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Michael Mitchell Jul 2017
The Sun shines in the Fiery Dawn
While the Moon glows in the Cold Dusk

One adheres to short and sweet haikus
While the other prefers lengthy whimsical sonnets

One Plays the Boy in Love
While the Girl Plays Hard to Get

Distant distinct entities chained by responsibility
Still orbit closer to connect

The admiring fish swims beside the cute crab
They travel alongside in the shallow shore

Yin and Yang
Princess and Prince

Coexist among distinct cultures
Began exploring more than ever before

Courtship has revealed their grayscale similarities
Drawing the couple closer together

Their momentary dates felt like endless dreams
Laughing, playing, talking, studying, hugging and kissing

Their Love became lucid to them
Like black and white

Their hearts now beat stronger in unison
flourishing ever more in harmony
A love poem for my girlfriend (PNG) for our 1st month anniversary.

Michael Mitchell Jul 2017
Two islands far apart
Trying to connect across the world

My eyes met hers
As I notice his

Fireworks blossomed roses
Butterflies fill my heart

Spotlights shine on her beauty
He’s the only target I would hit

Snapchats in a bottle
The dove carries bitmojis

Wanting to come closer to her
Escape my own fear to see him

Chopping down the timbers of loneliness
My cupid shows me the path

Closer with every move I make
Skinship comes natural

Two sides of one heart unite
We flutter in sync

Hand in hand intertwine
Building endless strength to the Arches of Love
This poem is written by PNG & M&M. We alternated each line to express our fluttering feelings as a couple <3
Michael Mitchell Apr 2017
Forever I'll miss you
Through thick and thin
How we stayed as a crew
You were my twin

Assisting each other we climbed and climbed
Your charisma keeps lifting me
If only I met you earlier in time
I would have evolved in glee

If only our souls stayed around
But alas, our time has come
So as you don your gown
Our strings of friendship will forever strum
This poem was one that my best friend wrote. This is his first poem so any helpful commentary will be helpful!
thanks! M&M
Michael Mitchell Apr 2017
Her eyes stare into my soul
My heart beats like a drum
The next action could toll
My hand reaches to her thigh to strum

Her head and mine gravitate close
Our lips puckered to prep
They dance to music they chose
Our bodies automate for the next step

Her warmth embodies me
Two heartbeats resonate to one
Brushing her lushness more is the key
Her beauty curses my body in a stun

Our clothes shed from wildfire
Luscious mountains appear
My airplane flows between like a frequent flyer
While she cries joyfully into next year

My key ripens for action
Her lock primes to be touched
The key struggles through with heavy traction
The lock finally opens in a clutch

A white surrender flag in fanfare
My soul glistened with the new world
She smiles seductively in the same flair
As if our dreams together swirled
This is a love poem i had felt to write when I met my first girlfriend. Please let me know if i need to improve on this poem and also dating advice! Thanks!!! M&M
Michael Mitchell Apr 2017
The name is in the game
You either shoot or you fall
Ball in basket is primary aim

Dribble, dribble, dribble
The ball smacks the ground
Defender’s actions written scribbled
Forward rushes hoop bound

There’s no “I” in “team”
passing becomes like breathing
To enter the pro dream
Cause orange is the color we bleeding
I got into basketball recently and this has helped me take the stress out of life. Hope u like it! M&M
Michael Mitchell Dec 2016
Pookie bear
Mi ángel
I am trapped in your love stare

You’re an undistressed damsel
Confident to take on the world
Your dreams within your reach

Everywhere you twirled
Swirled precious quotes you preach
Inspiring those that follow you

Mi linda mariposa
Your wings sparkle as you flew
Nuestro vínculo es lo más hermosa
Love always brings us back to what we do best :) M&M
Michael Mitchell Apr 2016
Blue etchings fill the sky
Rain falls when it starts to cry
Clouds like pillows in the landscape
Watching this painting is our only escape

Cool, calm, collected
This sustained color presented
Shapes our lives to be less aggressive
The infinite freedom conquered the repressive

Orange and red signals an end
This prominent transition we recommend
As change is needed to evolve
So that our unabating problems can resolve

The night sky now shines black
Present until the sun comes back
The shimmering stars on the dark curtain
Asking onlookers if their dreams are certain

The sun greets the sky in red-orange light
Signaling the world to wake up to the morning bright
The sky revolves around night and day
Offering those to gaze at its relaxing bay
I looked up to the sky and wondered its mysteries works and magic #M&M
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