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the word home
only exists within
the comforts of you
in my arms
the moon song (cover) by Savannah Brown
what a great goddess I'm in love with
some say that death is a fate
not worthy of even
the cruelest of killers
yet here I am
waiting for the sweet release of death
from this world
which has left me only
in pieces
and in pain
what what what what the actual ****
I'm not sad as much but this is an old one I've been meaning to share but I haven't so here you go
Human By Of Monsters and Men
She's perfect
Too perfect
Living the life dreamed of
And being who I've dreamed to be
She's different
she's not what I'm use to seeing
Shes more
Only a freshman and already amazing
She didn't have an ugly stage
She was just always the epitome of ideals
Shes unattainable
Yet standing right in front of me
She's perfect
Too perfect
Latest interest
Part of you cradles a star
that's why the Sun loves you

your dust is cosmic
your spirit eternal

the light of your star
a heart made for love
you say, 'be careful with yourself'
i feel my hands shake
and I reply, 'I don't know how'
Glowing Eyes by Twenty One Pilots
to be in this moment forever,
with our legs intertwined,
our lips pressed together,
our hands everywhere and nowhere,
and my body on fire,
would surely be heaven itself
who says you can't make out on a first date
Conqueror by AURORA
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