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Too often the lonely heart's dreams are hurled
Into the depths of despair's roiling sea;
But soon it finds peace in a phantom world
Of shadows mimicking love's ecstasy

Why should Loneliness conjure up such fears?
When I feel alone, with no direction,
I need only gaze in my pool of tears
And I'm comforted by my reflection

In the night I may wander paths unknown
With the luster of the moon to guide me;
Pity me not, thinking I walk alone --
My shadow walks faithfully beside me

A Spring morning may find me wading rills
In a vale where the meadow rue stands tall;
I cry "I love you" to the distant hills,
And some phantom lover echoes my call

Or I may write a torrid love letter,
In a bottle I'll cast it to the sea.
What joy to be freed of despair's fetter
When the tide returns that missive to me

Curse of loneliness! no such thing need be.
But how do we bear the pain? you may ask;
Look to desperate hearts for the remedy,
Our senses have been well-trained for the task!
No fancy clothes have I ever desired,
Yet, in Nature's splendor I'm well-attired;
To my lips red roses bequeath their hue,
While morning bathes them in its pearly dew;
My lips quiver, awaiting unknown bliss --
They're dressed for love, but there's no one to kiss

My heart is clad in the latest fashion:
A cloak of dreams, sewn with threads of passion;
Love is embroidered into every fold
With tender warmth for when the wind blows cold,
Come, lonely drifter, come find sweet repose!
My heart's dressed for love, but nobody knows

Dawn's first blooms offer themselves for my crown --
How they complement my gossamer gown
Made of moonlight, and embellished with stars,
(I'll not be constrained by propriety's bars!)
But from my eyes tears fall like melting snow,
I'm all dressed for love ...... with nowhere to go
When sad, empty eyes chance to rest upon
Other eyes fixed in a hopeless gaze,
What sweet fantasies overrun the mind--
Navigating love's enchanting maze

How the pulse quickens when love is the prize,
Like dried kindling, hope begins to burn;
But what pain when one heart greedily feasts,
And for the other shows no concern

What a dilemma when only one heart
Lights the darkness with love's burning flame;
Merciless anguish does not spare the rod
When Love's endeavor is put to shame

For what is the mainstay of caring hearts
If not love that's given in return?
Just as a candle's flame must extinguish
When there remains no wick left to burn

I've heard it said love begets love, and yet
Love's hunger still courses through my veins;
So my starving heart forages for crumbs
In Love's graveyard of decaying  remains

Unrequited love always takes its toll --
A forbidding toll each heart must pay;
Love cannot survive without sustenance,
Weakened by neglect, it fades away
What a bitter cup of rue
When Love proves to be untrue!
Lying lips can bring such bliss,
Masking each deceitful kiss

When deception's undertow
Drags us to its depths below,
It is then the heart withdraws
To take a reflective pause

How can it trust and believe
Love will not again deceive?
What shall it do when the urge
For romance begins to surge?

Will it find a hiding place
In denial's cold embrace?
Know this! Love may cause regret,
But there is no safety net

My heart once walked that high-wire.
Teetering, blinded by desire,
Down I tumbled into hell
As love laughed, waving farewell

O, what torment shrouds the heart
Pierced by deceit's poison dart!
Sing the dirge, toll the death knell,
Love is dead - yet here I dwell

Nevermore will my heart trust
And into despair be ******!
This I swear by stars above
      and yet .........
How can I live without love?
Why can I not escape from Loneliness?
It hangs over me like a cloud;
Prowling about like a stray, hungry dog
It finds me cowering in the crowd

From dawn 'til dusk Loneliness calls my name,
With vague terrors it fills each night;
It accompanies every step I take
And no prayer seems to ease my plight

Loneliness etched its name upon my heart
And each day worships at my shrine;
Wretched fiend, your loyalty makes me cringe!
If only Love had your design!

Through long empty nights I curse Loneliness
As it leads me down its dark hall;
And yet, if it weren't for Loneliness
I'd have no companion at all
For those of you who've had more than your share
Of Life's wrath, I raise my glass of false cheer!
Join me in a toast to Fate, if you dare
(But don 't appease it by shedding a tear)

Though Fate chose to look on us with disdain
Don't let its wicked pranks obscure your mind;
Each morning a new sun rises again --
Another chance to leave your woes behind

Always keep in mind Fate may smile on you
And on your shoulders lay its golden shroud;
But be prepared, should all this prove untrue
And the dawn offers yet another cloud

We who have nothing, not even Love's touch,
Crippled, we slowly limp toward the abyss,
Frantically seeking a lifeline to clutch,
All the while awaiting Death's frightful kiss

You who have never found favor with Fate
In this jungle of misery and rue,
It is your misfortune I celebrate,
For your failure has been my failing, too;
But rest assured, all suffering will abate
When in Death's embrace we bid Life adieu!
Lorraine Colon Oct 2020
If you care for someone, let them know,
Release Love's light, let it cast its glow;
This sacred fire was meant to be shared
So a heart in torment might be spared;
(How tragic when love goes undeclared!)

That flame of Love that is burning bright
Might fill someone's heart with hope tonight;
The roiling winds of despair will shift
When Love's guiding light presents its gift
To the unmoored heart floating adrift

Only Love can comfort and repair
A broken heart shattered by despair;
Love will rekindle the dying fire
Of mislaid dreams and hopeless desire,
As angels strike up the sacred lyre

But it is your love that writes the hymn,
Bringing light to eyes that have grown dim;
Rest assured your blessings will accrue!
Your days will wear a heavenly hue
When love you give is returned to you
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