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The road to forgiveness where do we start?
We start with humility and we start with the heart.
The road to forgiveness may be a bumpy ride,
Sometimes we need to apologize yet we run and hide.
When you hold on to disappointments and your heart seems brittle and cold
Your only outcome will be that you grow miserable and old.
The road to forgiveness will interfere with your pride,
But some will become humbled and some will cry.
The Lord has forgiven us and that’s the example we need to use
If He has forgiven us then I can forgive you.
The road to forgiveness may sting in your heart
Because it’s hard to forgive once your pain does start.
The road to forgiveness we all have to take…
If heaven is our goal we should not wait.
The road to forgiveness should start with you,
Forgive yourself first before you suffer from the things that you do.
Forgiveness is about love not patience or gain
Love will heal all without placing blame.
The road to forgiveness has been paid by Christ
He set the bar high because He gave up His life.
So all we need is a humble and contrite heart
Let’s learn to be forgiving before our anger starts.
The road to forgiveness is not the easiest road to take
Especially when you are a victim and your heart seems to break,
You wonder why you should make the very first step
When, because of others, you were sad and you wept.
So my friends holding onto bitterness will never bless you
If that’s the unfortunate road that you willingly choose.
This is good old wisdom and I’m not trying to be clever
I advise you to use forgiveness and be blessed forever.

— The End —