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Indigo Dream Oct 2018
It’s a battle that goes on internally
one that can’t be seen on the outside
A nervous anxiety and unabating
itch that leaves me distressed

It’s a battle between the body and the mind
I should fear it’s brutality
but I’m fine being stuck in this place
even now as I lie at the foot of another man’s bed
my use fulfilled and discarded…

It’s getting more disturbing
in the way that it’s never enough
Qweyku May 2014
Noon had barely finished his circuit
when I engaged the Sun in conversation,
wondering if her healing rays were a golden ode to pain?

Abruptly interrupted;
shirts' silk thread dripping displeasure,
at the sudden moistness of its condition.

In return and in much the same verbal position,
I chided this thread,
intoxicated with sticky saline libation,
much less for the distraction
as opposed to the - parley intrusion,


“My dear shirt it’s impolite to gravitate beyond one's social inclusion”

back and fingers joined this spoken foray
distancing themselves in unison
from the sozzled garments' argument.

Arching and pulling away,
his company no longer entreated,
whatever beauty he had,
now lost,
in his present
dis - position.

In agreement and sunshine unabating,
I attempted to continue our once lovely conversation.
But she;
her glow unwaning,
had moved on,
no longer finding such small talk entertaining.

**© Qwey.ku
Have you ever seen a the pages of a story unfold in a single movement of a moment; these are stolen.
Eleete j Muir Jan 2012
To Gods acre caught in the storm
Of the angels immolation harried
Like welcome strangers to the feast of
The good shepherd, the world
The flesh, the devil take the hindemost
Vigilantly stalking Earthly tears
Encrusted jewels upon Hells vestment,
The harbinger of death wearing a garland
Of skulls fashioned off of Heavens tomb
Splendiferously graven upon lonelinesses
Stoop spirited as shooting stars the
Pitched candles of sovereignties saintly hands
Resting between lives enlightening the broken
Lamp of truth purging the liasing humours of
Illuminous damnation unfrocking priests
Under colour of nothingness epitomising
Faiths elixer yonder the gate of unfoldenment
Breaking butterflies on the wheel
Of rightousness unabating delving the vale
Deciduously to show the cloven hoof woe betide
The levity of Man Friday billowing in the
Teeth of the wind.

No more for you the city's thorny ways,
The ugly corners of the ***** belt;
The miseries and pains of these harsh days
By you will never, never again be felt.

No more, if still you wander, will you meet
With nights of unabating bitterness;
They cannot reach you in your safe retreat,
The city's hate, the city's prejudice!

'Twas sudden--but your menial task is done,
The dawn now breaks on you, the dark is over,
The sea is crossed, the longed-for port is won;
Farewell, oh, fare you well! my friend and lover.
Hildegarda Ares Jun 2010
In a throbbing coccon seized by ablazen web
thou viscid meanders woven by an unabating tempest
then hoarded in a rapture... by the sylph of the sands.

Rising rider, captive of an upwind sail
meadowy sky lover, worshipper of the ephemeral
fettered Why mooring the eluding eons to a transfixed now

as if the twined dreams of a wayfarer,
nomad of the seas, the sands and the skies
trapped in an ethereal time warp.
Copyright Hildegarda Ares©2010
Joshua Sisler Oct 2016
I drink my coffee black.
I hate it.
But thats how you drink it.
Always reminds me of that time in the coffee shop,
too nervous to ask for cream or sugar,
so I drank it anyways,
your presence made it tolerable.
Now that black coffee is all I have left,
and my days are spent with your eyes peering out of my cup.
whats iraq got that syria hasnt?
whats the difference between them
and afghanistan?
whos deciding one deserves help
and the other doesnt?
how much more ******* carnage must we see
before well lend a hand?
or are you waiting til debating votes and ratings
lets you know which path your taking
meanwhile the genocidal wrath is unabating
like another bosnia
4 long brutal years ago I posted this. Nothing has changed. We should all be ashamed we havent overthrown our own governments to help them overthrow theirs.
Eryri Dec 2018
You rose gently this morning
As if wanting to ease me into the day.
I watched your slow-burn rise
Gifting me a kaleidoscope sky:
Reds, Greens, Yellows and Golds,
As befits a celestial Emperor
Whose power basks in its own brilliant light.

But you knew I was watching your daily coronation.
Was it your plan to make it so memorable?
Or was it a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Did I choose this day subconsciously
As the day of my life's blossoming...
Fruit overspilling,
Wine glass brimming.

Now, with our day underway
My joy is unabating.
Your radiance infectious warming my soul.
What will the rest of your tenure gift me?
I am where I want to be,
I am who I want to be,
Dearest Sun, please do not set on me.
J Oct 2018
Come to think of it,
the human existence
is full of unabating
obstacles that make
it quite impossible
to traverse without
stumbling and falling
through the cracks.
But that’s the beauty
of it, I guess.
And if you look
closely enough,
that’s where some
of the hardiest things

...through the cracks.
Grow despite your pain.
Kathryn Maurine Mar 2017
You say we’re in love,
you say it’s forever…a hundred years to be precise,
yet here I sit, alone with the wonder of insincerity

He says we’re in love…
or rather he said we were,
That’s in the past

Messages exchanged were dripping
with admiration and joy,
Daily reminders of love dwindled to
daily, weekly, monthly… gone

“I love you” was something I was too used to hearing,
took for granted even… and now?
you won’t even respond to a simple hello

you can’t blame me to think our love has met it’s end

When your gut is in tangles,
writhing like snakes, your tongue inundated with the bitterness of dread,
There’s a reason people say to trust your gut… and here I am,
with the unabating feeling that something’s gone terribly wrong

Many would say its emotional abuse, yet I can’t seem to notice that trend…
He’s making a game of your emotions, they say,
yet here I stay

I’ll be waiting in this silence forever,
waiting for a call that never comes…
waiting with a love that’s been forgotten
shayla ennis Feb 2014
serenades of decimation,
that prickle the breath,
verses of executions that leave,
life unabating,
free sonnets that frays the mind,
cantos of butchery that steal the morals,
trepidation that tempts the soul,
and hand of carnage,
harmony that haunts the heart,
songs that melt the essence,
destruction that undoes the identity,
a production that speaks,
stanza's that ****

by scarlet rose
Michael Mitchell Apr 2016
Blue etchings fill the sky
Rain falls when it starts to cry
Clouds like pillows in the landscape
Watching this painting is our only escape

Cool, calm, collected
This sustained color presented
Shapes our lives to be less aggressive
The infinite freedom conquered the repressive

Orange and red signals an end
This prominent transition we recommend
As change is needed to evolve
So that our unabating problems can resolve

The night sky now shines black
Present until the sun comes back
The shimmering stars on the dark curtain
Asking onlookers if their dreams are certain

The sun greets the sky in red-orange light
Signaling the world to wake up to the morning bright
The sky revolves around night and day
Offering those to gaze at its relaxing bay
I looked up to the sky and wondered its mysteries works and magic #M&M
syncopation Oct 2018
Keeping you as my secret
As though the world unknowing
Is infinitely empowering
Like the Mona Lisa smiling
Her gaze perpetrating
Knowing thoughts discerning
Never disclosing yet ever imparting
Secrets untelling
Keeping you guessing and searching
For an inevitable unveiling
Yearning unabating
JLC Eternity Mar 2017
A good night kiss,
He asked it so,
A seed of love was planted.
In fertile ground,
Midst passion's night,
Childhood now abandoned.

Let dreams run wild,
Like vines will climb,
The pulse of hearts are beating.
Yet hold your hopes,
T'was just by chance,
This seed, too new, not yielding.

But there it stayed,
A hidden jewel,
This precious seedling waiting.
The night now tender,
But ground still fertile,
Its love flowers unabating.

the calm that escapes me
waits for a space in the cloud
patient now
breaking down
destroying and remaking
my mind up
Razeena Bham Mar 2018
Sometimes, I gaze at you
and I long to stamp
my body onto these trees
And paint my memories into
Fragile leaves that will sink
deep into this crafted terra-cotta globe

and crossed
and dotted
Scattered between murky constellations
Of black holes and radio captured cosmic rainbows

I’ll confess
the sempiternal fondness
in my unabating smile
Every time
you parted my cells
and held me together
Every time
you ripped through my skin
and let me fall apart

In every moment
I simper
and shut my eyes
when your gaze weighs through me
Every time you taste
The whine
through my parted lips
before it can reach
for the empty room

I’ll stretch my arms
and swing my hips
dropping ichor onto
a saturated canvas

I’ll move with the world
As you moved with me…


I’ll cry
and I’ll laugh
I’ll let them caress me
and I’ll let them push me away

I’ll let them praise
I’ll let them mock

I’ll take it all

I’ll draw close every glimmer of you
And before I perish,
I’ll lay myself bare
But I’ll keep you to me

For you are too gentle
Too violent
To stain this wretched,
giving earth.
Lorraine Colon Jan 2019
I've not seen a night like this before,
Not one star is making its debut;
It's as though Heaven has shuttered its door
To conceal our anguish from its view

Our love now sails seas of turbulence,
Waves of tears threaten to sink our skiff;
Once, warm exchanges when moments were tense,
Veered us away from each treacherous cliff

In darkest hours, our love gave us strength
To weave all our woes into a song;
And in my arms you fell asleep at length --
Tell me, is this not where you belong?

Love's golden threads gently bound our hearts,
Breaking when a weakened link was strained;
My heart shattered into a thousand parts,
Scattering when it became unchained

Gather these frail fragments in your hands
Lest the winds of Time blow them away;
Don't let them sink into the shifting sands,
Stranded on the Shores of Yesterday

Place Love's golden threads upon the loom,
Weave your magic -- let the shuttles fly!
Heaven will rejoice seeing our love abloom,
Freeing the stars to dance across the sky

I've set the tea kettle to boiling,
In the windows, candles brightly burn;
While those stormy clouds are fiercely roiling,
I'll watch at the door for your return

The logs on the hearth sputter and hiss,
This raging storm seems unabating,
I need the calm of your arms and your kiss,
Please, my darling, come home .....  I'm waiting
Onoma Jan 29
the lake set thick

winter's irrevocable bone,

the moon's floodlit interment

frozen feet deep.

from whose bottom she

figure skates.

her blades carving maneuvers that

illustrate the unabating turnings,

of an upside down world made upright.

watery blue mirrors paling before her--

her hair let fall, bound in bunches, directs

the violence of her elegant abstractions.
That first Spring promise,
A blossom so vibrant,
Its ****** hues,
Shocking and gorgeous.

Then came Summer,
As love’s leaves matured,
The very air a caress,
Sunlight for nourishment.

Autumn arrived unbidden,
The cold nights unwelcome.
So I turned my back
On the shortening of days,
Looking instead, to far away hills,
Where the sun still kissed
Hay bales.

And then Winter,
Its sudden snap –
Whiplashed me to the present.
Loneliness made colder,
By memories of warmth.
An unabating frost,
That rid the world of taste,
Turning all existence,
To a single sheet –
And then it cracked.

I wandered the Tundra,
Starving beneath white fur,
Moaning to the memory,
Of seal and salmon fat –
The taste of life itself.
Hunger made deeper,
By the recollection of
Full stomachs.

And then, when it all seemed impossible,
Winter broke
And a thaw set in –
Petal once more
Defeating ice.

— The End —