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Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
The water that
Flow in the river
The wind that
Blow on a hot
To cold you down
The beautiful sunset
A cardinal that fly
In your backyard
The beautiful sunrise
In the morning
A doves that you
See when you
Ask for something
Peace and love
And hope
God the father
And the savior
Jesus Christ
And the Holy Spirit
© Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
Today is a day to
Remember those who
Fight for our country
Memorial Day
Is a day to remember
Those who fight for
Our country who has
Lost their life fight
For our freedom
And there who has
Fight for our country
That has passed away
People think that
Memorial Day
Is for the ones that
Lost their life fighting
For our country but
Any person that fight
For our country that
As passed away because
They still fought for our
Country and our freedom
Both of my grandpa was
Is war world 2 so thank you
Whose fought for our
Country and freedom
Memorial Day
© Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
We are
Walking on a
Call life and
Sometimes the
Is a bumpy
Or sometime the
Is a smooth
But when the
Is a bumpy
Ride you just
Have to have faith
In God and trust
That he is there
To help you
And the
We walk on
Is not always
Easy sometimes the
Is hard we try to
Our best to stay
Faithful to God
Some time we sin
And sometimes we
Give up hope and
Fall in to the dark
God never promise the
To be a easy ride but
He say trust me and
You will be okay because
I am here for you to talk
To and to pray to I will
Help you walk on the
That will hopefully
Leave you to me in heaven
If you don't go to the dark side
And not let me help you so all
I asked is to have faith and believe
In me the savior and the creator of
Heaven and earth and I am also
Will love you unconditionally
And never give up on you
My children so just take deep
Breath and just let me help you
On you walk on it
That is called life and a journey
To a beautiful place called heaven
© Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
Our savior died on the
For our sins he knows what
Our sins was before
We were born
Jesus carry the
All the way to were
He die on the
For all of us even
The people that have
Not yet feel the love of God
For all our sins
He didn't have to
Die on the
For us but he did
Because he wants
Us to be free of our
Sins and when we
Sin we go to confession
Because when we tell
The priest our sin we
Are telling God ours
Sins because the priest
Are God working in the
Priest the sins are forgot
By God and he will come
Back to judge the
Living and the die
© Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill Dec 2017
They are smart
They help people
To things that they
Need help with
Service dogs
Some are train for
People that are deaf or
Hard of hearing they
Help them to hear things
Some are train for people
Who have seizures they
Help them when they have
Seizure some are train for
People who have pst they
Help them to clam down
Some are train for people
Who have autism they
Help them to meet new
People some are train for
People who have diabetes
They help them by sensing
When the blood sugar is low
Some are train for people who
Have balance problems they
Help them with their balance
By letting them to hold
To them when you walk
Service dogs
Some are shelters dogs
All the dogs that are
Service dogs
Are awesome dogs
Service dogs
© Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill May 2017
Are beautiful
Insects they
Come in different
Size some are
Big and some are
Medium there also
Come in different colors
Some are Orange and
Some are Pink and
Some are lime green
They are beautiful
I enjoy watching
Flying around outside
In they national habits
And all the colors and
I enjoy being out
In the nature
© Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill May 2017
Is a planet which
God create he create
So we can have some
Where to live and to tell
Everyone the word of God
He don't create the
To be destroyed by us
He want us to respect the
And everyone on the
And enjoy the outdoors
And with God create and
He also create heaven so
When our time does come
To go home with ours Lord
Jesus Christ savior so our
Spirit can live on forever
In eternity so respect the
And happy earth day
© Amanda Kay Hill
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