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Shashi Oct 2020
I lie under this tree
A little moonlight shining through
And I wait
As they come for me

My nerves all settle down
A little conscious
A little senseless

It's not being long
My hands were full
And my soul satiated

Before the storm of the dark
Hit me through

And this journey of mine
is very similar to many others
I conquered in the past

But this time
I wish not to survive

And I just wait for them
As they come for me..
Shashi Jan 2020
You And Me

We are Moments
Uncaptured, Unattended
We are the Flight
Unrestricted, Unbounded

You and Me

We are the Souls
Free and Formless
We are the Fire
Fierce and Intense

You and Me

We are Love
All Sober and all Mad
We are the Dreams
All Petite and all Grand

You and Me

We are Anything
that we can imagine
We are the Gods
Building our own Heaven.
We are, whatever we can imagine us to be.
Shashi Dec 2019
The flames would rise
And burn you
Like the shadows of the sun

Through the sleepless Nights
Like some never ending tale

And the Days so heavy
That every single dream
crushed underneath

A little ashes
If you look around
Still left
half burnt, half demolished

Do not hesitate
To pick them up
And continue walking.
To Moving on and to not giving up.
Shashi Aug 2019
In the dark cold night
I see the flames

Emitting from the memories I burnt

And for the moment
It soothes my soul

But then the leftover ashes
Hit me to the core, again

And I wonder
If they could ever be dead?
Shashi Dec 2017
I look back
And cringe at my failures
The dreams that broke
And the unfulfilled desires

All so indecisive
Here lies my mind,
To give up on my dreams
Leave all the wishes behind

The pendulum of the clock
However, tells me another story
Don't stop, no matter what
And you sure,  will have your glory

Like a long-lost teacher
Time tells me - keep up with the fight,
One day You'll be among the stars
Believe me, You'll be shining bright!!
Shashi Nov 2017
Two roads diverged
And though he wanted to chose the first
But He couldn't

He saw her standing there
And all the good things ahead
He wished to chose the first
But he just couldn't

And a tear rolled down his cheeks
As he stepped onto the second
And though he wanted to smile
He couldn't

He waved a goodbye
And moved on

Between love and his dreams
He wished he could have both
And he kept on walking
He knew,  he couldn't !!
Fictional Write inspired by 'The road not taken' by Sir Robert Frost. Although the context is a bit different, I suppose.
Very often, in our lives we have situations where we need to chose between what looks good and what is right. The decision is hard to make and you could only wish that why they both aren't the same!!
Shashi Nov 2017
I can't describe
how it feels,
when I see you.

It's Like this world stops,
Time stops.
And I can't see anything,
but you.

Within this moment,
I'm in a different world altogether.
And I - I just go dumbstruck.
All I can do is just see you,
talk nothing - do nothing.

Within this moment,
I have no dreams, except one.
I have no wishes, except one.

And then the realization
Of you belonging to someone else.
Its like being hit by a thunderbolt
out of nowhere,
while enjoying the rainstorm.

There was no pain,
more beautiful.
No memory,
more intense.

It's all so weird,
but so normal.
It's so hurting,
yet so releiving.

And within this moment,
I try to find happiness.
It's Like only  a drop,
from the ocean.

Maybe that's all I can get.
But maybe that's enough.
As all I want now
Is to hold this moment forever.
And ever.
Fictional Write.
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