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Nino DeGenaro Aug 2014
The road to salvation
                                     is not the wide road,
                                                  the pride road,
                                                    the road to victory.
                         the salvation road is the dirt road,
                                                    the drifter's road,
                                                           ­         the flooded, the burnt, the crazy
S­alvation of soul is a matter of mind,
                                     roads as metaphors are always feeble,
                                               narrow, crooked, invisible,
                                     forming, newly formed, formidable,
                              the road of the cripples, the poor and the blind.

                                    Pathway to the heart,
                               footfalls on heaven's step,
                                         water cuts stone,
                                             thorn rips flesh,
                                                  blood covers earth,
                                                      dirt­ eats bone.
 Among the rocks the seeds He sowed,
                                     the soul's road is the open road.

— The End —