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matt May 2015
thirty ******* pounds of pressure in my chest. anxiety, i fell under the spell of that demon when i looked in to his eyes we both knew we were destined he and I. anxiety is the ******* that turns a good thing rotten. anxiety will put you in shackles and taunt you with the key. when you think all will go well anxiety pulls the key back just out of reach. anxiety ***** your strength out one day at a time. you always growing weaker, and he just gets stronger. you can’t **** anxiety with a silver bullet, a stake to the heart, or a vial of holy water. much like the path to nirvana you must find your own path to ridding yourself of him. some fail, some succeed. some people seem to fall in love with self torture he doesn’t even have to lift a finger.
matt Jan 2015
stress the gaping hole in the chest broken ribs and torn flesh. anxiety’s got a gun to your head  a single pull of the trigger and you’ll be dead. fear is words never said steps never taken only standing there shaking. empty, void of the want to do become or even move. hopeless, convinced there isn’t a way. depression, thoughts and dark images escape and you can run but they can hunt they will find you, hurt you.

happiness the feeling of forgetting are downfall
remembering that
the only thing
to fear
is fear
  Jan 2015 matt
Sam Knaus
(I saw a piece titled "5 Things I Will Tell My Daughter" and I decided to write one, too~)

1. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what about the hearts that hurt stronger, or grow colder? Do not let your heart grow cold... Dream, darling. Dreams can melt the ice and soothe the pain, their dreams of you gently wrapping your arms around their neck, and, speaking softly, as though they are afraid they will wake and you won't be beside them, the words fall from their lips, “I love you.” You reply, “I love you, too.” But then, we must remember: although all dreams end, the fire that is their soul cannot be put out by any force other than their own lack of will. Your soul will not lose its flame unless you stop pouring gasoline into your heart, until you stop gathering firewood from your limbs. Remember that it takes time to become the person you want to be. Do not, under any circumstances, give up.

2. You needn't believe that love is limited, for hearts expand endlessly. Remember that some women will call you a sinner, and some men will call you a saint. Love them both. Love the way that although goodbye means going away, going away does not necessarily equal a forgotten promise to return. Love the notes that you keep in the bottom of your dresser in a shoebox from 7th grade, love your favourite shirt, love your first video game, love your first romantic partner and love your last. Love red flowing dresses and sweatpants and above all, do not be afraid to love deeply, messily, and even predictably, because sometimes, predictability is okay.

3. You are a raging hurricane, an endless forest fire, a light autumn drizzle, the flicker of a candle flame, a brilliant lightning bolt and the house-shaking clap of thunder that follows. Do not allow anyone to undermine your worth, your being, your sentience, your magnificence. You are the world, and the moment you believe otherwise (because you will) is the moment when, if not I, then somebody else you care for, will be by your side with a can of gasoline and a few extra logs.

4. Do not spend your life in search of a place to call your own; instead, mould your skeleton into a home and place your soul behind your eyes; house galaxies, constellations, and all the infinities that you can hold inside your being and never let them go. When your skin starts to crack, pour grace into your wounds and brush the kinks out of your wings; find faith in yourself, at least, if not another omniscient being as well. Just remember: If you have faith, have it when the miracles don't happen, just as much as when they do.

5. Live for the experience of breathing deeply and loving carelessly.
9:54 p.m. is when I finished this. I listened to a fuckton of Shinedown while writing this and I started out hating it, but I ended up in love with it.
  Dec 2014 matt
Frank Ruland
Hello friend, welcome to HP!
This is quite the lovely place
to post your pieces of poetry,
and even meet a friendly face

Comment, like, follow and post,
but like any social circle, there are politics
which invisibly bind all those
who find this site crucially cathartic

When it comes to following,
keep in mind you like to be seen
just as much as others enjoy strolling
the site and seeing their writes come across your screen.

And before you like, try to really read
This isn't Facebook where every thought
is jotted down and fed into the feed
and followers are mindlessly bought

Most importantly, you may very well fall
in with the trolls for rude, hateful comments
"If you can't say nothing nice, say nothing at all,"
or the people here may turn on you and your sonnets

Don't be crass, crude, cross, or callous
or you will end up being blocked,
and it hinders the creativity for all of us,
so be nice, or risk being socially flogged

Keep in mind these are all real people
with real thoughts as well as emotions
One hurtful word may scar much deeper
than the darkest and tumultuous ocean

With this said, I wish you well
These are just groupthink denominations
Nobody like to hear someone tell
them something hurtful in any situation
Hello Poetry is a wonderful site with many wonderful people, and I have come to love so many of you. I know every now and again you come under attack, or someone may say something hurtful. I believe 95% of the people on here have the best intentions and just want to write and post, as well as read and follow other great poets. Please, be kind to your fellow people, as well as poets. Critiquing and hating ARE two different things. If you have nothing nice to say, just go on to the next poem. Thank y'all!
  Dec 2014 matt
do not date a girl
who writes.
she will internalize
carve poems
into your eyelashes
instead of
kissing them,

she will analyze you,
calculate age
from the rings
your coffee cup
instead of refilling it.

she will memorize
the way your
lips curl around steam,
but not that you
take it
two sugars,
no cream.

she will read your
palm instead of
holding it
against her chest.

she will not
when you leave,
because she is
romanticizing it.
  Dec 2014 matt
Anthony Caceres
Intellectual thoughts and conversations are not my forte.  Instead lets sit down and talk about your day
  Dec 2014 matt
You are like the sea. Men will try to conquer you, they will claim to fall in love with you, try to tame you, even bury themselves in your depths; you will swallow anything that threatens your greatness. You, like the sea, not only deserves respect but commands it.

2. When a man calls you out your name, remember that "*****" is just another word for woman who dares to speak her mind. These words are daggers aimed at your throat to cut out your voice, when they use them against you, speak louder. Scream, yell, howl, let your voice be the one sound he fear the most. You cannot be silenced.

3. Love hard. Love everything. Love yourself. Love your work. Love your heart. Love your skin. Love the rain. Love the night. Love fearlessly. Let your love be thick, but once you stop loving something...or someone, don't force it.

4. You cannot experience intimacy without a measure of vulnerability. Don't be afraid of being vulnerable. It will hurt and it will get your heart racing; the feeling in the pit of your stomach will threaten to knock you over but let it happen. Vulnerability allows you to rid yourself of the poisons you've consumed from passed hurts and heartbreaks. Let the vemon leave your bloodstream, let healing take it's place.

5. They never tell you that it's fine to be comfortable with reservation. This is probably the hardest feat. Being comfortable with the fear and the doubt you feel when you step out of your comfort zone is the bravest thing you can accomplish. Embrace it, assess it and if you feel like it's too overbearing, walk away.
this is a work in progress, more to come
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