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Eleete j Muir Feb 15
cut off from god as heavens
guard parries the eastern sky
and the nearest star rouses
like a seraphs sword inflaming
the insurrection of men
even to death, the day overwhelming
such divine law and its transgression
against trespass; enlightening sin.

Time true of ages triumpeth the secrets of faery
With Hazael's ivory tusk espying insight thus even
Solomon was not arrayed like the lily in the field, Eve,
Whose Tears filled the Aryeh Fountain that watered
Iduna's golden apple tree of discord, the source of the gods
Youth and health yet still not death preventing;
Continuance mightier thus we lose what is certain whilst
Seeking that which is uncertain under ye such as
Life and the volitant green silk with men and woman
On the right hand and spirits on the left as if a
Beatific vision were penetrated and the sun in the sky
Become blackened by the Rukh bird and like a lion
Satan stalks the saints, likeness in our echoing for the
Fairest in love and war for the matrimony of
Heaven and Hell.

Eleete J Muir
Eleete j Muir Nov 2020

Eleete j Muir Aug 2020
The eventide chimericalness of
The gad word of life's confutation
Cutting the gordian knot
Knowing one's onions depending
The lassitude of pusillanimous
Eminence grises harvesting
Monkhood disenchantingly
From jumbie dragon teeth
Disbodying corrival federacies
Of the lout Annunaki's japery
To raise cain dolorously at the
Gate of Heaven quibbling with
The un-named angel
Impelling the memory of nature
Kist of whistles.

Eleete j Muir Apr 2020
I will meet with you beyond
The colour of this world
Where reality sits between
The light and the dark
When we are but spectres
And our hearts dimension concludes
All we ever thought we were
Or imagined ourselves to be
At a time that nothing will matter
And we won't mind
Travelling the ether wholly found
Within all the reasons finally lost.

Eleete j Muir Nov 2019
Celebrate my death non-dolorously
On the day of my graduation when
It is my hour to act as the supernal
Trumpet sounds a single blast and
Thus the scourge of the day of darkness
Smites me where the power of darkness rules;
That day the dread fortuitous event shall come
To pass- the punishment of a fateful day
When I will whistle in the eventide
As the church ***** plays and the
Dew of my unnamed Angels tears settle
On the Lady's mantle where there is but knowing
And not knowing, understanding and lack
Of understanding at Janus' gate to know the
Divinity which is within, that you may know the
Divine One, of which your soul is a ray.
Ah life! what such a conquest; a Cadmean victory
To only darken the room and draw the curtains
Too swear by almighty God and meet supreme
Immortality within the hereafter, his natural
Milieu where but on that day none will punish
As he will punish, nor will any bind
With chains like his to keep it dark.

Eleete j Muir Sep 2019
"A Heavenly exile exists until Light returns unbroken to its source. There is no Light without Darkness, and no Darkness without Light. At every step we take there are worlds upon worlds before us, every journey has a secret destination of which the traveller is unaware; right work and diligence will bring out the hidden reward. Never seek to imitate the spiritual path of another. Forgetfulness is exile, remembrance is redemption fore true knowledge comes from the heart; see oneself with all your heart, with both your impulses seek peace within. Have you a scripture that promises you whatever you choose, and having died once shall die no more. That you shall have what you yourselves ordain''.
Spake the invisible fallen angel, the ruler of those who give that gain by giving, whose appearance would **** most with fright.
"With Song we can open the gates of Heaven, cleaving to God-
Here I am, I am present and just as the celestial stream flows on forever without ceasing, so must one see that his own river and spring shall not cease in the world and that a prayer without devotion is not prayer''.
Continued, Eblis the jinnee, with a breath of awareness upon the tip of a flaming xipoid tongue. The same of which he was made and used also to question the Almighty Maker, having before the fall asked,
''Me thou hast created of smokeless fire, And shall I reverence a creature made of dust?''.
But of this most men have no knowledge and a curse that is causeless does not alight with devil's luck or diabolism's sortilege no matter what one wishes.

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