The cat was sitting there licking his balls .
He stops suddenly and looks at me , like for seconds . Then he seems to say , "What? It can happen ."
Then all the boys there are wishing they could lick their balls and they wouldn't have to fool with women . It's a good thing their fathers couldn't .
Mary comes in wearing shorts that shows her clit and a t-shirt so tight her nipples stick way out . Mary had big nipples , the kind a baby could find on any dark night (or horny boyfriend)
Tonight Mary had neither and she was looking for a download from anyone . Uploads would do too . Mary liked to be on top of her game .

It’s eleven a.m.
I’m in yesterday’s slip
And I awake to the sound of the dog licking his lips

He’s in the room
At the edge of the bed
With an unobstructed view of my delectable head

I follow his stare
Which travels down my hips
His stomach churns and his saliva drips

Suffice it to say
If he's not swiftly fed
Yours truly here will soon be dead

Rafael Melendez Jun 2015

To think that they would speak of desires and wants so soon, want shall bring disappointment, disappointment will only bring sadness. I've come to this wretched place to speak of a beautiful end for the each of us. Disgusting parasites leech the middle and beginning so ferociously that the end is only going to crash and tumble.
Take time with what is going to take place throughout this burdensome story, or your end will be atrocious.

His name was Lickety Split.
DeadBeat Sep 2016

Pussy spread out like a planned vacation
Got me looking at it like I forgot to eat somethin'
Juicy fruit precipitation drippin' from the conversation
So I lick my lips just to ease the cravings
That tight lipped slit needs an interrogation
Welcome to the police station
Hands up, panties down, tits out
Now get down and assume the position
Yeah, baby
I'm a Caucasian Freemason inpatient from New Haven
Basement unshaven - I call it the Night Raven,
But when your man's missing and you're
feeling impatient you can call it the fucking Replacement

Don't take things too seriously
Snehith Kumbla Aug 2016

I try
warding off
the surge,

but it has
a sea's

lurking slurp,

to skin,


am i ee Oct 2015

the ghost of
and plopping.

they sure were
no where

thought the
big fat bus
with the
big fat
yellow bootay...

something needs to be done

pondered the big
fat bus
with the BIG fat Yellow Bootay...

Dan Speers Sep 2013

Vodka claims a great benefit:
Vodka kills germs lickety-split,
But, alas, I've no proof of this
Since I can't get germs to drink it.

Francie Lynch Jun 2016

Jesus Christ Almighty!...


A mouse ran up my nightie!...


He bit my tit!...

     Dear me!

Then ran lickety-split,....


Slipping on my clit,

Squeaking for being so naughty.

Snehith Kumbla May 2016

to be
in squashy,
jelly ecstasy,

falling over
a largess of

not as much
as your walk,
talk or nature,

but that one
eminent, salient

lickety, suckety,
twistety, pressety,
lurety, bitety,

closety, graspety,
claspety, grabety,
clungety, playety,

twins to be
tended, a little
gorge, to lash
tongue betwixt,

to be clasped,
lurch after
each tip,

cast on a
potter's wheel,
sun baked,

shaped in
rain's fluidity,
winter's rigidity,
summer fire,

lover's calm,
luster's oasis,
lush spread,

breeze at
a tree top,
in rhapsody...

N R Whyte Apr 2012

Sighing deeply into Omi’s embrace
Like a thimble replaced in a sewing kit,
Her permanent warmth that can’t be erased.

A doily made of cream coloured lace,
Her set of values is tightly knit,
Sighing deeply into Omi’s embrace.

She makes extra stroganoff, just in case,
Then, whole-house clean-up, “Lickety-split!”
Her permanent warmth that can’t be erased.

My sister and I in a hiding place,
And nothing of our plums left but the pit.
Sighing deeply into Omi’s embrace.

The whole rainbow neatly interlaced,
In Omi’s garden, her butterflies flit,
Her permanent warmth that can’t be erased.

That pair of blue sweat pants we couldn’t replace
Because no other pair will ever quite fit.
Sighing deeply into Omi’s embrace,
Her permanent warmth that can’t be erased.

Gigi Tiji Feb 2016

we held hands, we stumbled
in tattered coats, we mumbled
in our palms, we held the time
passing shattered windows
in our bob-bobbing boats and
we ran away from the rising sun
now we are running
away from the rising sun
running away from it
on creaky rotting docks
over sneaky sharp rickety rocks
(we) (wanted to see it) (rise forever)
[throbbing throats] [throbbing throats]
-we are the rising sun-
(we are the rising sun )
>lockets lickety locked< and
we grew tired >> we grew tired
(we are the change)
we had thrown away the key <<
(we are the ones)
and _ we had slowed down _
(we have been waiting for)
and ^the sun had sped up /
and that time
oh that time was slipping
between our fingertips dripping
(we are dawning)
(we are dawning)

I am just one fish in the sea,
And a fish out of water at that.
This whole situation,
This whole relationship
Is all Greek to me.
Although some things are a dime in a dozen,
Bring this back to square one for me.
I'm drawing a blank and
You might be barking up the wrong tree.
I'm purposefully beating around the bush,
And you are thinking of the elephant in the room.
I promise I'm not always a goody two-shoes;
I'll go for broke when I'm in a pickle.
The jig is up.
You're on a wild goose chase,
But what am I, chopped liver?
I know my part in this play is
The ugly duckling,
And I'm feeling a little under the weather,
I'm down for the count,
But keep your shirt on and knuckle down,
No ifs, ands, or buts.
Lickety split go out on the ropes,
and I'll put a sock in it if
You quit playing possum.
I'm trying hard not to rain on your party,
But right off the bat,
Doesn't this ring any bells?

Tough it out 'cause there's
Two down, one to go.

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