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Some people drink themselves to death.
Others choose Trust to do them in.
Ink on paper.
Love on the heart.
The wrong person
Might say the
Right words;
She's gone.

Faster than fast.
It isn't right.
In fact it's
Wrong. You lost.
To some, broken is art.
The canvas disagrees.
To some, shattered is
The victim of what was.
The distance between joy and hell
Is all the words left unsaid.
The lilacs left dead
Inside you head
Are the nightmares that you tend
To forget.

It is those battered hearts that beat
The hardest under the glow of
This autumn moon.

Don't hide.
You loved me as a volcano;
Unstable in your words.
Violent in your actions.
Hearts are left in sediments
This way.
We think the right choice of words,
Written in the right order,
The right way,
Makes us God.
The silence in the things
Left unsaid
Is a blanket of darkness.

It is covered in all those
Words stuck in your throat.
They were sentenced to life
In a rusting cell.

To die.
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