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Eryri Jan 17
Silken shroud of running water
Softens rock to rounded pebbles
Much as time can soothe a memory
Eryri Jan 3
Inverted scene of coast and air
Granite cliff clouds and sky of sea
You and I inbetween watching
The topsy turvy, roly poly play
Of two who cast their cares away
Eryri Dec 2021
Molten days pour from from Shore to Sea
Combining to generate memory's energy
In the boiling hiss of an evaporating week.
Eryri Dec 2021
Doubt sows a seed
In my greenhouse skull
Eryri Dec 2021
Each passing day is an investment
A sacrifice of the present for the future.
As for the past, frivolous times forgotten,
Consigned to the bin of social media
Doomed to be infertile digital compost
By the time you are ready to bloom.
Eryri Dec 2021
Pure love runs
Jumps and lands
The perfect dive
Clean and efficient
Eryri Nov 2021
A verbal spaghetti junction
Faceless and loud as a blast
A conference call going nowhere fast
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