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i would like them to say
the flames of his cremation
paled in comparison
to the light of his life
Posted posthumously by a friend - RIP Joey.
these humans being
a plague of inhumanity
a cancer spreading
this human disease

another tomorrow
is one too many
when all life is lost
and only pain remains
waking to another day of torture

stopped stone still
gathering moss
stopped watch tells time
whats what
stopped dropped
tames flames
Posted posthumously by a friend - RIP Joey.
if the police cant police the police
then what use are they?
push the whole barrel into the sea
before the rot taints everything
if the law is to be believed
enforcement needs to be believable
but believe you me youll see
from the receiving end
theyre nothing if not predictable
because ultimately
masquerading as wolves
we look for wealth
amidst the poverty
searching with straining eyes
for signs of joy
so we can again look away
with our souls salved
our curiosity sated
and our lids unmoved
in our sleep
to build a life with no tools
is not an option with no rules
is no defence in law
crime is the occupation of the untaught poor
Tories give you nothing then blame you for having it
sometimes the pain is a relief
i can stop grieving for a moment
im not mourning me
im crying for what could have been
there is a wisdom in agony
that allows the penitent to make his atonement
no regrets is a fallacy
when one comes face to face with eternity
high and dry
sounds like a place
youd want to be to me
a preponderance of possibility
so why does it feel
like im drowning in it
frowning cynically
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