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Marsha Singh Aug 20
It's what you wanted,
right? A prime cut, cool
in the middle and hot
to the touch— toothsome
and tender, fresh from the
embers, a just-how-you-like-it bite.
Marsha Singh May 7
That July,
I was a jar
of fireflies;
you held
me in your
hands. I
lit up your eyes.
Marsha Singh May 1
On hungry days, I hail
the hunt, squint my
eyes and spin my guns.
Your heart runs by.
I count to one.
Marsha Singh Apr 30
At least my cherry tree
will blossom soon.
Marsha Singh Mar 8
I've had to struggle
for every good thing.
You came easy.
Marsha Singh Feb 29
There's always one who knows
best, one who makes her best
guess, always one who just left, one
who wore her best dress; one you'll never
see again, and one you will. Amen.
Marsha Singh Oct 2019
I tell the girls to pick up
their clothes, to make
their beds, brush their
hair; I tell the girls to
tuck in their entitlement and
pull up their despair – there's no time.
I tell the girls to be kind, to build
up their sisters like each word is
communion and that girl is divine.
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