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HeyitsAngel Aug 28
Even though we both moved on
This date always breaks my heart
You will be the one I will tell my kids about
We were so in love
But it's gone
Its been a year in a half since we broke up
I thought it was supposed to get easier
I hope you are okay
I hope she makes you happy
I am sorry I couldn't be enough
Memories roaming my mind as I cry
I know you are not the one for me
Words cannot describe how I feel
Memories rushing my heart
To his girl...
Take him to the moon for me, okay
Make sure you give him plenty of love
Be patient with him
HeyitsAngel Aug 14
It was early in the morning
Pitch black outside
I receive a phone call
It says your name flashing repeatedly
I deny
You call me
I answer with flustered hands
You talk and laugh
Talk about the past
Then you fall asleep
As if I am supposed to be left here till you wake
Like how we used too
Its because you know I am that girl to always remain on the phone with you
During your drinking nights
I have numbed the feeling of how much I miss you
But now your asleep and I am vulnerable
Hearing you breathe
Hearing you snore
Sounds I haven't heard since we were together
HeyitsAngel Aug 14
Unsaid words are the ones that break me.
The words I never said because of closure that was never brought
Shaking my leg anxiously due to those unsaid words
You broke me
Everything you do, you have broken me
I put on this mask as if there are not those unsaid words
Lay in bed with those unsaid words floating around me
If you only knew
You decide to bring people up so high
To only bring them down
These unsaid words
Oh, how you will never know
I hold my phone, beginning to right those unsaid words
Only to delete my entire text
Because you don't care
I will sit and become comfortable in those unsaid words
Unsaid words and lack of closure will be the only thing you are to me
The words unsaid is what brought me to scream songs
Of the lying

Lack of care
Hi, I am back everyone! I hope you enjoy this poem :)
HeyitsAngel Feb 27
I know you had wanted to call me
You cried when I said I was near your area
Unfortunately, with words unsaid
And memories being brought up
It broke your heart
I loved you
You being drunk and upset
I was still your first call
When feeling like the whole world is against you
I am still your first call
Why isn't the special girl your first call
The girl you love
You chose the girl you claimed fell out of love with
You still care
But I sit here in silence
I was your first call
HeyitsAngel Dec 2020
We had agreed to be friends
I felt like I couldn't
It hurt too much and I felt I wasn't healing
We both broke down when I said I needed time
When I told you I couldn't handle a friendship
Because I didn't want us feeling something for each other
Its been a few weeks of us not talking
I notice so many things we haven't been able to talk about
That we bonded over
I thought us having our own space
Would help us heal
Without you its been hard
I miss my best friend
That's all we were
Two hockey-loving best friends
I miss talking to you about football
But it's okay
I hope you are okay
Just know I thought this was for the best
Without you
Without you, I haven't been the same crazy sports fan
HeyitsAngel Oct 2020
I know you are not in my life anymore
Can I have one last hug
Can I have one last kiss
Can I have one last I love you
Can I hold your hand just one more time
Maybe if I have just one last hug
It won't be our last
Can we listen to our favorite song
Just one more time
Can I just run back into your arms one last time?
Can I hear you play my favorite song?
Just one last time
Can you call me yours just one last time
Can you call me
One last time
Can I see you
One last time
Maybe it won't be our last
HeyitsAngel Jul 2020
I beg on my knees
For people to stay
The people I want to stay the most
Are the ones I am better without
Please don't go
Is what I have said to people I thought were my forever
Please don't break my heart
I am done begging
For the attention, you don't want to give
Don't give me hope
I give 100 percent to people
Make time for them
Comfort them
But who's there when life hits me
I have my amazing family
But I only want to tell them so much
Music is key
Writing poetry is great
It's words that you truly feel
It ***** when everything around you is great
But mentally you feel off
I feel broken
Even though you could look at my life
And say what does she have to be sad about
I wish I knew why I feel so sad
I'm tired
Nothing really interests me anymore
The things I once loved I don't anymore
I am going to bring back that happy girl
She is somewhere
I will fight to be happy again
There will be no more confusion with my tiredness and sadness
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