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Patricia Arches Sep 2017
I want to know
All it took
to get to this point
Right here
Right now

Your "hello, my name is _"
Will carry the weight
Of your struggles
Of your mistakes
That were really lessons learned
And have made you into the
Strong and secure person you are today

And the answers to the endless prayers
I offered before I even knew what
Name would fill in that blank

What did it take for you to reach this moment where we meet?
The lines that we will draw to connect all the dots together
No matter how seemingly insignificant
Or painful those dots may be

The end is our own little masterpiece
Our own story backed up by a million more stories
And the prologue
to rest of our lives
There a million more stories to find out.
Patricia Arches Jul 2017
Even if our what if will always still be suspended in the air
And I will be forced to breathe it in and out once in awhile, remembering your smell
I'm on solid ground
And no matter how many free moving particles of our what if roam the skies
What's sure is keeping me on the steady floor

Our what if may never be seen, even if I may feel it once in awhile
But my here and now is where I walk on
Even if it's just one step at a time
I'm moving forward
And my when is in my view.
Patricia Arches Jan 2016
that my struggles will never know no end
oh, the mountainous heights to overcome
though my fears of falling may wish my descent
the higher breeze carries your delightful hum

every inhale reminds me of what I know
even if my hands and feet do tremble
regardless of where my path may go
what awaits is monumental

well what I've gained is more than what I have lost
or rather what I will lose
what I've risked I know is for a nobler cause
in you, I see the proof

to live and have not loved, I wish not of
for it is the grandest of adventures
Although your walls reach the stars up above
the highest walls guard the most splendid treasures

when I reach the top, for you, I'll bring back the stars
though it can never capture your whole essence
trace out all the risks and all of the scars
just to be in your

I can't wait.
Patricia Arches Oct 2015
Well you have shown me your true character
through distance's filters
When I gave you the benefit of the doubt
you left for some time and came back
offering in return your inconsistencies

Don't get me wrong
It's not that I'm mad at you
I'm the farthest from that
I just hoped you would have chosen
to prove them wrong

I just hoped that you'd be different
Seen it time and time again.
Patricia Arches Oct 2015
I want you to keep in mind
that you are my sunshine
on days when the rain never ends
and the clouds around me do descend

As of now, the rain has not stopped
your rays of light are sadly blocked
yet even in the darkest hour
I stand her smiling in its showers

because you are my sunshine
I know everything will be fine
you are still there just behind the clouds
"to bring back the light" you have vowed

although, now, I may not see you here
your warmth and presence still is near
So I patiently wait for when I may see
my sunshine smiling back at me
To the one who will one day be my sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray.
Patricia Arches Oct 2015
write as if you have something to say
because you do

write as if the sky wasn't blue and every day is as upside down as the next
write in colors then write in black and white

write to me
write to those who need it the most, even if they won't admit it

write about your dreams and hopes for the future
and watch them come alive before your very eyes

as you write whatever thought comes out of your head
though it may sound like gibberish

write because you can
it is your freedom

write novels that span pages upon pages bound together by leather or
some short words

write as if he didn't break your heart
and then write as if he did to piece it back together

write to unlock doors and open minds
write to make others and, more importantly, yourself aware

write because you will see
you will see your ideas trickle down into your fingertips and out your pen

onto a tangible and real medium that you may look back on one day
and remember why you started writing in the first place

write to make sense of what doesn't
in hopes that, one day, it'll be more than just in writing

write and fold it into a creaseless paper plane
let it fly and, boy, enjoy seeing where it takes you

then write to: home on one of those rectangular postcards
document every day and its little details

write it all down
and then live it all out
note to self
Patricia Arches Sep 2015
what a terrifying and illogical extreme
to love someone without fear
the girl of your wildest dreams
who you may never be able to hold dear

for she does not know you exist
she does not know of your love
she sees the world with closed fists
and heart is empty of

she may never accept what you have
even if it does shine ever so bright
to her you are only a young lad
yet you know you are a lad with some fight

you were never limited by a clock
or what was known to be acceptable
stronger than a diamond in a rock
even if your ending would be quite terrible

she never digs for your treasure
for in her tower she kept waiting
no matter how grand your gesture
she still needs some wall breaking

still you love her with a love so pure
illogical, terrifying, fearless
captivatingly obscure
you will forever love her the fiercest
This idea is so abstract and raw in my head. I wasn't quiet sure how to form it into proper words so I decided to try putting it into a rhyme scheme. If ever I do get around to finishing this idea, I will fix this poem.
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