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Ali J Feb 18
In the town where I was born,
lived a man surrounded by
This wondrous swirl of
reds painted along his face.

Of all the rooms in a vast
hallway of strange young
boys and girls,
he stood

A man in multi-colored plaid,
who brought wonder to my eyes
and a universe of words
arranged into something

months have
passed and never did
my fascination waver.
I felt that for once,
for just a moment,
I belonged.

Open up my mind,
reveal the window
of my inner thoughts.
Like the orchid in early spring
I have bloomed.
The petals of my life
spill on to the pages of my work
until my writings are done.
When the day is done,
and the sun has fallen
into the horizon,
I await for the moment
to present something to be
proud of
to that same man in
Ali J Feb 17
Swallow that sweet liquor and lose yourself as the parties commence

Pick your poison. Throw it back as close your eyes.

In the moment, can’t we just live under the influence?

Raves become spirit proprietors--the taste both hypnotic and immense

It doesn’t cost that much to gain access to a drunken paradise--

Take a shot then: swallow that sweet liquor and lose yourself as the parties commence.

Sapphire seduction: its titillating flavor represents--

Cajolery between men and women: their decisions mischievous and unwise.

Occupy an empty room and intertwine, for can’t we just live under the influence?

Never will the very concept of drinking alcohol make sense

Soft or hard liquors called spirits but demons in disguise

Utterly entranced by that sweet liquor we swallow when parties commence

Morning break is near, closing the last glass of champagne effervescence

Everyone returns home, kissing the sweetness of sin goodbye

Using that alluring taste, we regrettably ask, “Can’t we just live under the influence?”

So the irresponsible gather at the local bars again, abolishing all common sense

Aroused and intoxicated by the chance to escape our meaningless lives:

Liquor… that sweet liquor we swallow when parties first commenced

Let your troubles go for just a moment: live under the influence.
Ali J Feb 17
if you could just move
Could I really escape?
Riches or fame,
glory without shame.
I’d ask for none.
I would want a simple,
tranquil life,
like a little yellow
submarine floating in
the ocean.

My own woman,
nestled in my little
dorm room with its
salmon walls and
oceanic views
of a far horizon
that could go like
the moments sacrificed
to be here.

My love,
I only wish
to be with me.
We would spend
an infinite moment
on the scorching sand
and crisp waters.
For once, the bitter
smell of salt water
would be alright.

For now, I remain
the storm clouds thunder.
it grows harder
to even move forward.
Please, good sir
let me go.
Let me escape
to my mundane
that would be
Ali J Feb 17
Bite me,
Pull away at my skin
Push me out
Let me in.
Break my bones
Go to great lengths to strip me of my
You are sadly mistaken if you’ll find the
forbidden fruit.

Tease me.
Please me.
Turn me around
Pull back the covers
towards my spine.
Watch the sin, the pleasure
turn disease into benign.
Let me let you choose good.

Don’t you want a taste,
a lick of my sweet valentine
Or should I dig my claws into
your mind yet another night.

Let the poison slip through your veins
Drive you insane,
like the monsters of the night
Weakened by vervain
Let me take you into despair and delight.

Come along this path of misfortune
It’s easier to find
the internal clock ticking
stronger in my mind.
Look around you, stop time.
Ignore the world and be only mine.
Ali J Feb 17
tell me,
what is it about the
unknown that leaves
my mind unsatisfied?

If the camellia
only blooms in the
bitter frost,

why must others wilt?
when the rain lands on
the little girl’s raincoat,
why does it form droplets?

when she sits in class,
alabaster skin with the face
of a doll
can I not

Softly she speaks
with confidence
and poise.
her words trap me
in a prism:
a confined cage
of intoxication
and mysticism

She’s stuck
in the modern times
trapped in the 60s.

Help me,
all I ask
is to seek answers
about the ambiguity
of her
as she extends far beyond the field
of vision,
to no longer remain
a mystery.

— The End —