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Prabhu Iyer Aug 2018
Can daybreak ever
bring darkness home?
The dried kohl is witness:
Aeons old, such a story
has been left behind,
unsaid, unsaid;

Does spring ever bring notice
of the coming fall?
Oh the rains sometimes
bring rumblings
of miffed skies -

Shoots that drop off stalks,
have not all
fallen for nothing,

Was the little window of dreams
Laying my head down,
stealing my sleep?

Aeons old, is such a story
that has been left behind,
unsaid, unsaid;
Easily one of the best songs in a Hindi language film of the last decade, 'Ankahee' (Unsaid) is a masterpiece by lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya:

Notes: Kohl is a dark powder used as eye makeup in the East. Masterful use to describe the kohl-lined eye of a female protagonist viewing the pathos-laden dawn.
Inquisitive and Ingenuous

Nimble yet gullible

Blessings and catalysts

In their parents' life 

As pure as gold

Can be cast in the most beautiful of the Moulds
Wrote it for my sons  Amitabh and Anshul

Today (26/08) is my older son Amitabh's 13th birthday.
I choose to repost this poem, published earlier in December 2016.

— The End —