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if insight is inciteful
should i look away?
cant unsee the lies
with an eyeful
see what Im saying?
say what i see
cant deny i say it seethingly
if thats a crime
call me a criminal
not guiltily
repetition is the mom of *******
replace a tongue with yours
you own the conversation
before they know
youll own their souls
their gold
their nation
theyll even praise you
for your every definition of dictation
my impending future
is my personal vision of hell
an inescapable carnal carnival carousel
of pity and wishes of well
pain as my only friend
until my accelerated desiccated demise
id rather die
in a few days time
flying with the sun in my eyes
nothing left in a right world
conservatism and conservation are not compatible
consumerism is their watchword
devouring everything worth anything their will
all i can remember
is the hell ive been living
seems like its been like this
since the very beginning
though i hope thats not true
life before the fall was hardly heaven
everything is better in memory
than it is at the present
my yang
is a yearning
i can never fulfil
ive tried many times
to find the match to my sigil
whole is a concept unknown to my soul
i am one alone in my darkness
inviting dawns oblivion
what happens when the prodigal son returns
wanting nothing but apologies for bridges burnt
is he has to cross a chasm
has his advances spurned
travels back to his far country
lesson learned
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