Is a beautiful bright
Color it is neon color
Lime green
Lime green
You see lime green
Car and phone charger
And paint and many more
I love to se the color lime green
It is a peaceful color and it is one
Of my favorite color my other favorite
Color is orange I love to see them both
Together lime green and orange
© Amanda Kay Hill

Sister are connect
Heart to heart
Sister are you first
Best friend they understand
You and know how
you are feeling
Sister will always be
your best friend
You might laugh together
or cry together
Or fight but sister
always have each other
Back sister are joined
Heart to heart
© Amanda Kay Hill

Are awesome animals
They are funny and they
Can make you
Slime and laugh
They run around
They help people with
Special needs and they
Can tell when something
Is wrong and they can you
When someone is a bad person
© Amanda Kay Hill

She rides the
Train into town
Old days
Old days
Her mother ask her
To go into town to
Get some medicines
And orange juice
Then she hopped
Back on to the train
And going back home
To her mother
At the farm,
After she got
Home and she
Went to go
Milk the cows and
Collect the chicken
Eggs and put some
In the hatcher and
Some in the refrigerator
Old days
© Amanda Kay Hill

Is a beautiful
Color there are
Lots of things that are
Flowers and sometimes
There are purple and orange
Sunset are peaceful and relaxing
My best friend Poetess Cherisse Powers
Favorite color is
© Amanda Kay Hill

Is addiction but
It is a fun website
There is a lots of
Cool stuff on Facebook
Like awesome video and
Saying and quotes I like
It is a good way to stay
In touch with you friend
And family Facebook change
A lots of times but that is ok
I will get used to the new layout
© Amanda Kay Hill

Me and Amanda Rarick
Best friend
Are best friends and
Like a sister for
different mother
Best friend
Best friend
We have been
Best friend
For 8 years we
Also play special
Olympic basketball
In high school in Burkburnett
Texas me and Amanda Rarick
Have been to good and bad
Together she has been there
For me in bad and good times
I has been there for her in bad
And good times and we can
FaceTime for hours and we
Text each other every
another day she my
Bestie sis we been
there for each other
I am bless to have her
In my life and to be her
Best friend
I love you so very much
and I miss you so very much
Amanda Rarick
©Amanda Kay Hill

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