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Jordyn Dennis Nov 2014
What do you do when someone says "You're a keeper." And you dont want to be kept by them?
I am
                             A dancer
                             A writer
                             An artist
                             A musician
A creator
                             But if you
                             To see
What I create
                             A dance
                             A story
                             A painting
                             A song
I would
                             Turn Red
                             and Deflect
Your attention
                             I am
                            My creations
Will let you
                            Judge me
                            Criticize me
                            Hate me
                            Mock me
They are
                            A piece of me
                            A thought
                            An emotion
                            A fleeting moment
And they are
So if I show you
                            I trust you
Please don’t betray my trust
Repost if this is you.
Jordyn Dennis Sep 2014
Screaming out into the void of shame and darkness,
Hoping someone will hear my call and come and bandage the the wound in my chest from heartbreaks that have happened all too much, for someone to save me when I've told them too many times that I could save myself... Broken stitches and ****** gauze is all I have left to keep my heart from falling out of my chest into the dark hole of my soul, a part of me wanting to grab the scissors that lie a few feet away and just put it out of its misery, but there's the other part that holds on with all the strength it can and hope my heart can find its home.
It's lovely how you can be in a great mood and deep down theres how you usually feel and it can come out in words on a piece of paper without you trying to find the words.
Jordyn Dennis Sep 2014
I listen to the moon as it cries out the only existence of light it can give to the darkened world under it,  
I wonder if it feels like no matter how full or big and bright it can get,
That it will never hold as much potential as the sun.
It sees how no one depends moon light for major solar power,
only the suns bright burning rays,
The sun outdoes all that the moon can give.
The moon stands as those individuals who can feel better when they can open their curtains to the window and see darkness and feel comfort,
The moon is the shy person who stays in the shadows because that where they are used to being,
in the dark,
The moon is the people that wish more people who come out and enjoy the starry night rather than the bright sunny day.
I often wondered why i found the moon so comforting and beautiful.
Until it hit me that the moon is me.
Feeling never good enough really ***** when others constantly outshine you.
Jordyn Dennis Aug 2014
i dont feel like taking a shower,
i dont feel like taking a bath,
i am just trying everything,
to get a happy life back.
im sick of all the tears,
the depressed smiles,
and stress effects,
i want to be happy,
i want my parents to laugh more than they argue,
i want more positivity than negative,
i want to be given the happiness us three deserve,
maybe life would be easier,
if my prayers were heard,
i try to not ask for much,
i feel as i do,
then i blame everything on myself,
just so my parents dont have to,
i want my dad to like his job and stay awake more than he sleeps,
we can sleep when were dead,
i want my mom to be stress free,
only small worries in her head,
i want my parents to be healthy and happy,
to enjoy the rest of their lives,
because if they split up,
a piece of me will die,
i stay strong for my mom,
who stays strong for everyone,
i stay strong for my dad,
because his health seems weak,
i stay strong for everyone i love and care about,
and do the best i can,
i just want everyone to be happy,
things are only "okay" in the end.
Jordyn Dennis Aug 2014
Seal my crushed soul with kisses,
Break my heart with words,
It's hard to live on without you,
Burns with every touch of your fingertips that once gave me chills.
Jordyn Dennis Aug 2014
and just keep in mind that i was the only person to ever give enough of a **** to remember the small details of you because i cared
since when did you think i never wanted to be with you? i love being with you and sitting there in the silence of your barely lit up room.. I never come over because all you do is **** me and then i go home..
its been a week.. i miss you. but then again i dont. do you miss me? probably not huh? well i hope you have fun doing all of those girls in your dorm back at school. at least they dont care right? it ***** because i still do
i want to go back to our first times of hanging out before i let you do the things to me to make my body and self feel as an object when your too lazy to use your own ******* hand.
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