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Mar 2014
Road of Life
Slippery from the ice that lay’s under the thin sheet of snow. I can hear the distant sounds of animals that I can’t even imagine naming. This road is long and narrow, it even has it’s occasional twists and turns. There seems to be houses that look vacant, however, they only appear every two to three hundred feet. Those two to three hundred feet feel like miles. I feel as though I have been stuck on this same road for years instead of hours, or has it been minutes, I guess I will never know. I saw one other person walking on this same road, he passed me on the opposite side of the street. But, when I turned around to get another glance he was gone.

2. Key of Knowledge
I continue to walk down this road and stumble upon a key. Who just leaves a key sitting in the middle of the road? Especially this road when it seems nobody even lives in these houses, not to mention that I haven’t seen a car pass me once. The key seems to have a name on it “ Dorothy.” The name is engraved in it. The key is what looks to be a bronze color with an almost puzzle piece like end to it. I wonder what it goes to maybe a diary or a hope chest. Either way I don’t think I really want to know that badly. I put in pocket anyway and continue on down the road.

3. Cup of Emotions
I get maybe a couple hundred feet from where I found the key, and then out of the corner of my eye I spot a cup. I go over and look at it even though I don’t really know why, I mean it’s a cup. Maybe it’s because of this road snapping at my senses. Anyway, I look at it and it seems to be a class cup that looks like it has been hit with rain a lot because of it’s yellowish,with a pale tan tint to it. It’s not broken so I pick it up and break so that way I can use it as a weapon or a tool if I need to protect myself or find food if I am on this road any longer. I say this as my stomach growls so loud it echoes off of the tree’s.

4. Tree of Relationships
In the faint distant I can see a broken down tree. It doesn’t look to be too big, however, as I am getting closer it seems to be getting bigger. Even though it isn’t big enough that I couldn’t lift it up and move it so that it’s not in my way and any car that decides to drive on this road, not that there will be. So I pick up the farthest end that is in the road and I drag it back towards the side of the road, this thing is heavier that it looks. I end up having to use my feet to kick the tree over a bump in the road, I should have worn better sneakers instead of my converses. I eventually get it to go over the bump, after numerous attempts, then finally the job is done and the tree is out of mine, and whoever decides to drive down the roads, way.

5. Wall of Death
First there was a tree in my way and now there is a wall. I can’t even find the top of it, or the ending to it. The reason I can’t see it is because I don’t think it’s even a normal wall. It seems to be made out of glass or plastic, I can see through but there is no way of getting on the other side of it. I am so frustrated at this stupid road and all of the things I have found, heard, and seen that I need to take my anger out on something. I punch the wall as hard as I can, and it shatters. A couple of pieces fell out of it, but instead of seeing a way through it I found a backing to it. This was no ordinary road, this was no ordinary wall, obviously. Then it hits me, this wall was a mirror. Instead of seeing through it I was looking at what I have already accomplished walking down this road. However, now I am stuck with nothing left to do but go back the way I came.
The thing is we had to write about a road, key, cup, tree, and finally a wall. Everything in the paragraphs are only about those 5 things. Then we found out what those things were to us. The funny thing to me was that all of mine were true about how I view these things. Enjoy and if you want to do this, I totally suggest it because you may learn a lot of things about yourself.
Jennifer Staples
Written by
Jennifer Staples  Lewiston
   Chloe Nicole
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