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Wild with joy we outstretch eager hands,
Reaching for those first sweet buds of Spring,
Only to find thorns amidst the blooms,
Startling us with a most painful sting.
But it's just Life's way of teaching us
That happiness is a fleeting thing

But never stop dreaming and hoping,
Nor allow your heart to become callous,
For when happiness knocks at the door
How soon we forget Fortune's malice.
And when happiness wears Love's disguise,
Whose lips would not sip from Love's chalice?

Happiness flits and darts through our lives
Erratic as a bird on the wing,
Fragile as a snowball in the dawn
Of a sudden sultry morn in Spring.
Just a brief reprieve from misery,
Happiness is but a fleeting thing
Love's ecstasy flew on gilded wings  
To this heart laden with woe;  
Like the buds of Spring my dreams unfurled . . .  
And then Fate dealt its cruel blow.
Now I walk that lonely path again,  
But I'll forget him . . . just don't ask when  

How does a shattered heart find its way,
Deprived of its guiding star?
How long will it take before it heals?
Do wounds this deep leave a scar?
Though my world is crumbling 'round me now,
I must carry on . . . just don't ask how

Trying to hush echoes of the past,
Alone I bitterly weep;
I've climbed the Hill of Sorrows before  . . .
But it's never been this steep!
Each day dark clouds are filling my sky,
And yet, I still hope . . . just don't ask why

But should abandoned hearts dare to hope
Lost love will return again?
Last night as I prayed I thought I heard
Crying angels sighing Amen;
Now I bravely flaunt this smiling mask,
But do I still miss him? . . . Please, don't ask!
His face is not one you'd call handsome,
Most women wouldn't look at him twice,
But should some rogues hold him for ransom,
I would gladly pay their asking price

They say he's devoid of all treasure . . .
No wealth or landholdings,  so I'm told,
But I find riches beyond measure
In his silver hair and heart of gold

His love is the fortune that I seek --
It's not found in diamonds or in jade;
Though our cottage be humble and meek,
No palace would I accept in trade

Vile temptations, your labor's in vain!
Never could opulence take the place
Of the man, who like a king shall reign
In my heart . . . though common be his face
This day began with a resolute vow:
No longer will Life's trials wrinkle my brow;
Woe and misfortune shall seek me in vain --
Though their shadows creep, steadfast I'll remain

Today is my day --  I'll hold my head high,
And with a broad smile greet each passerby;
I'll not waste my breath to voice a complaint,
But joyfully shed this cloak of constraint

Today is the day Fear's restrictive chain
Will dissolve like a snowball in the rain;
Guilt and regret shall assail me no more --
Today I learned to barricade the door!

Yes, this is the day my voice will be heard --
(Passion's smoldering ashes have been stirred!)
All my inhibitions will be set free --
On swift wings will they claim their liberty

From this day forward, who knows what awaits --
Might love rescue me from these dire straits?
(Hope is a beacon whose light comes and goes,
Ah, but today, how radiantly it glows)

Today is my day -- new paths I'll travel
As life's binding threads start to unravel;
I dare anyone to stand in my way!
Do you hear me world? Today is my day!
The beacon of solace grows dim,
I've no words to stop your heart from aching;
I'm tired of soothing your furrowed brow
While my own heart is breaking

Please don't ask me to hold your hand
While my whole being longs for your caress;
Don't expect me to throw you a lifeline
While I'm drowning in loneliness

I'm losing the will to respond
When from the abyss I hear you calling;
How do I guide you to a happy place
While my own tears are falling?

Now when you knock upon my door,
My love and understanding to entreat,
You'll hear a weary voice softly crying:
"Love is not a one-way street!"
Love left me waiting, staring at the stars,
While Faith and Hope stayed close behind;
Then the sun cast its rays, and still I stared --
(Now I know why they say love is blind)

And the sun and the stars looked down on me
And asked "What are you waiting for?"
Boldly I replied "I'm waiting for Love,"
And they laughed till I could bear it no more

Still I waited, but as the years marched on,
Faith and Hope abandoned their post;
And love never guessed its fatal mistake --
I would have made a marvelous host!

Love left me waiting, but I wait no more,
I've freed myself from its tether,
Ah, but Loneliness took pity on me . . .
It summoned Gloom . . . now we all live together
Our love came like a bolt from the blue
And rocked our hearts like a storm-tossed boat,
And to Heaven my lips gave thanks . . . but you --
You sketched a disturbing anecdote:

"As time passes, how can we be sure
That our love is as strong as today?"
O, what dire torment the mind must endure
If simple signs fail to light the way

Rest assured there is a foolproof test
Should one of us doubt the other's love,
Or if upon both hearts there come to rest
Strong forebodings, or traces thereof:

When we're in each other's company,
Should our thoughts drift to another place,
And the hours seem to drag on endlessly . . .
Love is loosening its firm embrace

When thoughts of you don't quicken my heart,
And thoughts of me don't bring you delight,
When we get the sense we're drifting apart . . .
Our love is preparing to take flight

When my eyes no longer speak to you,
And your kiss is easily denied,
When we behave as fickle friends might do . . .
It is then we'll know our love has died
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