed to fool me

Surely, the shore grows close
Yet, upon this raft I see not
Only water for miles yet
Or, perhaps this too is an illusion
One my own mind has set
Adam Mott Jul 2014
In starlit streets of jewels
To be young with a brain so matured
Surely a situation of which I have rarely heard
Such a thing bends all rules
While everyone try's to play cool
You could sing songs yet unheard
Or become an endless twist and turn
Though life is full of fools
You have much time to warp and grow
Like an ever changing flower or tree
Just as you have yet to meet the girl you'll come to know
All the stars could know your name
You are free to be anything
So outward you should fly, off you shall go
For a young woman whom is mature beyond her years. Thank-you for being as kind as you have towards all whom you touch.
And as always, an Advent crafted because of Liv
Adam Mott Jul 2014
My car on another road
Sometimes the radio is turned up
Thick and loud
Sometimes thin and low
It's been hours in the night
Hours through the day
'Only talking to the spirits I had come to ignore
I've been coming here to get her
Been praying to stay
So I might as well permanently flee  
From the sea
I can love her infinitely
Growing old and frail eventually
I heard if I close my eyes I'll never bleed
Cause I came to get her
And you can do your worst to me
Cause I came to get her
And she's worth the journey
This place, remember;
While you do your worst to me
In my car I'll be coming to get her
And that's the second best place to be
Love you Liv, our adventures have only just begun.
Adam Mott Jun 2014
Take my body, hold my sleeping soul
Brush my hair and love me slow
Crush despair down below
Lakes too choppy to let go
Hold my hand and drive real slow
Blush and swear when I don't know
You answered my prayers, this I do know

All of God's imagination created you
The pride of your family, mine too
Defining my loving fascination is you
The prayers of many, long toothed
Yet all of mine were answered by you
Gleefully never-ending, I love you
Spending the lions share of my summer in a place other than where the best parts of life reside has not been easy. Yet, at every weak moment I have had you have been there for me, Liv. You have brought me into a new age of realization and accomplishment. I always dreamt of being able to create the way I wanted for the masses and now? Now, I can not only do just that, I can also create for you. To me, there's no higher honour in my heart.

All my love,


Seriously, you're one in infinity
Adam Mott Jul 2014
For country and brother, child and mother
Towards a land of turmoil, your soldier does go
To watch and protect, to allow our homes to grow
Boots with steps like thunder, over and under
In their eyes there is wonder, the world blown asunder

A canvas of time spread out upon the years
Helmets all tied neatly in a row
God is with them calming their fears
The wonder becomes a light towards the end of the tunnel
Until back home they go
Quell your sovereigns with happy tears
For a man, a woman, and a soldier.
Adam Mott Jul 2014
The sun is out, the bay is blue
The weather beautiful with not a cloud in view
And here I am
Only able to think of you

Guitars and drums beat on in harmony
Voices rising and falling
Consistent and sharp, calling to me
The bar is empty, the highway full
The sun is out, I'm coming to

You've got a golden hand grasping me, a silver man
Up above and down below
No length I won't go
Stride on young me, stride hard and true
Drive beyond midnight to get to you
Rhyme and sing, pretend to know how
All familiar views in the rear-view mirror hold some sentimentality
Though I gladly trade all for this coming reality

Soon, when the beaches are a sparsely populated
The kids thinking of school
I'll make my way back to you for good
All worldly knowledge foretold,
With you I am excited to grow old
Free form experiment for the lovely lady.
Adam Mott Jul 2014
Traversing through sacred memories
Doting nostalgia with tinted glasses
Half asleep while going to classes
Reimbursed debut shaken by Aries
Nursed you unshaken by parries
Quoting romance with the masses
Toting kinetic theory of gases
Lost in the forest while searching for berries

You'll look and ask if I have seen the dark
A knowing look and a loving gaze
I'll respond that I had, but now it's lit by your heart
When I first led my search I had no idea what I would find, no idea if I could love or be truly kind
Led me battered out of the haze
My fond memories of our moonlit park
Free form advent for the most pulchritudinous woman I know.
Adam Mott Apr 2016
Is her fame baseless?
The dress she wore
Terrible cloth weaved from their faces
Cool and collected
With all of the blankets gone
Fraudulent and naked

Remind us of the medicine taken here
In a rhythm of spaces
Drinking from this voice
Or peering into those eyes
Kissing her lips
Now tasteless

Furious hair often played with
Stockpiling laughter while investing in excuses
The many shades of pretend nooses
A plethora of faces

Like a bullet running him through
Fast and merciless
With a love for the faithless
Bring down the ship
With the burning of memories and places
The City is Fading, the Crowd is Moving On
Adam Mott Mar 2014
A Ringing, a hopeful setting of the sun
Still locked in sameness, ragged and mad
Merely missing bias now
The ring so beautiful at twilight

Sterling promises made before the royalty of night
Whispers in the dark
Short leads
Whitest lies

The bells do ring at midnight, just as desire burns
Hunger lit by day
Fueled by night
Around these tracks I have traversed many a time
Coming back now, unsure of what I shall find
Adam Mott Oct 2014
Slowly lose any method of urgency
Ride an elephant into old oak tress
Dip my heart in graceless modernity
Stay behind me
Never bleed
Go home Go home Go home
Never Go Never Go Never Go

Ride your boat down the stream
Make sure you remember to scream
Nice and loud
Yell real sharp
Play that voice like a musical harp
Go Home Never Go Home

Seat empty, last bus out
Drums beat louder
Began to shout
Clouds so fierce brakes so proud
With that said,
Last one out
The ride in question being whatever ******* plagues you most today. It ***** but with time it goes away.
Tags to be disregarded.
Adam Mott Apr 2015
Great letters sprawled out
Upon the sky they lay
Cold and small
Hypocritical in description and nature
Awaiting times of heroes and danger
With rhythm and without

The long echoing halls of time ponder their shouts
Beneath the sea where the creatures hunt
Above the mountains and giant's guts
Through the very core of the earth
Above the lover's hearth

With a flash of blinking light an epic journey begins
Handed to parents in garb of red and shine
With a snip you are free
Free to go
To make mistakes and learn things which you yourself think it worth to know

Little hands grasping your guardians
Growing, learning, as the world sets about wearing you thin
Paths opening and spiraling out
Leading to new horizons of joy and doubt
Heartbreak, big and small

With your pup you sing
"Goodbye toys, goodbye ball"
"Goodbye childhood, goodbye home"
Before you know it you have done your best to let go,
All on your own
Nothing to your name but memories and hope

School and work, the risks you take
If you are strong, a life you will make
With vigor and fury could you find and ask a person to stay?
Married and happy, kids on the way
A dog, a house, a mortgage to pay
Ambitiously vague, forever wishing to live in these days

The kids follow your path, tried and true
Growing and singing,
"Goodbye toy, goodbye ball"
"Goodbye parents, goodbye familiar halls"
"Talk to you later Ma and Pa"
Off they go, to the great unknown
And without time at all
A family of their own

For golden years you and yours will bask in life
Christmas, Easter, Halloween too
Florida when it's cold, Home when it is not
Restrictions of funds lessened and gone
Your body now frail and old
Savoring each laugh, remembering each transition
Summer to Fall
Warm and dear, you cling to it all

And one day, with that same flashing light you will go out,
Transported someplace new
For a journey without the mortal coil which once confined you
A new unknown to sing about
Adam Mott Jul 2015
I am tired
Cold and weak
The things I remember
Are the things I seek
Warmth, Love, Gentleness
That which you give to me
Held in an embrace
An epiphany
I have had this dream many times
Could there be a time where I could feel alive
Yes, soon and near
All that I prayed for
That which I hold dear
Six weeks and a penny more
Enough time to stare at the mirror behind the door
To bid farewell to a life of photographs
The truth of it all
Never wanted to hurt you all
But now it is time
I fear but do not
It is time to go
Can someone give me a line
Something comforting to say to you?
Time and me,
I know one day I will be back to see
Until the end
We will remember it all
The young lives
Our shared memories
To Home and the people left behind
Adam Mott Jun 2014
Shapes, they keep wavering away
Water swirling, the ground eroding
Ink fading, hearing leaving today

My sweet innocent beauty stays the same
Solid, sweet, withstanding the waves of time
Our love, once a Tabula Rasa
Now a patchwork blanket of warm memory

When one day I no longer breath,
A blanket to keep you warm
To heat the family during every storm
For the love of my life
Adam Mott Feb 2016
There is a particular beauty to the past eight months
The gradual slip, the casual fall
Both parties pretending to have not heard anything at all
Smiles and lies, truths obscured or non-existent
Nights spent in the throws of utter panic
Segregated and inorganic
Whilst one party played at family
The other pondered insanity

Funny or tragic
It's not for anyone to decide
Though I need not imagine the resentment you could barely hide
Regardless of such, it is hard not to laugh
A puppet dancing open a personal gap
Letting go, only to jump in

Family & friends, mostly aghast
Surprised at this sudden turn of events
Boundless and intrinsically sufficient
One shouted "Let go!" and the other whispered, "How much?"

Such is the beauty
Something, honest and brutal
Beating the soul into something else entirely
For better or worse
Never needing to pretend or rehearse
With a car full of gas and two sets of keys
Passport all I need
To the future
All acted out
For Elise and the Infinite Adamness
A short film
Adam Mott Mar 2014
We all know where certain roads lead
Down autumn paths during the final dreams of day
Still, you like to climb your throne
Ascending until the past has no home
If you're wrong,
Well they didn't deserve
A part in this song
Adam Mott Dec 2013
Tavern songs in my old sweet city
Playing in and out of open windows
I spent my days that year in good company
All the hearts I broke were akin to mine
For want of will and wish
So, with filtered innocence
I killed my own mast
A black flag,
'sorry for my sweethearts
Reminiscent of my better past
With her once triumphant songs, I do recall
I miss my old love,
Regardless of heart fall
Conscience Falls for tears too
Adam Mott Feb 2014
Feeling the call
With waves over my head
Echoes of smooth traces,
Your hands trailing softly across my skin

I'm still learning to cope,
Without your love at all
Oh, lost my heart and soul

Though I could one day move on, I still haven't given up on you
You were the first I loved
The only one to make me want forever
Love wasn't just a game to me
Though I don't know about you

Today was the fourth month since our Fall
Anywhere I look,
I see you

Say my name one last time,
My pretty little fool
Winter, Spring, Summer- Then the Fall...
Adam Mott Dec 2013
You fall away, slowly,
Like the autumn waves,
Rolling gently
You sleep through heaven
You're awake when we all dream

Now you're ringing out your hair
Black dress swelling in the wind
Just another passage to hell
Dropping towards the diving bell
You lose colour and plea

I see you from afar, once would send shots through my heart
Now I smile and commemorate
Happy little dates
All those memories I still own,
Can't take that horizon of a hundred days away from me
Never will that smile fade

When you see me
When you see me
Oh, baby,
When you sink quickly
You won't see me,

Like the autumn moon and the trees,
It's a big sign,
It is time to leave
For more!
Adam Mott Jan 2017
Hello, my little memories
Sounds and sights
Wrong and right
All I think about, most the time

I dream of places no soul could find
With brighter stars in otherwise empty skies
A place I belong
Where all feels right

Perhaps in a century or two
Word will reach some of you
Of such a place as I described
Where the young go

To feel alive
Adam Mott Feb 2014
With all going on
I can't help but fall
Fall, on my knees
You always knew just the way to catch me

Now every time I stumble
I think of you and know
How far this journey has taken me
Tell me where it is you had to go

And yell at me when I cry out
Plead with my soul
Forget past atrocities,
Just take us home
Adam Mott Oct 2015
Cool stretches of imagination colour this land
I hold your picture
My hand trembles
Visualizing the way sunlight catches your eyes
I was there, you were near

Now I wonder
Under the sea in fear
With music blaring that I can no longer hear

The deal was raw
The trade was a head of false words
You sent me a bouquet of thorns
A mind full of fear

Resenting nothing but the shadows
Questioning what occurred in the darkest corners of time
Only they know
Only I can surmise

Deserving to be angry
A flame corrupted by the stream
Nothing erupts out but steam
Know I know
I ask you
Leave my dreams
More confused than mad.
Adam Mott Nov 2015
Beauty is an undefined quantity
I see it in the way you once looked at me
The colour of your hair shining by the sea
The way you laughed when the can was emptied
Your smile when you felt happy
The excitement in every adventure we shared
The hungry joy present when we devoured an entire pizza
The gentle way you would breathe, asleep beside me

Beauty is something I miss in my day to day
I appreciate what I have and where I am
Though it's absence is heavy upon my soul
I can laugh and enjoy a fun time
Joke and sing with friends
Smile wistfully when I see a couple in each other's arms

I miss it as I miss you, one and the same
Player 2 without Player 1
A candle without a flame
Adam Mott Dec 2016
Like lightning through the trees
Wish I could see the rest of what is around me
Maybe when I'm older
I'll understand, things can be simple
Until then
Beneath the waves I go

Whatever lies beneath is another layer gone
Nothing any one person knows
With the weight of these feelings at night
Colour and contact filtering through
A smattering of light
Nothing more

Regardless of life and happenstance
The future could be anything at all
Beauty of rising actions
Pain from the fall
Adam Mott Jan 2014
She's not here for the status quo
Started the journey early in life,
Worried, lonely, sick too
Oh, my baby is payed by the hour
Used to see her all the time,
Baby, once was mine
Now anyone can buy her love
Only costs a dime
Adam Mott Dec 2013
It's always change,
The future is here
Alive and dear
I'm my heart
'the same while not
Smile, it's the future
Adam Mott Feb 2016
As of late
Feelings of weightlessness
Taking hold

Bolder now
Louder too
Barely thinking of you

Concerned with life
Laughter and air
New sensations

Never felt this way before
Happy without reason
Enjoying for the sake of it
Adam Mott Dec 2015
A winding weaving place
You've been to before
Early mornings
Your heart sweet and yearning
Dreaming of the place I'd be

The sky a hue so dark
Passion displaced and hardened into granite
The stone pitch of lilies you have turned
Though fate would be a machine
Love blinded by its march
A show you thought must go on

You flee dreams
Trying to feel none
of mistake or repercussion
Though they follow at your feet
Eager to make aware

These scars deep in this chest
****** open with love
A gap to fill the rest
No dreams only memory
The flavour of salt and charcoal heavy

Passion amidst heated misdirection
Phone calls unbeknownst to the caller
Twisted and violet
Drunk those weep
Wishes whispered
Upon a bottle of pills

We flee the morning
For the night is cruel
Hazel irises searching
Deepening with each truth unveiled
Quell the theories in your head
Naught but a ghost laying beside you in bed
On a wooden cross
Adam Mott Dec 2013
The parting moments were racked with sobs
You held me with soft pose to your sobbing chest
Together we melted as a mess
With each rise of my chest, I gently wept
All the harm we had done
And would to come
For want of knowing what would come from decisions
We part in love
'return, broken like glass
I shall always recall the warmest moments yet
'Love them all
Goodnight to my beautiful first love
Goodbye, and never fall
Smile, it's the future
-Conscience Falls
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